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What’s winter to you?

It’s a mild winter here, but it’s still winter.
The trees are stripped bare and the grass is light brown.
Everything is pretty much dead.

This season sure isn’t my favorite, but I don’t mind it because there’s always a promise of spring.
Lydia’s room is definitely my favorite in the house right about now.
It’s bursting with bright color, and it screams JOY.

What do you ponder when you think about winter?
For me,  it’s a time to rest from the craziness of all the “going and doing” in the summer and fall.
It’s a time for certain things in my life to “die back” so that new growth can spring forth.

Are you resting?
Do you feel things in your life and in your heart being pruned in this season?

Winter calls me to pause more, to read more, to get in my pajamas earlier.
 {or maybe go a day with never leaving them}.
It begs me to think about what my priorities are…where my treasures are.
Without fail, my life experiences a “winter” every single year, no matter the temperatures outside.
It has become so much more to me than a season to dread.
Without the pruning, without the stretching, without things having to die, there would be no growth.

After all, a plant is only as good as its roots.
These winter seasons ground us in our relationship with Christ.

What is “dying back” in this season for you?

{thankful for}
260. the honor of leading a starting point class at church.
261. being able to watch people see where their story intersects with God’s story.
262. my parents coming for dinner at our house tonight.
263. the dying back of winter, both physically and spiritually.
264. new growth taking root in my heart and mind.

Boho Farm and Home - Winter IS the time to wear pj's early or all day!
I am not alone…
As for being pruned in winter…I feel as thou I am pruned in every season…refining, refining, refining.

Carol - My husband is the poster boy for extreme pruning…of our probably 40+ years old azaleas. One side of the front of our house looks like The Addams Family lives here. (Morticia would cut the rose off the stem and arrange the stem) His logic is they need a chance to regroup, especially since Savannah has been dry recently. Come to think about it, I feel like those azaleas, cut back to almost nothing to be given the chance to grow back stronger.

Elizabeth - I love Lydia's room and I can see why it is your favorite. The lambs are precious! You have such a talent for writing…another thoughtful post…thank you.

Megan - You always give me something to think about…love this.

WhiteWhispers2u - I have had a very long winter with lots of changes and lots of time to be closer with the Lord for sure.

I am looking forward to the spring and hoping it won't be a very wet one this year.I need some sunshine in my life about now.

Lydia's room is so Sweet! It does scream Joy……~Cheers Kim

Tiffini Kilgore - Without the pruning, without the stretching, without things having to die, there would be no growth….THIS spoke to me. Your heart shines through your words friend.
oh the vacillating..I WANT more than anything to more like Jesus..on the inside you know? but then there is that part of me that wants to shrink from the pain of growth.
Who said growth isn't painful? but the beauty of growth calls me onward. To be closer to please Him.
I hear you friend. Your heart is beautiful and so are you. I am so sorry I'm late visiting. I've missed you so. Trying to play a little catch up.
I'm walking with you..don't forget:)

hometown girl - i personally love the winter. i love to be at home and cook and spend time together. we are still busy but i too read more, get in my pj's way early and there's nothing like snuggling with the kids in front of the fireplace. the older i get the more and more i count my blessings and the winter really makes me focus on being a family and taking care of my family. thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. xo susan

LLH Designs - I'm all about comfort in the winter…PJs, robes, crawling under the covers, the fire (even if it's not cold out), hot tea, soup, roasted veggies. I'm a homebody anytime of year, but especially in the winter. :) Maybe all the comfort is a way of nurturing myself and being kind to myself during the "dying back" season. Because there's definitely a lot of dying back going on in my life. All good. I'm thankful for every season! XO!

blondiensc - I like the way you wrote this Tara, it is always niec to read your thoughts and I agree without the pruning there is no growth!! xo p.s. your daughters room is darling! love the colors and happiness it eludes!

Robin - Beautiful photos. The colors are all so pretty together. It's such a cheerfull look.

Ashley - Definitely something to think about! Thanks for sharing this, love your site! I'm a new follower.

Emily Rose - Just stumbled on your site… very sweet. I am listing gifts as well and I saw you read Same Kind of Different as Me… I just finished it! So good! Random question, where did you find your daughter's bedding. I am hunting for girl bedding and think its very cute but you may have had it for a while.

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