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When Blogging Meets Real life and Scripture Cards

Last week I was invited to a brunch in Atlanta hosted by the extremely kind and generous Courtney Defeo.  Of course, I forgot my big camera, but Paige didn’t, so pop over and see some of the sweet faces and the beautiful home that she captured.

I’m trying to remember how I actually connected with Courtney.  I guess I’d have to say it came through Paige because she had written a beautiful post showcasing the launch of Courtney’s new business.  Our initial connection came because we’re both from Georgia, and we’re both involved in North Point at Athens Church and them at Buckhead Church.  It was so crazy when she emailed me to tell me that her family was moving to Orlando, because Andy and I had just accepted a position back in Georgia.  Argh!!!!

Sometime this past year, she asked me to join a few others in being contributors on her blog.  Say what?  You can imagine my surprise, since I barely contribute to my own blog.  After thinking about it for all of ten minutes, I jumped at the idea to join these other women…because who doesn’t love surrounding themselves with strong, creative, kind, like-minded women?  I sure do!

It was so awesome to finally meet the other women last week at the brunch.  I left regretting that I didn’t get great time with every single last one of them, but I was so encouraged by my time with this girl, this girl, and this girl, and of course Paige, the Queen Rockstar.

Absolutely, my most favorite part of my day with them was hearing Courtney celebrate each and every person around the table.  I love being around people who have learned the art of celebrating others.  I also loved hearing more of Courtney’s heart for families and in particular moms.  Her business was born  out of the passion for families and moms that God himself put in her heart.  I think her business is succeeding because she has zero financial goals or personal status goals.  Her heart is to give generously, to feed those that do not have meals, to help mothers adopt, to pour into families and to  bring faith to life in homes everywhere.

My second favorite part of the day with them was soaking up “all things truly southern.”  The table was decked out with fresh flowers down the center, and each place setting was smothered in pinks and greens and monograms.  We drank mimosas out of fancy stemware and ate on the finest china.  There were cheese straws, delicious chicken salad and Petit Fours, or as I like to say…Petty Fours.  I left my house feeling dressed up because I was sporting wedge heels, but as you’ll notice in Paige’s pictures, most everyone else there had on their Sunday best.  Lets just say it has been too long since I’ve been to a brunch.

Lesson Learned::  More is More at a southern brunch and drag your pearls out next time!

As we left, Courtney gifted each of us with monogrammed note tags and cards that were pink and green, naturally.  She also handed each of us a set of her Scripture Cards.  I came home and immediately put them in Lydia’s room.  They’re colorful and creative and the perfect way for us to learn scripture together.  In fact, that first night, we read nearly every card and picked our favorites, which happened to be just about every single one!

I often second guess blogging.  I started three years ago because we had moved to Orlando, and it made sense…it was a way for me to document our life for family and friends, and it gave me a creative outlet to write and connect with some like-minded people.  Moving back to Georgia has made it a little more difficult for me because my family and so many friends are here.  As you well know, it’s hard enough to connect with your real life people….sometimes making connections with strangers seems, well, strange.

Just when I think I might hang this hobby up, I go and get invited to a brunch where I meet people that I would never have the privilege of knowing were it not for blogging.  There are so many others I’ve connected with over the past few years that I so hope I get to meet one day!!!  So for now, I’m going to keep posting recipes and talking about adoption and showing you pictures of our home and posting DIY projects, and writing letters to my thirteen year old, and talking marriage and writing book reviews.

Laura @ Top This Top That - I would surely miss your posts if you stopped blogging. Need to arrange a day to get together.

LLH Designs - I’m laughing about the “more is more” truth of Southern women. I’ll never be a real Southerner. I’m a less is more girl…in the way I decorate, the way I set a table, the way I dress. Ha! That sounds funny…I DO wear clothes! Just rarely any accessories. Also love what you said about being around women who know how to celebrate each other. I’m with you. xoxo!

slip4 - So glad to hear you will still be blogging…your posts make my day! The brunch sounds wonderful and the Scripture cards are lovely.

Aimee - A southern brunch sounds absolutely perfect! And please don’t ever stop blogging – your fans would miss you too much! :)

Blue-Eyed Bride - Oh Tara. Meeting you was such fun! You blessed me so much in ways you don’t know. It’s always great to be around people who instantly become “heart friends.” :)

Farmgirl Paints - Uh you better not hang it up. I still very much want to meet you in the flesh. October??

Tricia - That sounds like a great day! Don’t you just love it when you connect with people that mesh well with the person you are?!

When I was was visiting Charleston, I was surprised how well dressed people were…especially since it was sooo hot and humid! I felt very old and ugly there…LOL :)

carissa @ lowercase letters - we LOVE our abc cards! nothing like getting a kick in your step to keep on walking! don’t stop… please. : )

Tricia - Please don’t quit blogging! I look forward to your posts!

Courtney DeFeo at Lil Light O' Mine - oh tara! i am so very glad we met through this blogging world. your winter park photos really did help me through a tough decision to move to orlando. i couldn’t imagine living in another town and your life and stories made it seem ok. i love your style and your home and hearing how you raise these kids. don’t quit! and I LOVE MY SIGN. so keep making great products too. i am so thankful you came and it’s funny that this dolled up southern girl left thinking, “geez paige and tara are so hip and cool – why can’t i have cool outfits like that.” :)

Katie @ sweet peas - I love each & every one of your posts! They are so encouraging :) I absolutely hear you on how sweet it is to get dressed up for a brunch. I recently went to one for the military and while it was very casual, we ate on nice china and got to wear a skirt instead of jeans. For some reason, that was just what my Southern heart needed! I love a good excuse to get dressed up, pearls are always the best. I’m hopping over to look at pictures of it all now :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama - well I missed a bunch while gone it looks like. Loved your comment on carissa’s last post. I agreed whole heartedly.

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