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Weekend Favorites…

weekend faves-between you and me

Shannan talked about her love for valentine’s day swoonery, and she tells you how to make these paper heart garlands here.

weekend faves-between you and me

Hospitality is so much more than inviting people over…it’s inviting people in. loved this post.

weekend faves-between you and me

Aimee featured our home in a tour…

weekend faves-between you and me

Kasey’s new farm table is a beauty and so is the rest of her home!

//Favorite reads//
When you feel like you aren’t a big deal.

The most valuable lesson.

On following a brave sister’s lead.

Jackie - I love Shannan’s heart garland! And Ashley’s post on hospitality. And your home tour…LOVE the new chests and bedding–the indigo looks fabulous! Love the print in the kitchen, too. We just got that in green for our foyer. And your new signs…the RWE one is my favorite (I think). :)

I guess I just love it all!

Can’t wait to spend time with you, soon!!

love you, my dear friend. :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Hi friend!! Love all these faves. Been missing you but working so hard just had no time for fun… starting to come up for air a bit this week and looking forward to getting back into routine. Wait. aren’t I always saying that? I think closing the shop makes it harder sometimes than if I just left it open all the time. Sheesh. I need to figure that one out.

Okay missed you and hope all is well. Have to go see what other posts I missed out on!! :)

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