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What is it that you’re thinking about?


I popped over to Hometown Girl a couple of days ago, and this saying was one of the pictures in her post.
I honestly don’t remember anything else about any other pictures that she posted.
But, this quote sat with me.
Her version was black & white, so I ended up creating my own version of the quote in photo-shop because
 when I looked at it, it jumped into my heart like it was screaming at me in every vibrant color of the rainbow.
I needed to physically make it look like what it meant to me when I saw it.
It resonated with my soul because it’s honestly what I try to live by.
It’s what drives me to do the things in my life that bring life to me.
It’s what keeps me doing the things that I love.

I spent time with a beautiful college student yesterday afternoon, and she began to tell me about 
some regrets of last semester and some goals for this semester.
She knows the kind of life she wants..
the dream job she hopes to get…
the kind of husband she longs to marry….
the friends that she needs in her life that will bring out the very best in her…
It became so obvious to me what happened in her life last semester that left her with regrets.
She became distracted from her deepest desires in the mundane…the everyday…the normal routine.
We all do this.
We know what we want our lives to look like.
We know what makes us come alive.
We know the people that we need to surround ourselves with because being with them makes us better.
Yet, we all neglect doing those things because we become distracted from our deepest desires
by the mundane..the everyday…the normal routine.
Sometimes, we even spend our lives trying to be what the people around us need us to be
instead of being authentically & intentionally who we were created to be.

What are the things
that you can’t go five minutes 
without thinking about?

Think about them.
Write them down.
And then start doing them.
We don’t have to do them all this week or this month or this year,
but wouldn’t it be awesome to begin living our lives out of the passions of our hearts.

This is what it means to me to live authentically & intentionally.

LLH Designs - YES! It would be absolutely awesome to live our lives from the heart…with no regrets and with PURPOSE!

I’m in a season of being still and letting God imprint HIS passions into my heart. It’s easy for me to get carried away in my desires without cross-checking them with His desires.

So for now, it’s BE STILL and WAIT. I know He’ll tell me when to run with something!And it’s gonna be GOOD!

Great post! Thank you, Tara!

These Are The Days - Oh my goodness. Crazy because I’m writing a similar post today about my journey to living authentically and some of the things you said are the same thoughts I’ve had in just the last few hours. For me, it’s not so much the everyday life getting in the way, it’s the fear of not being accepted. Un{conditional} love (as I’ve talked about in other posts), that I fear I won’t get from family and friends.

I’m glad to say though, I’ve come a LONG way in the last year or two…and guess what? I’ve found that many of those I feared would leave me didn’t (some did), but I leaned that’s OK and I can do hard things!!

Sorry for being long winded, I guess I’ll save the rest for my post. :D Have a great day and
be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!! Posted last night.

Theresa - Excellent post!

With this new year, although i did not make any resolutions, I have just been trying to get rid of the baggage and spend time on the things that really matter.

Blondie's Journal - I am so glad that I read this post at the beginning of the new year, knowing I had made no resolutions and have been sort of floundering around, out of touch with my feelings. I make everything routine, I think, and this has inspired me to STOP! There is so much more to life. I am going to follow your advice! Thanks so much, Tara!


Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things - OH Tara- I love this…..

I’ve been itching to do creative projects – and of all my ‘resolutions’ for 2011 – I’ve fallen waaaay short on this one….

BUT it isn’t too late (never!) – and I definitely need to do this. Intentionally. Authentically. ME.

THANK YOU for the reminder, sweet friend!


PS – um. bachelor? I haven’t watched it yet…shall we discuss tomorrow?! xoxo

Traci - So true! I feel like lately I’m finally making an effort to do those things.

Tiffini - thank you … beautiful …needful
my heart needed so MUCH to hear this today friend!

Cat - Wow! Love this! I may have to use this one. :) I need to remember this!

TheUnSoccerMom - How neat this was your post yesterday! I started this yesterday. I’ve had LOTS of things on my mind and in my heart and I started that ball rolling yesterday.

Thank you!

Farmgirl Paints - hawaii, moving, hawaii, moving, hawaii!!!

City.Cottage Shop - Hi there :) You were one of my winners.could u pretty please send me your address where it can be sent.
Thanks so much!

Tiffany - God knew EXACTLY what I needed to hear yesterday! That quote was for me. Thank you so much for sharing!

Lyssa at Living Simple in the South - TARA! What an awesome post! I have had a heavy heart lately with some of things God is asking of me. I am scared, insecure and afraid everyone will laugh at most of them. Which is so silly if God wants us to do something He will not let us fail, its just me.
Anyway, I found this most encouraging. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I read it EVERYDAY! It is on my top five and I am so thankful for someone so authentic. Who doesnt just do everything in white, cooks hardy meals, shares her heart and doesnt own her house, but decorates beautifully.
Thank you so much for your encouragement and the sharing of yourself, It is truly a blessing.
One of my insecurities is starting a new blog. I battled with it for a couple of weeks and finally through my selfishness to wind and decided to jump in faith first and do it. Anyway, this is getting to long! Thanks for sharing and being you!


Lissa - you know what tara? I just think you are awesome!

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