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What Instagram Pictures Don’t Tell You…

Our oldest turned thirteen a few weeks ago, and we had a handful of his friends over for the night.
Before we served his favorite dessert, Andy asked the guys to lay hands on him, while he prayed over him.
It was a sweet moment watching the guys giggle through the intimate moment as Andy prayed.
I snapped a picture because well…it seemed like a moment I might want to hold onto forever.
I posted it to Instagram later that night, but the whole thing stirred something up in my heart.
I didn’t do it, but I found myself wanting to explain that this picture wasn’t entirely representative of our family.
Of course, if you were to hang out with us for ten minutes, you’d know it,
but most people who read aren’t people who know us.
I started thinking about how many times I’ve looked at someone else’s pictures and assumed everything was perfect.
The problem with pictures on any form of social media is that they don’t tell the whole story.
So much is left to be assumed in a picture,
and lets face it, we all assume everyone else’s picture looks a little more perfect than ours.

For the rest of the story, you’ll need to visit Courtney DeFeo’s awesome place where I’m sharing one of my not so beauty-filled moments in parenting that Instagram luckily missed.  

Farmgirl Paints - Love that picture. That they prayed over him with hands lain upon him…absolutely precious. Now off to read. So true my dear… Just like all the fab vacay pics where 5 minutes earlier we were growling at each other for some reason;) - As much as I wish it wasn’t the case, I can completely relate to your whole story. What mother can’t?! I always say, you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life! It can all be such hard work at times… but very rewarding at times, too. The fact that you even had that picture to share is testimony to being on the right track! Thanks for sharing it all. :)

Kristi - I just went and read it….. I have boys and I SOOOO know this situation!! Sometimes we’ve got to laugh or we’ll cry! :) Glad I stopped by today, I needed it. Just posted about mommy problems myself….

Deborah - What a great post. I remember when I saw this picture in a previous post, I thought how cute. The boys are rustling his hair and giving him a good “funning” while singing him Happy Birthday. How much sweeter is it knowing they were laying hands on him in prayer.

Alicia - So sweet! And yes, we pick and choose our moments to share with the world and its not always an accurate portrayal. Thanks for bein’ real! xoxo

Audra - So VERY true!

Megan - Aw, Tara…love what you wrote over there. I tried to comment, but not sure if it worked so I’ll try again here. It reminds me of my own attempt at using a grown up word at the dinner table in 6th grade. Been there and I see myself in your reaction. It can feel so heartbreaking to have my kids mess up…even the little mess ups. This is such a great reminder that they are all going to have mistakes and we don’t get to hand pick them. You are just the real deal and I so appreciate your honesty and humility. You have taught me so much over the years about blogging and parenting. Keep blazing the trail for us to follow…real motherhood and real love.

p.s. A good read when you get a chance…

Kelly Cach - I couldn’t help but laugh out LOUD…like high pitched squealing laughter! I promise I understand, though! It reminded my husband and I of the time I had asked my then 5 year old to choose either a cheese stick or granola bar for a snack rather than a sucker, and he replied (loudly from the back porch with neighbors 5 feet away on the other side of the fence), “I don’t want a HEALTHY snack, you…YOU NASTY OLD THING!” And stomped back into the house and slammed the door. I was mortified (the neighbors just heard that), stunned and hurt ( he just called me a name…the worst thing he could think of), but also wanted to laugh hysterically ( where in the world did he hear THAT term…hahaha!!). It took me a week to realize that the porch was the very place my mom, his Grammy, would sit and smoke and tell him not to ever smoke when he grows up because cigarettes are “nasty old things.” So, that’s great….he compared me to a cigarette butt! Hahahaha!!! I promise I followed it up with a real good talking to, a come to Jesus meetin’, if you will :)

Anna & Co. - Perfectly written friend. We’ve ALL been there when are “real” life is exposed. We feel embarrassed, but often times if helps others know they aren’t traveling it alone. Thank you for sharing. You’re a jewel. Blessins, Anna of Anna & Co

Anna & Co. - This comment has been removed by the author.

Anna & Co. - I couldn’t stand it. I had to correct my above “are” to “our” and “if” to “it”. :-|
Speed posting. Sorry. ;-)

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