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Word up.

I’m pretty sure that post title was a song way back when, but it just seemed perfect for my novel.
ahem….I mean post title.
A couple of years ago I caved into a blogging trend and thought of a word for the new year.
You can read about my 2011 word here.
That year was so powerful in my life that I thought of another word for 2012  here.
 I spent the majority of that post talking about my 2011 word so I elaborated more on my 2012 word here.
I say I thought of my words, but the truth is, I don’t feel like I found them.  I feel like they found me. 
I bet if you’ve had a word for the year, you’d agree that your word sort of found you, too.

They weren’t exactly “fun” words to dwell on for two years, but the heart work that each of them accomplished in me made them well worth the two year journey.
I can’t say that there weren’t days when I didn’t daydream about an easier word for the year…like Rest.
That one would have been nice!

But, our stories grow us and stretch us in ways that nothing else can,
and my story called me to find a deeper Hope in 2011.
The thing I’ve learned about Hope is that it comes from a deep knowing that God is with you and for you.
I’m a different person today in my faith journey because He took a year to teach me about his steadfast love and his ever present help.

I was just sure that 2012 would bring a fun word like Joy, but it brought me Wait.
Okay….well, so much for wishing for a fun word.  What’s fun about waiting?
I really had no idea what it would unfold in me last year, but I knew it was my word. Ugh.
I pulled up my boot straps and geared up for another year of stretching.

Guess what I learned pretty early on in 2012?
 You can’t wait on the Lord for anything if you don’t trust him.
Say what Willis?  I trust God.
Guess what else I learned?
You can think you trust him with all your heart until he shows you a teenie, tiny area where you don’t.

You know that area of my heart that needed hope in 2011?  Yeah, it needed some trust, too.
So…why wasn’t my word trust?  I thought the same thing.:)
He needed to teach me to wait on his work in me.
I’ve spent a life time taking the bull by the horns and making life work.
Somewhere along the way, I became an expert at independence.
So, He was gracious enough to spend all of 2012 reminding me of my inability to fix the broken places in me.
Remember this post where I talked about my life verse?
..the one about his power being perfected in our weaknesses.
For twenty years he has put that verse in my face and for twenty years I have seen that it is absolutely true.
His power really, truly, honestly is perfected in our inadequacies.
Do you know how ridiculous it feels to almost completely trust the Lord and want to trust him wholly and fully and yet not be able to will yourself to do it when there is an area of your heart that is wounded?
It feels especially ridiculous when you have twenty years of stories and spiritual markers in your journey that prove over and over how trustworthy he has been in your life.

I wanted so badly to pretend that small slither of mistrust wasn’t there, but he {in all his grace} wouldn’t allow me.
So, I {once again} acknowledged my inability to fix myself  and sat back and watched him do a mighty work.
He put trust in a spot in my heart that only He could have done.

Imagine my surprise when 2012 began to come to a close, and I started feeling the word “Action” for this new year.

I have so much anticipation for what God will do in my heart with that word.
I’m kind of {okay…totally} gifted at TALKING about what I want to do but not always following through.
This is my year.
No more talking about drinking water, exercising regularly, having more people in our home,
reading the word daily, etc…etc….etc….
And its not just the simple stuff like water and exercise and hostessing in my life that needs a little more action.
It’s the big stuff, too.
He’s given so much freedom to me in the past couple of years.
He put HOPE where things seemed hopeless.
He taught me to stop and wait on him and to trust him in the waiting.
It would all be in vain if I didn’t start living out some of that freedom he has given to me!!
~Bring it 2013~
I’m ready for ACTION!

{thankful for}
661. Melissa from the Inspired room…one of our signs is in her beautiful home!!
Here’s a picture of her master bedroom!

662. The most awesome, amazing orange and creamy white pillow cover from
Melaine at My Sweet Savannah that just showed up in my mail.
ps.  Her blog got hacked, so go check out her new space!

663. stitches and staples out of Seth’s head today!!!
I’ll spare you a picture.:)
664. My new BANGS!!!!  See the picture on Instagram here.
665. My lemon verbena candle from target.  best $10.99 I’ve spent this week.
666. My awesome city scape art that my sweet and talented friend Jackie made me.
667.  those cheerful lemons sitting in my first Rebecca Wood piece of pottery.

linking up with Layla for her WORD OF THE YEAR linky party. - Nice bangs! They look lovely on you.

What a great word. Can’t wait to see how it plays out in 2013.

My word is better.


paige - you’re awesome
i love that you have a real life, this is me, this is exactly who i am , blog.
true. transparent. real. encouraging. and funny.
just like you cutipie

The Avery House - This is my first year in embracing a word of the year. I like you, feel like the word that is mine for 2013 did not come to me om own fruition but rather was divinly inspired. My word, “enough” is something that I am very interested to see unfold in it’s meaning as the year progresses. It’s amazing really how one word actually can make a life-changing difference. I loved this statement in your post, “At some point, you need to stop praying about something that you already have an answer to.
Hard stuff but good stuff.” That is really awesome!
BTW your blog post title made me think o the PBS kids’ show “Word Girld!” The song for it goes, “Word up! It’s Word girl!” My girls love that show, so that is how I know it. I promise I don’t sit and watch it solo ;-). Have a great week Tara!

Debra @ Common Ground - such a great post. Funny how that Word that God gives us at the first of the year, becomes our vehicle for transformation throughout the year.

Melaine - Ok, u r way too sweet! Off to go check out your bangs now :)

GLENDA CHILDERS - I saw your sign on Inspired Room … and commented on it there. Fun.

I wonder if some of your action is going to be mentoring some younger women in the words you have already processed.

Thanks for sharing how God is using the one word in your life.


Jackie at Roots and Wings - Excited to see how ‘Action’ plays out in your life this year.
Love your new pillow (and your bangs! — wish I could pull them off).
Your RWood platter looks beautiful with those lemons.
And I LOVE that you love your cityscape. :)

Happy day, dear one. - I am so thankful for you. Your journey is so similar to mine that I feel a kinship of sorts. It is amazing how just when we feel our faith is strong, He shows us the one area we seem to have overlooked. Would it be possible to link this post to my next post? It fits right in with what I’m writing about. I will not do so until I receive permission from you. I look forward to hearing from you. Patty O

Farmgirl Paints - last year my word WAS rest!!! too funny. now it’s begin. oh the circle of life. excited for you as you seek some action! it’s gonna be grand girl. love all your goodies. i have that candle too.

T - The reminder of scripture about His power being perfect in our weakness as we
strive to trust Him more …

How many gazillion times have I heard/read that verse in my liftime…yet it was if I was teading it TODAY for the first time. Oh how timely it applies. It lifted me up. Way up. Thank you.

I like the bangs.

And about not being able to “move” post gym? Nah. Fuhgetaboutit…IT’S ALL GOOD. It’s proof that it’s working!

Katie - Love the word…isn’t it amazing how one single word can weave so seamlessly through our lives? Can’t wait to see what action looks like for you this year!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Tara… I really needed this reminder of pretty much everything you wrote about today… this very morning. I am SO grateful for you putting it all out there. I keep thinking I have a word but wait seems to be my word right now… maybe not for this year, but for this moment. Ugh. Hate that word. learning to embrace it. Don’t think you can wait well if you’re hating waiting… only think you can wait well if you embrace and trust and remember His faithfulness in the past. Yes? :)

God is good… all the time.

Love your heart.

LLH Designs - I love the sense of humor that came though in this post…right from the start with the title. :) And wow…what a word! ACTION. That one would scare me. But maybe that’s the point…that it isn’t a word we would choose at all, but one He has chosen for us. And only with Him and by Him can se live that word at all! xoxo!

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