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Valentines Day and a Give Away for YOU!

We made whoopie pies with sprinkles and a heart garland like the one farmgirl made.
Oh, we also handed out valentines to our friends yesterday.
I seriously thought about making some of the amazing ones I saw over at Pinterest,
but then I remembered that I needed those hours for something else.
So, we picked up a pack of 24 fun-dips from Walmart and decided that was awesome enough.
I surprised the kids with a valentine table cloth, heart-shaped plates and valentines cups this morning.
They also had a 6 pack of their favorite candy bars waiting on them.
Can you imagine their shock when I told them they could eat a candy bar for breakfast?
Apparently, that’s all you ever need to do to win “Mother of the Year” at our house.

I’ve got a treat for one of you, too!
We want to give away one of our vertical family rules signs!


You won’t have to jump through any hoops to enter to win,
but I’d love for you to leave a comment telling me something you love about someone in your life.

I’ll use the random generator to pick a winner THIS Friday, the 17th.

slip4 - Happy Valentine's Day! I love that my husband knows to get my tulips for Valentine's Day instead of roses (the overpriced flowers bother me and he understands!).

Ashley - Hmm…something I love about someone in my life. Where do I start? Something I love about my newly adopted son…the fact that right now, he's sleeping in his crib at HOME instead of some orphanage in Ukraine. Pretty great.

Brooke - I'm such a big fan of our family rules sign. I would LOVE to win one for my sweet Mom. I wanted to say too how much I love my husband. I am such a high maintenance woman despite how much I try not to be and he is always so patient and kind putting up with me. I'm so grateful to be married to a man like him! Happy Valentine's Day!!! xoxo Brooke :)

Steve & Beth Ann Fields - I love my 16 1/2 year old son. He's polite, kind, well-mannered, respectful and very funny! He is a young man after God's heart. Beth in AK

Steve & Beth Ann Fields - I love my 16 1/2 year old son. He's polite, kind, well-mannered, respectful and very funny! He is a young man after God's heart. Beth in AK

Lynn - I love your signs! I ran across them at Life in Grace and decided to come on over. Looking forward to browsing your site :)

Misty - I have always loved your family rules sign. They are amazing. I love my amazing husband, he is such an inspiration to me. He is a great provider and father. He is the kind of man that when I look at my son and see he's turning into his dad, it makes my heart proud. And he puts up with me and all my crazy idea's:)

TheVirginiaHouse - Awesome giveaway~ I would have to pick my husband of course;-) We have been married almost 9 years and I cannot say enough how proud I am of him. We have 3 boys now and I am amazed at wonderful father he is to them. He is patient and kind, loving and thoughtful. For valentines day he bought me new pajama pants (after noticing my very sad ones).That may seam silly, but he knows that a practical gift is the way to my heart:-) Love him so much.

April Kelly - I love my Husband and boys more than words can express! After church on Sunday I heard my eight year old and my husband whispering and giggling about what they were getting me for Valentines Day! I love the bracelet they purchased but I love the memory of the two of them giggling just as much! Happy Valentines Day!

our little family - i love my husband more today than yesterday. i love that about him… each day he does something so tiny that makes my heart grow fonder for him. Just when i think i can't lvoe him anymore. :) BEAUTIFUL sign Tara.

Wendy's World - Wowsers! What a giveaway! My husband is wonderful. He is constantly trying to make my life easier. We've been married 30 years, so don't feel bad if it isn't that way in your marriage. I also adore my 3 kids and my 4 grandkids have changed my world. I do love being a MiMi. Thanks and Happy Valentines Day/Week!

Emily - I love my husband. He is quick to forgive and loves like a true man of God.

Debby - I love how my husband takes care of me when I am not feeling good.

Sally - Something I love about my daughter? When I asked her to forgive me over something the other day, she said, "Of course! Always!" <3

Jodi - I would love one of your signs! My husband is wonderful. He works out of state for 2 weeks, very long hours and then is able to fly home for a week, we make it work, but it's tough. He works so hard so that we have the things we have. I am so greatful for him and I couldn't imagine my life without him!

Happy Valentines Day!

Morning T - You're so cute with your V~Day setup for your kiddos. Love the ♥ banner!! Right now I'm so in awe of my little family and how much fun the three of us have together. We are all healthy and happy and life is good!
Hugs to you~

Court - I love that my husband remembered to get a Valentine card for MY mother….even though I had forgotten!

mims225 - Happy Vday!
It was very hard to choose who I should write about because my Husband of 15yrs and our 2 sons are so precious to me! But at this time my 10 year old son with special needs son really jumps into my thoughts!
He's such an upbeat, postive loving child, his name is Joseph & I always tell him that like Joseph of the bible God will bless him through all of his adversity & he will proisper.
Having scripture in the form of your sign will be a lovely reminder to fix our thoughts on the Lord.

tryintosave - Happy Valentine's Day!..It's hard to pick one I must say that I love my whole family…They sure have gone above and beyond to make their momma feel loved today!..My heart is full!
Awesome give-away!!!!

Cookie - I love how my husband has become so committed to his spiritual health this year.

Sarah - My husband is my number one love outside of Jesus. He is an amazing man who has endured some very long journeys with me but has never given up on me. Many man would have walked out a long time ago but he knows and understands sacrificial love. We married young and have been together for 12 years. We have four amazingly beautifully, wonderfully talented children here on this earth and one sweet child that we can not wait to see in Heaven.

I love the sign as it speaks so much truth to what we strive to live by and strive to teach our children. Your work is beautiful and this would be a treasured item in our home for many years. Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

Have a blessed day!

Sarah - I'm thankful that my husband is quick to make his wrongs right… with me and everyone else in his life!

really.truly - I love that my husband loves me on my bad & messy days…just as much as my good&productive days.

Your signs are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win one.

Tiffini Kilgore - can I come to your house for breakfast;)
I had brownies yesterday…boy am i begin BAD
I love my ABBA because He LOVES me and I am the
apple of His eye…even when I'm naughty:)
love you girl..hope you and your man get to do something
amazing tonight..

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things - Tara! What a fun way to start the day! You're a fun mom. And you're giving something away to us!? You're so generous. I am thankful for my husband who is adjusting to medicine and this new reality in his life and he still woke up early this morning to get his girls breakfast/coffee and made reservations for us tonight for dinner. The selfless way he shows us love is what touches me deeply…he could be sitting out and having a pity party … but he is thinking about us, loving on us…!! He's amazing. I love this day!! xoxo

Michelle - Happy Valentines Day Tara! Everyday I am so thankful for the love of my two children. They are both away at college but they never fail to send me a text each day to tell me to have a great day and that they love me! SO BLESSED!

Auntie Cake - Love the pies and, candy bars for breakfast? Totally sweet! What more could a kid ask for on Valentine's Day? Great idea!

When I was first married, I realized just how much I loved my husband, when I wanted to be with him, and only him, when I had gotten some devastating news. All I could think of was to be wrapped in his arms while I cried my eyes out. I feel like I can go through anything with him by my side!

Happy Valentine's Day!

kendyl - Oh my!!! I love these signs! My grandma, who is almost 87, is so full of wisdom and I honor her today! She has taught me so much over many years, but never knew enough to appreciate it until I was older. Now I try to pass some of that wisdom on to my 3 boys… who I cherish as well :o) Thanks for the opportunity to try and win! Happy Valentines Day

Wendy - What a gorgeously awesome sign! I love my husband because he is the most patient, loving man in the whole world (well, he'd have to be, to stick with me for almost a quarter century and counting!!)

Merri Jo - I am so looking forward to a dinner of heart-shaped pizza and red velvet whoopee pies with my hubby at home. I'd much rather spend time with him, cozy at home than out in a crowded restaurant.

Cody and Danica - I always leave a comment on your give aways of these amazing signs. One day I'll win I just know it. I have two boys. A two year old and a 5 month old. I love them both more each day. I would freeze time if I could. My two year old, Cole, is so observant and worries when he sees someone sad or crying. He doesn't talk perfectly but a few sentences he has mastered are, "are you alright! Why you sad? Hugs and tisses (kisses)." it never fails and it melts my heart. When I was in labor at home he climbed up on the arm of the couch and rubbed my back saying, "it's otay mama it's otay." he was the only one I believed!

Cody and Danica -

JoLynn - First of all, I have to say that your sign is beautiful! I would be so thrilled and honored to win it…I have been meaning to make something similar for our house, but it just has not happened. :)

Secondly, I love my kids {of course}…we have 3 healthy little girls with a baby boy on the way in June. I would have been thrilled with another girl, but a boy will be a fun change-up. And I love my husband so much too. I just got some flowers delivered to me from him and it makes me realize how lucky I really am. He has been away working for 2 weeks, so we are missing him! :) He works hard so that I can stay at home with our kids.

Thank you so much for the great giveway! Hope you have a happy and wonderful Valentine's Day!!

MeghanBTaylor - Hopefully today will be my lucky day, because I am just in love with your signs! The thing I love most about my valentine (my husband John) is his dedication to making our family better. This year we had our first little boy and my husband decided on the day he was born that he wanted to pursue a career that our son would be proud of one day. So without hesitation, my husband has decided to go back to school, while running his own company, to become a Physical Therapist. I am so proud of him for working a full time job, going to school and also still managing to be a wonderful hands on dad! This sign would look perfect in our dining room and I would love to give it to him as a late Valentines gift because he loves hand made signs! Hope you and your are having a very wonderful valentines day.

Dana - I love your signs! I have so many loves to talk about…my high school sweetheart/sort-of husband, my 7 year old little boy who keeps me in stitches…but today I will tell about my daughter. She will turn 10 this month. 4th grade can be hard…friendships and figuring things out can be hard…apparently putting dirty clothes in the laundry room can be hard ;-). Lord Jesus, please help her to see herself through Your eyes…not the distorted vision of this world. Help me to reflect Your love to her-my daughter, but also my sister in Christ.

Wendy - Love that sign! Thanks for the give-a-way!

I love my husband for always putting others first. He is the most unselfish person I know.

Beth - I love your banner and your special treats for Valentine's Day! And I especially L-O-V-E your signs! Oh my goodness! If you only knew how long I've been trying to figure out where I could fit it into my budget! I love my Valentine for so many reasons, but ONE of those reasons that's sticking out in my mind right now is that he always looks over my bad moods, ill moments, and short tempers. Bascially my yuck! And gently shows me love even though I DO NOT DESERVE IT!!!! I am blessed~

Eleanor - I love that my husband loves me no matter what. I love the way my kids laugh and play. I love how God has shown himself in all the twists and turns of my life.

rjvanegmond - i adore all of your signs and would love to have one hanging in our home! thanks for the chance at the giveaway! for the something about someone i love… it has to be my hubby! He is the most patient person I know & full of love that is constant and truly reflects the love of Christ.

Ashley Self - I love my Mom, because she is always my biggest cheerleader!!!

Maureen - I love your family rules signs…and I have two little boys. I love their little naked bums in the shower. Makes me smile every time.

Kelly - I love this sign! I love my husband more and more everyday and can't imagine my life without him!

Deborah - So many people God placed in my life to love. I'm blessed. Since I've spent the last week showing everyone I love that they are special to me, I think I pick blogging "friends". They're are several of them that have inspired me to make some very important decisions in my life and I will always love them for that. Thanks for the opportunity. Love your signs.

Mary Beth - I have a friend who just moved here from florida..and i love that she is pretty and put together and thoughtful..but most of all i love that she is hilarious. like really hilarious.
i love deep people. and smart people..but at the end of the day i just wanna laugh. :)

Barbara - It would have to be my husband it's his little gestures like warming up my side of the bed on cold nights, putting gas in my car, starting dinner when he gets home first, or giving me that look the one that's only for me, love him so! Thanks for the giveaway, Happy Valentine's Day

Tanner Manor - I love love my sweet husband. He is incredibly dutiful, gentle, and loving. He is an excellent example to our sons and he really is the spiritual foundation to our family.

lori Martin - I love love love your signs, so beautiful! God has blessed me with a wonderful husband that I adore and 3 beautiful energetic children! And how can I forget our little furry baby!

Lori - I love that my 13 year old son just brought me a cup of Olvaltine (his favorite) he made and wished me a Happy Valentine's Day.

LLH Designs - I'm so excited you've made a vertical one! I'm still thinking about my words. I'm one of those who could ponder the right words for years! Silly really! By the way, if we weren't an all natural family, I'd eat those fun dips in a second!


Between You and Me - you're awesome, MB Cole!!

Melaine Thompson - Do I qualify? :) I am loving these signs you are coming up with! So talented I tell you! So, that's it, that's what I'm loving! Your signs! Melaine

Susan - I love that my husband knows all the things I love and makes sure to make today special.

I also triple love your family rules signs!

Robin - I love that my Dad has done his best to live his life by these rules and stressed the importance of them to me. Now I am teaching my children.

Rachel - Hi! I've been admiring your signs ever since finding your blog. I'll tell you about my sweet mother who I would be lost in this world without. She (and my dad) raised myself and my brothers in a loving christian home. They instilled values and morals and encouraged each of us to walk with the Lord. There is nothing more important they could have taught us. I am eternally grateful.
Love reading you!

Cindy D - I love the way my little boy laughs! It makes my heart melt.

Farmgirl Paints - I love the way my honey picks up the pieces for me. He's a fixer. He pays attention to all the details that I miss. I don't know what I would do without him. Happy Valentine's day girlie.

Bonnie - I loved how my 23 year old brought me a beautiful bouquet today as a thank you for dog sitting the last 5 days. It brought tears to my eyes which really embarrassed him!

Bonnie - I loved how my 23 year old brought me a beautiful bouquet today as a thank you for dog sitting the last 5 days. It brought tears to my eyes which really embarrassed him!

Christi - I love the way my 13 yr old son smiles at me with his eyes, thanking me for leaving his favorite candy in his room or leaving snacks for him and his friends to enjoy. That smile melts my heart ……..

Lynn - I love that my husband bought me a gift card to Lulu lemon for Valentine's Day because he knows I would never buy them myself.

sheila - unconditional love of family. love the sign… thanks for a chance to win.

Colleen - I love that my husband always lets me put my feet on his lap – no matter how dirty they might be.

Amy O - I love what a wonderful father my husband is (and a college pastor, too!)

maggie@septemberrust - i love the sign and would love it even more in my living room, seriously, if i don't win i will definitely order one. I also love my family: hubby and two!

Katie - I love your family rules sign…what a great giveaway! I love that my husband is so attentive and helpful with everything and anything. Plus my two little girls are

Gail - oh my word, that is one FABULOUS sign, if I don't win I would sure as heck like to buy one. …something about someone I love? my husband …he is my king. So after losing thousands of photos (before I was an avid back-up-er) from my exploded hard drive 3 years ago – he accessed parts from all over the world and managed to rebuild it and restore my lost photos, images that show our now 6 year old in diapers, images from our european road trips, oh so much was gone and is now back… unbelievable .

WhiteWhispers2u - Sweet Giveaway! I would be thrilled to Win.Yes so hard to pick just one someone though I am so grateful to have such a special friend in my life right now.I truly prayed for her and she is like a sweet angel sent from heaven.I kid you not! The Lord knew for me to get through the things I have had to endure this last year is to send me a living angel and he did~Blessings Kim

Miranda - Great giveaway! I am blessed to have a husband that treasures his family and his time with us more than any man I know. He is a warrior for us, as well as his country and I love his for that.

gypsy rose - Fantastic giveaway! I love that my son is an amazing father. That he gave me three 'gorguss gypsy gurls'. And though they live far away, he keeps me updated with everyday pics, phone calls and skype so I am a part of their every day life. I am truly blessed.

Hettie - I've following your blog for a while now, it's amazing!! Did you ever get your curtains up? You inspired me to choose some bold, printed fabric for mine. What do I love?? I love my kids, I love that they want to help take care of me, I love that they work hard to help the family. I love my dogs. They bring chaos and joy to our little family.

Linda - Well, first I love the sign!!!!! We have 3 children and 16 grandchildren that God has so graciously blessed us with over the years. Thanks for offering this. Hope I win it.

jerri - Oh how I love your signs. Someday I must send you a photo of our own one of a kind sign we made using your tutorial. My husband is pretty awesome & unselfishly loves all the time. Right now it's 6 am and he ran to the store to pick up a few items for kids lunches, because all we heard yesterday was, "We have no food in this house." Which goes to deaf ears because we have lots of food, just not junk food which they ate up.

Misty - What a great give away! Your signs are fabulous. I love my son Edward, who has Aspergers and is at times difficult to love, but daily I am reminded that he is a child of God.

Nina - What a wonderful giveaway! I love my husband and our dog Arnold. Both always give the most unconditional of love, and I am grateful for that every single day!

Beth - I would LOVE one of your signs!!! I love that my husband is an amazing father to our girls–he has great patience, a wonderful ability to teach them (comes in handy with all the questions of "why is the sky blue?" and "how does that light bulb work exactly?") and gives all of us unconditional love.

Kelly D - I love that my children are willing to overlook my faults. They believe I can do anything which encourages me on a daily basis. I try to be worthy of them.

Kim - I love that my husband loves me unconditionally….warts and all :)

Love your blog and love the signs!!

Marci F - I love that my children can give me a simple "Hi mom, I love you" and turn my day around. They truly make my heart happy!

Marci F

Gloria - My husband has a kind and gentle heart and is always very friendly to everyone he meets and he has no prejudices or bias towards anyone he comes in contact with. He has a pure heart and I love him dearly for that!!!!

sksuhr - I love that after I yell at my 1st grader, he writes me a note: "Mommy, I love you know matter what." And I love you, Miss Tara!

maryn - My husband has been a true love this week. I fell Monday morning and severely sprained my ankle. He has been so good I have only stood up to go to the bathroom or move o my bed. My 3 kids have made it to school and all activities because he has stopped everything to take care of me. Love him!! Lucky, lucky me!!

Debra - I love my two little girls. They are my gift from God and a constant reminder of His love.

Juliana - I love my family…as crazy as they all can be! Your signs are fantastic…

Ginger - Hey, Tara! You already know how wonderful my husband is so I'll tell you about my mother. :) I love her because of the example she sets for me as a wife and mother. When I was growing up, she never complained about the long hours my father had to work and she was so engaged with my brother and me, always looking for ways to make life more full. The love she has for my father is sincere and honest and beautiful. She also knows how to decorate a house! I hope I'm even just a small bit like her.

Aimee - I love my supportive husband and FUN kids! Your signs are wonderful – thanks for the chance to win!

Raye Marie - I love my eleven year old son…even when it's not so easy. I love your sign also. Thanks for the fun!

Brian and Staci - I am totally in love with my hubby :) I am weak…and he is strong :) He compliments me in every way ;) And I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win one of your amazing signs!!!!

Brian and Staci - Oh yea, I'm not trying to have a double entry…I just forget that when I enter our google account…it is my hubby's email….and he will TOTALLY send it right to his trash…sooo, iffff by chance I should win….will you send it to :) THANKS!!!

CFair - I Love your family rules sign! My hubby and 3 year old daughter are the loves of my life. They are my everything… but we definitely have rules to keep in our house. :)

Between You and Me - I'll be glad to send it to your email. :) My husband would send it to trash, too! :)

Kim B. - I love that my husband & I are totally in sync with one another. I LOVE that are similarities far outway our differences. Oh, don't get me wrong, after almost 22 years of marriage & 4 kids life is still life, but I'm thankful that my life is with my husband!

Laura W. Smith - Oh, I hope I win!! That being said, I love my husband's work ethic. He is such a loyal worker, so noble in his desire to provide for our family of six. He is awesome. I am so blessed. Oh, and I hope I win!!

Whitney - I love the way my family feels when my husband comes home from work and when my little kids figure out that my husband is home when they thought he worked that day. Growing up without a dad for the first 10 years I love how much they love their Daddy! Such a blessing! I also would love to win!

soeasymygfcancookit - So I just have to say, as a guy, I love that sign (it would be pretty awesome to have as, well, keep reading).. But not nearly as much as I love my girlfriend. As we look to move forward in our relationship (we've been together almost 2.5 years), not a day goes by that she encourages me to be the best that I can be, she supports me every way that she can, and, above all, continues to bring me even closer to God.

Between You and Me - I'm entering this for

Kimmie - Definitely my Husband! We have been married almost 18 years and together 23. He is an amazing father, son , love, friend, provider and husband! He works hard for our family and because of that I am BLESSED to be able to stay home. I totally <3 him!

Benzoo - My husband and my six amazing children – 4 birthed from my body and two birthed from my heart that we just adopted from Haiti :) Beyond Blessed…..

Michelle Stone - so love my family and friends :)

Renee - My husband LOVED the family rules sign y'all did for us so much that he also wants the modern knights sign. I love these three peeps and one furry family member I live with SOOO much!!!! They each bring something amazing and important to my life. They have a way of growing me into the person GOD wants me to be. Happy late Love Day.

Amanda - I love my husband, 2 kids and that we will be having a little surprise due in may :-)

Teresa M. - Well, I totally love my husband. What I love about him is that when I felt God tugging at my heart about adopting a little girl from China, he did not have that same feeling, but agreed he would put his personal feelings aside and seek God's will. Well, we are now just over 2 months home with our precious 2 year old Asian princess–and he is wrapped around her little finger!!

Kimber-Leigh - i love that my husband (though gone on valentines day) planned ahead of time not only a gift to be delivered to me…but planned way in advance to have a special gift for our children :) and they loved it. they felt so special. i love how he knows us so well :)

Elizabeth - Check out my post on Kindness to see what I love about someone.

Empty Nest Full Life - If that random generator could pick me that would be wonderful. My husband is the picture of love, his totally unselfish ways are overwhelming to me! He is the love of my life!

Dee - I love the fact that my boys have good manners. I am so proud of them!

Jillian - It melts my heart that my 15 year old son tells me "I Love you" every night before bed and everyday as I let him off at high school. I feel so fortunate and I'm so grateful that the Lord gave me this child.

JReneeMiles - I love that my husband is such a hard worker. He makes enough for me to stay home with our children and that truly blesses my heart.

Lucky Mama - I love my family and my God. My God has shown me he was way better plans for my life than I could ever imagine!

Hillcrest Acres - Oh my goodness…what a fabulous giveaway!!! I love the sign.

Kim - Well, let's see here… I love my man like crazy, I love my kids to the moon and back, I love our nutty Beagle(most days) and I LOVE that sign!! And we are in need of a refresher course around here, so that sign would delight me to no end!!

Ashley - What a great giveaway! I love watching my husband work so hard to accomplish his dreams. So inspiring and I'm glad we're on the path together! :)

Little Beluga - I LOVE THIS SIGN! And I love my momma. After she visited this weekend (helping us out with baby #2), I'm blown away by her servanthood and thoughtfulness. Gave us a few solid days of rest in the midst of our adjusting. I don't know what I would do without her :)

Sharon - I love all my kids and everything they bring into my life!!

Liesl Botbyl - I love my best friend and I'd love to give her one of these signs for her birthday next month!!

summertime - I love my husband and my three kids…and all of the kisses!

Diane - I love the wonderful memories of my mom and dad. They are no longer here with me, but have left me with some wonderful memories that I cherish every day.:)

amber - love my mom.

she has ms and has taken a turn for the worse recently -yet she continues to amaze me with her concern for others. calling her today to see how she was, "oh, let's not talk about me.. how are YOU?" :) she's the best.

Amanda - I adore my hubby and precious baby girl!

Meli S. - I love my husband, here to stay for better or worse, and every year we just get stronger!

Crystal - I adore my life… My beautiful healthy daughters, and my getting better everyday husband!

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