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What Matters Most.

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I know it’s lame of me to put this out there, but I’m sure that I’m not the only one.
Maybe someone other than me needs this reminder today…
We were created for relationships, and people don’t come to your house to see your house.
They come to your house to see YOU and your family.
They don’t care if everything has a place.
It doesn’t matter if you have take out food for them or a gourmet meal.
So what if you serve them sweet tea in solo cups and have them wipe their mouths with paper napkins?
Our small group from church is coming over tonight.
We met about 8 weeks ago when the group started.
In other words, we are just getting to know one another.
There are seven couples in the group, and everyone but us has hosted.
We’re the facilitators of the group, so I’m bummed that we’re just getting a chance to host,
but, we’ve been in the middle of moving, so this is the first chance we’ve had to do it.
We’ve lived in this house for about three weeks, and we’ve worked our cans off to try to make it ours.
It’s really hard to make something yours when it’s not.
We’re renting, remember?
We’ve painted every room, except for the laundry room, the sunroom and the dining room ceiling.
We’ve added faux wood blinds to all the windows.
And, we’ve exchanged a Winnie the Pooh light fixture in the FAMILY ROOM with a ceiling fan.
Yes.  You read that right.
The Laundry room is white, the sunroom is coral pink and the dining room ceiling is BLUE.
They’re all getting a fresh coat of paint just as soon as we can possibly do it.
But, it won’t be done before our small group arrives tonight.
The kitchen cabinets are old and dated, and I’m almost positive that they aren’t even wood.
The same goes for the bathroom cabinets.
Our temptation is to worry about things that don’t matter at all when we share our home with others.
I’m glad that we aren’t waiting until every single thing is done before we have people over.
But, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’ve had to tell myself a few times this week
 that the house isn’t what’s important.
It’s the relationships, the very real friendships, that are being cultivated that matter most.
{thankful for}
111.  A home to live in.
112.  New friendships in our small group.
113. And, honestly, a new ceiling fan to replace that Winnie the Pooh light fixture.

Ange - Great post, I did a post a few months ago on something similar. Have fun tonight creating new friendships!

Jenny Beth - i agree! so important to remember this. we often times get so wrapped up in the things that dont matter. enjoy your small group meeting tonight!

sara@augustfields - i’m still chuckling at the winnie the pooh light fixture in the family room :) you know what? and you know this….but being able to meet together to study the Word over rules any decor distractions. your post is a good reminder. have fun at small group!

Life with Kaishon - The group is going to love your house.
I love it without even seeing it.
You have put your touch on every corner.

I sort of wish you would have left the Winnie the Pooh fixture stay!

Farmgirl Paints - proud of you! wish i could be there.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light - I love your message today. Everyone that is coming over will enjoy being there regardless of the decor! And also, I think your new friends will appreciate seeing what you do with your rental house. Making changes to a home is even more fun when you can share the before and afters, don’t you think?? You have such a nice touch and it’ll be fabulous when you get done with it!

Sarah - This is so true. We’ve been renting for 5 years now, and we never thought it would be this long… had to remind myself of that the other night at a party I had. Self talk. People aren’t coming for my party planning skills, they are coming to be together :) Have fun!

Tate Family - I can totally relate. Our house is pretty dated. And we live only on cash. And cash is TIGHT with 2 little ones. One project at a time.

Morning T - Great post Tara! Our rented home is really driving me nuts lately, especially the dead lawn in the front AND back. :( I’m reading your post again to really drive it home.

Enjoy your evening!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt - You are so right. Thank you for reminding me of this..

Janie Fox - This is so true. The people not the location. I have been to perfect houses where I did not have a good time. Winnie the Pooh fan….hilarious!

Megan - Oh our humanness is just so hard to get victory over. I love what you have to say here and can relate to every word. The funny thing is, at my home home in Texas I always felt that way when having people over. Like I had a list in my head of everything that wasn’t just as I wanted it. That list was so long at times. But here in our rental, I have felt freedom from that stronghold. I have had joy when hosting here that I have never experienced before. You are right, it’s about the people and the relationships. I hope I can keep that in perspective when I go back home! Have fun with your group!

Pinecone - We just moved from WA into a lease house in NY until we sell our WA house. I feel the same way about it – we have painted a bunch and are trying to make it feel right, and like you I feel the same when people come over. I know I just have to let it go – working on it!!

Sarah - This is so true and so freeing. I recently had friends over and realized that my house wasn’t going to be the way I wanted it for the day and just decided that I didn’t want or really have friends who were going to judge me by my house. So, I let it go and had a great time. I’m sure your friends loved having small group at your house b/c it’s not the decorations that truly make a house a home, it’s the love and warmth in it. I’m sure all of us who ever visited a grandma can attest to that!

blondiensc - Amen sister, I think we all need that reminder…I hope you enjoy yourself and the friendships you have made~ xo

nonnie - I needed to hear that today! Thanks so much for those true words.
Our group meets here, and I am always in a tizzy trying to make the house spotless, and perfect and exhausted by the time they get here and have no energy left for being hospitable…

…trying to be like Martha when I should be like Mary….

Ruth - Love this post. What a great reminder! Thank you!

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