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Warm Apple Pie

The kids and I headed to my parents’ house toward the end of last week for a quick visit.
This time of year, they always send me packing with more food than I know what to do with.
My mom and dad don’t believe in a handful of anything!
It’s either a trunk full of something or bust…that’s their motto and they’re sticking to it.

Do you need any fresh picked apples?
…cause I’ve got enough for you, me and the state of Georgia.
Don’t think for a second that what you see in these pictures is all I’ve got.
They’re oozing out of my fridge and presently all over my countertops.
Sooooooooo….what do you do when you have fortysevenhundred apples?
You search Pinterest for every last recipe on the face of the planet that calls for apples.
I started with this homemade apple pie last night.
My family was like, “Why are you making a dessert?  You never make a dessert?  Is everything okay?”
I was like, 
“First of all, never is such a strong word.  And second, have you seen all these apples Papa gave us?”
I have a strong suspicion they’re gonna be telling me in a few short days to 
step away from the apples.

For my crust::
I used store bought pie crusts from Trader Joes.
Spread one in the bottom of your pie dish and reserve the other one for the top crust.
For my filling::
3 cups diced apples
1/2 stick of butter cut into small pieces
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
1 tbsp. of ground cinnamon
1 fresh lemon squeezed over mixture
Pour your filling into your pie dish, cover it with your other crust, and bake at 400* for 20 minutes.
{I always put my pie dish on top of a cookie sheet}
After the top has turned golden brown, 
cover loosely in tin foil and bake at 350* for another 30 minutes.
Serve fresh and warm with fresh cool whip or ice cream…
and by all means…enjoy every last bite!


Laurie-Anne @ Come On Over - This looks delicious! I’ve already got it printed and taking it with me to the store! Yummm!

P.S. I LOVE the cow picture!!!

slip4 - Wow. Looks scrumptious! Haha it looks like the cows are guarding the apples! Love the cow art. :)

Katie - Yum! I’ve always been too nervous to try making an apple pie, but this sounds almost too good to resist. Have you ever made apple bars? Delicious!

theelizabethhighsmith - oh my yummy!

Eleanor - Oh, yum. I can’t wait to make apple pie and fresh applesauce. Oh, yes and my kids love apple muffins. Apples are the best part of fall. Thanks for the inspiration.

Megan - My, my, my, that looks good! Makes me think fall might be on the way!

Kelly - Yum!!Looks delicious!

I love the cow painting- do you mind sharing about it? I know it sounds crazy, but it looks like an image I saw on pinterest and I’ve been searhing for a cow painting in that exact styke ever since.

Kelly - Oh, funny… I hadn’t read the other comments. Glad I wasn’t alone in noticing the cows- ha!

Coastal Cottage Dreams - Tara:

Oh your apple pie sounds yummy. I love making fall desserts and dishes in the fall….Can’t wait to make some homemade soups too! Have a wonderful weekend….

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