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Vacation Miscellany

We’re back from vacation…it was so wonderful to spend a week together with good friends.
It was easy…no drama…no feelings hurt…no misunderstandings.  Just amazing fun and relaxation.
Lots of laughter.
Each couple had a date night and each family had a couple of special family date nights.
The guys surprised Jackie and I with a spa day…wowza.  That was one more exceptional day!
The whole group ate together a few nights…nothing sweeter than being surrounded by friends at a meal.
The dads took the older boys on a few adventures and the moms did, too.
I won’t bother telling you whether the moms or the boys won at miniature golf.
{It’d be kind of rude for me to rub in our victory.} HA!
There was a lot of ice cream consumed.
There were a lot of late nights.
And, we all came home water-logged.
At one point, I had no idea what day it was….vacation mission accomplished.

I didn’t grow up taking family vacations, but I’m so glad our family has made it a tradition.
The memories are priceless.
I took more pictures than I’m showing you today, but not near as many as I wish I had taken.
We did more on this vacation in the way of fun outings and activities, and I seemed to always forget my camera.  Bummer.

My boys aren’t interested in having their pictures taken, so they were thrilled that I forgot it on most of our outings.  I used to get so frustrated about them hating to have their pictures taken, but I get it now.
I’m trying real hard to not display their lives on the blog and on Instagram without their permission,
which means they don’t get displayed very often at all.

Lydia’s another story.  I wonder sometimes if she’ll go through a season when she doesn’t.  We can hold out hope!

We’re back in the saddle today….laundry, reading, swimming, dinner….routine calls!

I’m joining Carissa for a Miscellany Monday….

Starr - LOVE that group photo! That will be treasured by y’all as the kids grow. Impressive that you could wrangle everyone into the shot at once. ;)

Kelsea - Some of my favorite memories growing up were family vacations. Can’t say they were always drama-free, but fun nonetheless! You have a beautiful family :)

slip4 - Gorgeous photos! My son graduated from high school recently and we took so many photos that none of us were up for many photos the week after when we went to the beach on vacation.

carissa @ lowercase letters - family vacay’s are the BEST. greatest memories ever. so happy you got to make some sweet ones with your precious clan.

Megan - Sounds like a perfect getaway! We are going to Gulf Shores this summer with some friends and I hope it is as successful as your trip! Love the shots you did get and have a tween going through the “Don’t post this!” phase so I am right there with you!

Vintage Country Girl - Great pictures! You all look so relaxed!

paige - just relaxed fun, no drama. just wonderful!!
love the images of your precious week!!

Tiffini - i totally get the boys..dakota will have NONE of it. it is few and far between and that is ok:) now but honestly she is getting a little less interestd as well. she does her IG thing and that is it. she has to be in the mood…teenage thing starting now–
i soooooo want a vacation sooooo bad. don’t think we can until october. i gotta save up…i wanna see those grandbabies. we will see but I LOVED seeing your pictures and knowing you were enjoying yourself.
somedays i just wanna give all the online stuff up and just LIVE…like i used to when the three oldest were little. it was heaven i tell ya…coming from this angle now…i see it. love ya my forty year old friend

Lemonade Makin' Mama - How nice to have no drama… that is so rare!! We have had great couple friends in the past that we had that same great ease with… and we are very hungry for it once again. Someday soon I hope!! :)

Kelly Cach - I adore your boys…you know I love boys, right? But I gotta say, you and your girl steal the show in these pics…just stunning!

A family vacation is exactly what we need, too. And I just did a big gulp in my throat reading Tiffini’s comment above…”just live…like I used to.” I’ve been praying to find the balance. (And I don’t even have a blog or an on-line shop…sheesh! :)

LLH Designs - I didn’t grow up taking family vacations either. Thought I was the only one! We visited grandparents, but it never felt like a true vacation. Started going to Maine when I was 18, and we still go back. That’s been a wonderful tradition for this girl who loves tradition. I wish we could work a beach vacation into our tradition one of these years! xoxo!

LLH Designs - P.S. I think you need to come visit me so we can go to the Southern Living Idea House together. I got a sneak peek yesterday and it was AMAZING!

Heather - Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

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