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Window Treatment on the CHEAP.

I’ve been yapping about my naked windows for the entire year that we’ve lived in this house.  
If they had minds of their own, I’m sure they’d be thinking I had some sort of commitment phobia to fabric.
I definitely have a problem committing to just one fabric because there are so many dang good ones out there.  
But, I am also realizing once again how very practical I tend to be about most things.
I know picking out fabric for a window treatment isn’t like choosing a spouse.  For real.
But, spending money on something I’ll get tired of in two years or six weeks isn’t an option.
I learned that lesson with the colorful shower curtain that is now sitting in our linen closet.

Like every other space in our house, this eating area in the kitchen has been a true work in progress.
And then we went and replaced the city scape art with a new sign.
And finally, we added these old shutters we already had on hand to the side of each window!!!
Waaaaaa laaaaah…window treatment problem solved!

I am loving them!  We painted them Sea Salt from Sherwin Williams.
The color is so soft and so light, but it makes all the difference on that white planked wall.
What do you think?  Are window treatments hard for you to commit to?

Starr - Looks so good!

Could the shower curtain be revamped into a quilt for Lydia? She’d sure look cute cuddled under it watching TV or picnicking in the backyard! :)

slip4 - I am the same way about committing to fabric. In most things, I am attracted to the cool pattern or pretty colors, and end up getting the most neutral one (either white, tan or at most a solid color). I do this with clothing, salad plates, furniture, rugs, etc.! Love the way your windows look.

Rhonda - This comment has been removed by the author.

Rhonda - Plantation shutters for me….they are timeless and never go out of style.

Coastal Cottage Dreams - I like the look of your bamboo shades with the shutters on the side. I also have Levolor bamboo shades with a privacy liner and just loooveeee them.

Alicia - Beautiful. Now correct me if I’m wrong but I think you and me are all about the naturals. As soon as I think I can go all colorful, I hate it. Love the way your room looks.

Suzan Sweatman - Love the bamboo shades – and LOVE your light fixture ( they tie in together so beautifully ) !!!
Your artwork is pretty incredible too :)

Tricia - Love the shutters and the shades too! I just ordered some samples for a shade in my son’s room. I’m going to go with a grassy woven sort of thing..I think ;)

Gee Singh Newbanks - Perfect. :-)
Hugs, Gee

Katie @ sweet peas - I have an issue with curtains, but mostly because I love them all and don’t know how to choose. We live on military base housing, so we can’t really paint and curtains really change the mood of the room. We only have curtains in 3 rooms of our house, and I’m dying to change our master bedroom curtains but have the same issue as you. What if I don’t love those? And ours in there were only $5 so I can’t really justify spending $30 per panel when I spent $5 total for what we have now. I really love the shutters though! Sea foams have been a kick for me lately, I love them!

Farmgirl Paints - Seriously friend you have a gift. Love it. And that painting is awesome:-)

Tiffini - love it all!
like i love you:)
LOVE sea salt. we painted a room…oh wait two rooms that color within the last couple of
years. we had our office/guest room that in this house until i repainted it a month or so ago:)
happy tuesday

Mindy Whipple - Love the shutters and love the painting.

Anne Marie - I too think it is better than anything else…truly

I did the whole curtain thing with a great floral fabric, then had it up for about one month cringing every time I walked into the dining room…white has now stayed up there for about one year…and I do not get tired of it!
Anne Marie

Lynda @ Happenstance Home - I like you idea very much! I still have zero window treatments in our new bath – luckily there are lots of pines outside :)

Christy - PERFECT! I love it. Seasalt paint has been on my list of things to purchase for a while now. I think it’s the color I need for my living room…so calming. I need a lot of calm. I love your whole room, and I totally get you on spending money that you might change your mind about. I’m loving the bamboo shades too. They’re what I’ve been wanting for my kitchen windows, especially since our former dog chewed and bent our 80’s mini blinds. (grr!) Thanks for the inspiration!

Sue@pineapplehillinteriors - The shutters and shades look great. I have the very same fears about fabric I just can’t choose and I change my mind so much I do not want to put out the money for 30 yards of fabric that I need for my family room. The paint color is very pretty and your kitchen looks great. Have a great day.

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) - I love this beautiful solution! I just came across your blog from Kirsten’s feature. Love your home!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - they are GORGEOUS!! We just had to replace our window blinds too. I had cream roman shades.. LOVED them. Now I have a kind of sand colored filter blind that rolls down. It’s alright… not as cute as what I had but so affordable. LOL

christina - Looks terrific! You have a very, very good eye and decorating sense. Could you share the details on your light fixture? I love the huge woven shade!

chris smiles - Can you tell us where you found the awesome Jesus and dove painting? It is beautiful!

chris smiles - Can you tell us where you found the awesome Jesus and dove painting? It is beautiful!

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D - I love everything about it.
Color, texture – rustic beauty.
Oh, and I love the sign, too!

Anne Leah - Thanks for this blog. Those questions on window blinds are bugging me too. I have broken blinds and I want to fix them myself before giving up to buying a new one.

Li Ayers - Personally, I would love to live there haha! The sunburst, the white glowing canvass set by lighting; stuff I’ll really buckle down and work in the office for. What complements this are really the windows and their quality. If these windows can get further renovated, and allow these pleasantries of nature to devour the area, then so be it. That would be pretty rad, heheh.

Cara - I’m sure you’ve mentioned it in the past… (I’m new to your site. Great stuff!) What’s the wall paint color?

Tara - Our wall color is Southern Breeze by Sherwin Williams. Also, we just recently painted our dining room Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

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