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Using Pinterest as a guide.

There are so many ideas floating around on Pinterest, and my boards are full of inspiration.
But, I haven’t been the greatest at actually trying to re-create some of those looks in my own home.
I’m a pinning fool, and it’s about time I used it for something other than our weekly meals.
What better way than to join the summer pinterest challenge, late of course.
After I showed you our master bedroom the other day, you guys helped me to see the need for layering.
And, I’m gonna have to do something because painting the walls isn’t really an option.
They’re brand stinking new.
Y’all had some great suggestions that I’ll add over time.
 I plan to add a rug,  a pop of color to those boring lampshades,
and some more art around the bed or maybe above each bedside chest.
I didn’t show you the wall of windows on the other side of the room, 
but I also plan to add some depth and layers there, too. 
 I’m thinking a couple of chairs with a small table in between will fit the bill.
Layering really makes a difference, huh?

You’d think it would be easy enough, but it’s not for me.
I can lean toward a less is more approach to most everything.
Even though I never put on an outfit without adding a few bracelets and some earrings,
it’s no secret, I won’t be going down in history as the accessorizing queen.
I adore Edie’s black walls, but even more than the walls, I love the way she has layered their room.
She takes layering to a whole new level, and in my opinion, it’s seriously a gift!
Having said all of that, I will have to stay true to my style, which I’m honestly still unfolding.
These things I know for sure::
I’m not a minimalist but I don’t like clutter.
I like color but only with a neutral backdrop.
I like layers but I don’t like the look of “over-done” in fashion or in my home.
I prefer a few key pieces over a lot of small items, unless they’re grouped together. 
I like a few trends, but classic styles always win out with me.
Uh oh…I don’t know what all of that says about me…kind of sounds like I’m in conflict.
I see a lot of “I like this…but only when” statements.:)
Anyhoo, I’m determined to use pinterest to help me add those touches that can make all the difference.
I’ve started in our bathroom, and I wanted to show you what I’ve done so far.
{You can scroll all the way to the top again if you want to see the picture of our master bath}
To me, layering includes texture.
I’m counting those very textured mirrors from TjMaxx as a layer. :))
I picked them up a few months before we moved into our house, and we love them.
I also took an idea from pinterest and added the apothecary jars to the countertops.
I had them on hand and I think I’ve used them for nearly everything.
They came from TjMaxx and I don’t think I paid more than $12 for any of them.
They’re perfect storage for our q-tips, cotton balls and epsom salts.

For one more added LAYER, I think I’ll add a round tray underneath the jars.
Maybe a mirrored round tray?

Below are a couple of pictures from pinterest that are inspiration ideas for me::
I tried to find the original source, and couldn’t on most of them.
 If you know the link, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. 
*apothecary jars*
                 House & Home
*jars for storage*
*basket full of towels*
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Stacey - Oh my. I think you read my mind with those statements. We just moved into a new house and the walls are a nice neutral color – not necessarily what I would have chosen but pretty. It takes time and pondering to get the layers just right.

Deborah - Hi Tara!
Loved this post and all of it truths :)
I love Pinterest too and all the ideas we can and do glean from it!
I’m like you; I see different things from different photos that really inspire, and think about how I could bring that into my home.
I love your bedroom…it is so calm and so beautiful. It speaks of purity to me.
I also loved the way you describe your style~perfect!
And I too, love layering, with textures…its a gorgeous way of bringing in some interest!
I think whatever you add, here and there, will be “you” and it’ll be perfect!
Have a great week my sweet friend xo

Much love,
Deborah xoxo

Beth - I, too, pin with the hope that i will actually evolve my style into *something* (i still can’t adhere to any one style, I guess i should work on layers too!) small steps is what i have to take!! i love the bathroom ideas and the layers you have already added!!!!


Megan - I think your plan for your bedroom sounds great. You have a style…I see it in every one of your photos of your home. I think sometimes we see our own stuff way too much to really see it…does that make sense? But you know what you are doing. I mean, look at that bathroom! I love your new bathroom and I LOVE that cabinet color.

Colleen - I am so joining the challenge – just a little late to the game! Love your ideas. I do need to put Pinterest to use, because it’s so addicting.

LLH Designs - Here’s the thing about layers, my sweet firmed: they take TIME. Layers shouldn’t be contrived in short spurts, but layered over time. That’s what makes them personal and unique. You’ll get there! But do tell me about your cabinet hardware. In the hunt for kitchen hardware, which is why I”m online when I should be unpacking! xoxo!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh I’ve been missing you… I see I missed a post in there… it’s b een a Crazy week but I’m so glad I can keep up with ya on Instagram. So happy to be on that finally!!! LOL

I realize my comment had nothing to do with your post.


Sheri - Tara! Your cabinets are awesome!! Yes, layers – it’s hard for me to pull that off well. Who am I kidding it’s hard for me to pull off any look without lots of help!

twest70 - Tara,
I love the color of the cabinets! Dark chocolate brown, yummy! Oh and where did you get those mirrors, they are to die for! Sound like I am talking about something sweet, doesn’t it! Great talking with you on the phone yesterday!

GLENDA CHILDERS - It sounds like you know exactly what you want, as you fine tune your new home. I like texture and some color in the fabrics.

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