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Two Year Anniversary Give Away..2 years, 2 signs, 2 winners!

Two years ago, Andy and I started between you & me signs. 
It has been a remarkable experience to creatively work together doing something that we love.
 Owning your own small business is amazing because it constantly pushes you out of your comfort zones.
It has forced us to take risks at every level, and it has encouraged us to learn things we didn’t know or understand.
I’ve been at home raising kids in yoga pants and a t-shirt for nearly 13 years,
and it’s built a confidence in me that I didn’t know I was even missing.

People have asked us how we dreamed this up, and our answer is always the same.
We couldn’t have dreamed this for ourselves.
We truly believe God has taken the things that he put in our hearts and brought them to life through this business.

 We love families and our hearts are for them to function the way God intended. 

I’ve always loved words.  They matter.  They have the power to bless and bring life.

I’m sooo glad we took a chance and dared to realize a dream in our hearts.
This business has stretched us and grown us in ways that we’ll be forever grateful.
We both have college educations, and I’m hear to tell you, we’ve learned things you can’t learn in school.
Two years later, we’ve made nearly 900 signs,
and it’s because so many of YOU have ordered them for your beautiful homes.
We thought a great way to celebrate would be to offer TWO of our signs in a give away today.
Two Years…Two signs…Two winners!!

Our family rules sign is what started this business and our Sunshine Sign is the perfect sign to usher in Spring!!
So, these are the two signs that we are giving away today to two of YOU!
The first winner drawn will win the family rules sign and the second winner will win the sunshine sign.

Leave a comment telling me a dream that God has put in your heart.
For a second comment, blog, tweet, Facebook or Instagram about the give away.

Typically, I open these give aways up to our USA readers only because of shipping expenses,
but in the last give away, I had a few canadian readers offer to pay for the shipping, if they won.
So, If you are an international reader and you win, you’ll need to cover shipping.  Deal?  Awesome.

Susan Stanford - My husband and I both work in the corporate world, but our passion is for furniture pickn’! We love to spend our date days searching for treasures and then spending hours creating something amazing out of these treasures we find. God has put on our hearts the dream of owning our own little shoppe filled with gorgeous rustic furniture with whitewash finishes and burlap covered seats.

Wanderlust - God has placed a dream in my heart to be a stay at home mom. My husband and I know that money will be tight, but we plan on starting a family in a few months and seeing where the Lord leads us!

slip4 - My dream is to be a reading tutor for children who are struggling and I would love to be able to do it as a volunteer (first I need to do paid work for a while so I can be in a place to do that). Good reading skills are the basis for school success and yet they find some kids get to high school before their poor reading skills are addressed. I shudder every time I hear a parent of an elementary-aged boy say “he just won’t read so we don’t push it”. I think they just haven’t found the right books, and he may be hiding weak reading skills out of embarrassment. I won’t judge those parents because it can be so hard, and a lot of the time the parents don’t love reading either. Now I will get off my soap box and wish you a happy blog-iversary!! Your sunshine sign makes my heart sing, and my husband and I are always running across quotes that we would love to have on a sign. Someday :)

Susan - A dream that I feel God has placed in my heart is to help care for homeless animal at our no kill shelter. I recently went to working part time and will soon be adding this to my weekly responsibilities. I absolutely love the sunshine sign because my husbands parents use to sing it him. He lost his dad some years ago and his mom just recently. He told me he now feels like an orphan and having this sign around is sure to bring him joy! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sally - Long ago, God placed a dream in my heart to be a stay-at-home mom. It hasn’t been easy, but we have accomplished it by the grace of God for 18 years. We don’t have much, and our home-sweet-home isn’t magazine worthy… but we love it. I have been able to homeschool our kids, and now that they are in public high school, I am able to be here when they get home. We are so blessed!

Maria2 - I would like to be able to use my accounting/finance background to help people who are struggling financially and trying to turn their lives around by showing them how to budget and learn to manage their money.

Rhonda - A dream was placed in my heart many years ago to help people “clean out drawers”. That dream came true when I started helping people organize not only their drawers but their entire homes. God is a God of order so how can anyone have a bad day with me when we are in His will? I love love love your signs……my son gave me one for Christmas last year. Either one would fit perfectly in new room we are adding on for our grandchildren. Happy 2 year anniversary!

Deidre - I LOVE the sunshine sign. I sing this to my girls all the time.
A dream God has put on my heart recently is to continue staying home with my children. Even though they are in school, the world would like to convince me I’m not doing anything valuable. I almost caved and went back to work but God has been so sweet to put things in my path to remind me to stay the course he set for us 11 years ago. I feel encouraged and with new purpose.
Thanks for the giveaway! - To one day stay at home full-time!

hawkeyejlp - I started out in the classroom and moved on to administration far too early in my career. I dreamed of returning to direct service to children, and nearly four years back in the trenches, I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach middle school kids every day.

Deborah - God has put on my heart to advocate for orphans. It all started with my niece adopting from Ethiopia and then becoming involved with Children’s hope chest. Now we sponsor a child from one of their day centers and have been raising funds for their well, cows for milk, a car, books for their school and supplies for their clinic which not only serve them but also their local village. I’m now in the planning stages of beginning a business where some profits will go to this cause and others like it. I already have your family rules sign so hoping for the sunshine sign. A family favorite.

Katie - Ah love these signs! They’ve been on my wishlist forever.
A dream God put on my heart a long time ago is to be a mom. Its been a heavy dream lately, with our miscarriage and lack of getting pregnant, but I’m trusting and working (every day, really) to maintain hope. God has been sweetly reminding me the value of waiting lately, and I’m certain one day I will be a mom!

Rachel - A dream that God has put on my heart is to travel to Malawi or Uganda some day and do medical work with my husband (who is studying to become a doctor). I would love to get involved with an orphanage, and Lord willing, some day adopt. With God, all things are possible!

I am a Canadian reader, and would love to pay the shipping if I win!

melissa - I have ALWAYS wanted to be a stay-at-home momma. ALWAYS. We have an 8 yr old and a 6 yr old. This past Dec. God let this happen. And now I pray that we can make the next 10 years or so happen HIS way. Oh what a blessing.

Wendy - To be a mom. I’m so thankful for the privilege of being a mom.

dmw212 - God has inspired me in all that I do….as a parent, teacher, grandmother and beyond. My Godly father as been my inspiration in my life. Would so love to win one of your signs! Thanks for the chance. Hope you are feeling better!

Tricia - My passion is to help others, like me, who are making the transition to caretakers of aging parents. My dad taught me a lot in his final years that I am begining to pass along.
I love the signs (especially You are my Sunshine since the song was my standard lullaby to my children), I love the blog (especially reference to Athens and UGA since I’m an alumni) and I would love to win a sign (especially since today is my birthday)

Beth - God has recently put the dream of adoption on my heart! I am so hoping it comes true sooner rather than later!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, absolutely LOVE your signs!

Beth - I also put you on Facebook!

CT - I have a dream of someday adopting a little Chinese girl. We have three children, but my heart has always been open. Finances are always the issue. So I let go and let God. Love your signs. Love your shop and your story!

Jboo - A dream that God put into my heart was to adopt my daughter from China — raising her to give glory to God is my dream that I am aspiring to every day.


Molly - Love both signs! I have been coveting both for quite some time.

After climbing the corporate ladder and thinking that it would fulfill me, God has put in my heart the need to seek HIM, the desire to be a stay at home mom, the passion for antiquing and turning that into a dream of opening our own shop! We are moving to the country this summer in pursuit of these.

Thanks for the giveaway!
IG: onikamcdonn

Angela - God is helping me with my dream of becoming a better wife and mother. I can feel the change in my heart and in my actions. I have returned to church after a long absence and it feels wonderful!

I love your signs and would be proud to hang one of them in my home!


Molly - Also posted about the giveaway on Instagram
IG: onikamcdonn

Brooke - My life long dream as always been to adopt our precious Ruby-Grace. It has been a loooooong journey, but I truly believe that God has a BIG blessing waiting on us!! Congratulations on your fabulous TWO year anniversary!!! We LOVE our Between Me and You sign!!! xoxo, Brooke

Katie - Instagramed it! @krush_717

Farmgirl Paints - i would love to illustrate a children’s book. i can’t even imagine that feeling. our God is a big God. if it’s meant to be it will happen. so proud of you guys. your signs are such a blessing. i adore mine. it makes me smile everytime i sit on that swing! happy dream anniversary;)

Danette - My dream is to take my photography to the next level and begin a photography business!

Danette - Posted the giveaway on my Facebook:

Kimber-Leigh - what a wonderful giveaway! two dreams of mine…writing a book…and maybe having a calligraphy business….one day.

Wendy's World - I have a dream (MLK voice). Not really, and that is sad. My husbands job just moved us to the other side of the country and left all my family. I am settling in this new world and trying to figure where the heck I fit in. My dream was to be a stay at home mom and homemaker. That stage of life has come and gone. I need a new dream. I sound like a sad case but I’m happy in Jesus and waiting for him to give me some direction. I love all your signs!!

Sarah - My dream is to travel and teach my little ones about the world. I want them to experience it…not just read about it. I LOVE your signs!!!

Cayce16 - My dream is to stay at home with my children and it not be a financial burden adding more stress to my husband :)

Starr - God put a dream of Athens Church and Athens, GA in our hearts…..we just didn’t know their names for a few years!

Unknown - God has told me to “Choose JOY” and not focus on my circumstances.
Alicia in Lucas, TX

Cub Scout Pack 254 - To begin a home bible study for my daughter and her friends.

J Renee - My husband and I are in a transitional phase of our lives and ministry… Our dream is to start a retreat, a place of recharging and ministering to those who minister to others (pastors, missionaries, or anyone really). Our state has some of the hightest rates for pastoral suicide and discharge; and very few resources for situations like that. So, our dream is to meet that need.

J Renee - I’m not sure how to link my facebook shout-out; my facebook name is zoe poet. (z.poet2012@gmail)It’s probably not public, hopefully you can find it.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Jeniffer Shrewsbury - I am so in love with the sunshine sign!!! I sing this to all of my dogs and they go crazy!
My dream is to open a no kill animal shelter but for now I just rescue all the strays in the neighborhood!

WhiteWhispers2u - Congratulations 2 years and going Strong! What a blessing for you and your family.It would be a blessing to win one of these fabulous signs as well.

I would love to publish the children’s books I have written, I just simply don’t know where or how to send them to a publisher.

Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

~Blessings K.Marie

jodiktwinmom - I have dreamed my whole life of staying home with my kiddos and being able to be there for everything. God has enabled me to do so with many blessings!

Liesl Botbyl - My God dream is for a healthier me (physically and spiritually) in 2013.

Katie - Love, love your signs. God is blessing us in a few weeks with a new baby….it’ll make 3 under 3 for us. It wasn’t my plan, but God’s plans are always better!

Wendy - Congratulations and Happy 2 year Anniversary! I am CRAZY about your signs. I always dreamed of being a mom and I am one! My son is 21 and my daughters are 19 and will be leaving the nest soon. :( I would love God to reveal any creativity in me to use in a business. Blessings!

Sarah - I love your sign and have been meaning to order one. All the better to just win one :)

Sarah - I’m going to pin it as well :)

Southern Gal - I dream of starting my own business involving sewing. I love your signs and have admired them for a long time. Thanks for the chance to win!

April - God has laid a dream of hospitality in my heart. I know as we search for a new home for our family, He will provide the perfect home to fulfill that dream, both with our friends and our children’s friends.

our little family - I dream of being in the classroom again!

About Laura - My earthly dream is coming true for now… a new kitchen. I’d love a sign to compliment it. Made by you! Prayers you’re doing well!!

our little family - I’m going to pin this giveaway!

Kelsey Lorraine - My biggest dream is to live my life in a way that brings glory to God. He has guided my every step while in college and I truly feel I’m following his steps. I could only dream to be a top strength and conditioning coach for a college softball team one day. If that dream is in accordance with God’s will. That’s my dream. I’m trying to make it happen.

Tara, I recently stumbled upon your work on etsy/instagram. I’m so happy I did. Your work is so beautiful. I love you and Andy so much. It is such a blessing to see this business you two have going.

Love you big.
Kelsey Lorraine

Tracy - We want to bring glory in all we do! But we had the huge dream of adopting for along time and brought our son home last October!!

Tracy - I shared on Instagram!!

Jessica - I dream of being able to move back to Idaho. We have been away from family for 13 years. I want my children to know their family. Spending one week a year with them isn’t enough.

eatrunteach - I am learning that God’s plans and dreams are soooo much better than mine. We’re in the process of growing our family through international adoption, something that wasn’t even on my radar a year ago!

Nana - Looking forward to retirement and spending more time with my grandchildren. Also, my dream is to win one of your wonderful signs….I’ll keep trying.

Amber - My dream…motherhood. After 4 years of infertility we’re expecting our second little man in just over a month. I’ve always dreamed of having a big family because I came from such a small one, but I’m learning God knows better than I do what our little family really needs.

Sam and Laurie Knowles - Andy & Tara, I love your signs! A dream that has been stirring in my heart lately is to have an art studio in or near my home. Currently, I teach art to students in my homeschool group. We meet at my church, but I would love to have a room that is always available. I would also like have classes for public school kids since many art programs are being shut down due to funding. Although this dream sounds fun and exciting, I am really living my biggest dream. I am married to a Godly man and am mom to four awesome kiddos!

Tonya - My dream is to own a bed and breakfast! Love your signs~

Simply Jen - Andy and Tara, I love your signs! My husband and boys got me our family rules sign for Christmas and I look at it all the time! When the boys were little, I would sing them to sleep many…many nights. I would sing “You are my Sunshine” over and over again. Every time I’d sing the song, at the end of the second verse, I’d change it to say something sweet…for example..”…and when I woke up, the next morning, you were bright eyed, and smiling, at me!”. They always loved it when I did that and it was fun for me coming up with those sweet words for my boys. Our two beautiful boys are my dream…always will be.
Fingers crossed!

Simply Jen - let everyone know on facebook too!


The Life of the Chous - What a great giveaway! I’ve been wanting the family rules sign forever!

As a mother to 2 young girls, the dream that God has placed on my heart right now is to raise these girls to be strong, loving, compassionate women of God. Before having children, I was a special ed teacher and will one day return to that passion, but for right now, my heart is with my girls and this precious time I have with them!

Heather Littleton Owens - To be a stay at home mom and focus on the most important gifts God has given us!

Megan King - Oh my goodness… so many dreams. I have a dream to be a stay at home mom with a successful etsy shop and an awesome blog that people read and learn things. But I think my biggest dream is to be exactly who God wants me to be and do exactly what God wants me to do. Cause that will win. Every time.

Kelly Cach - So happy to have found you! I think of the family rules sign daily…since I first spotted yours.
Dreams…whew, so many!
Um, let’s see.
I’ll go with this one: that our sweet girl will someday be able to go to the same school her adoring brothers attend. At this point, their private school is unable to accommodate special needs. I discovered a use for my hands for our annual school fundraiser and was able to donate several items. I’ve donated in the past by way of photography, so there’s that too. I don’t know how, but maybe, just maybe God has a plan for me to contribute to the support of my Nora and her education through the use of my hands, my new found creativity, and my (hopefully) obedient heart.

MDP - Love, love your signs! My dream is to be STILL and hear his will for our family over the next couple of years. So many dreams float through my head. Need to focus! :)

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo - Wow. I have lotsa dreams too….one day I would like to bring a few of them to fruition. My main dream/goal is to raise god fearing, responsible and loving children. It is a constant struggle and reward to raise GOOD, god-lovin kids, especially in this world we are living in. I hope that one day they will be my greatest accomplishment of all time. XOX
ps – your family is such a loving inspiration :D

Michele - My greatest dream is to see my children live out their calling God has on their lives. Another huge dream is to pursue some sort of business in decorating or photography or at least develop more as a hobby.

Michele - Also shared on pinterest and facebook :]

Christine - I think my biggest dream right now would be to find a healthy balance between my work life and my home life. I am a mom of 3 little boys and I really want to give more to them. Not more in the material way, but more as a mommy. I feel like I’m really stretched right now and the biggest blessing would be for me to be home more.

I’d love to win a sign! I’ve been drooling over them since you first posted yours years ago!

Also sharing on Instagram!

Heather L. - Hmmm…one dream. A cure for cancer. Better yet, an end to it altogether. But I’m not a doctor or a scientist and God’s the only one who has the ability to hand out such a gracious miracle. I have a Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy which allows me so many opportunities to support others. I dream of using my degree and experiences as a military wife & a family member who watched a sister die from cancer at a young age to help others in a more personal way. I don’t know exactly how God will use my experiences but I trust God has a plan and will be faithful to develop my dreams accordingly. Pain & suffering run deep. I hope that I can be a light where it’s needed most.

Thank you for the give-away. I love your signs!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh sweetie!! 900 signs?! That is SO AMAZING. God is so good, isn’t He?
I LOVE that sunshine sign. I think my heart tingled when I saw it. Kind of have a weakness for sunshine and now I’m laughing because I just realized that I sent you an email before ever seeing this… and said, “WE HAVE SUNSHINE TODAY!” Hahaha.

Okay my dream. Honestly, my dream is huge. I want my husband to find the job that makes his heart come alive again. I know he is in a job that makes him miserable yet he does it because he loves his family. He is such a good man. He wants to do a job that uses his passions and gifts and a job where he can provide and glorify God. So his dream is currently my dream because if my man is doing something that makes his heart sing, my family will follow suit.

Erin - I pray that God continues to bless me with a healthy happy family. I love your signs! Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary!

Erin - I also tweeted about your giveaway : )

Katie G @ sweet peas - My husband & I have a dream of owning a pine tree plantation someday in the near future. His grandad, whom he was close with, had one (that’s still in the family) and the memories that were made there are things he wants for our family, too. Personally, my dream is to have my own classroom someday soon! Six years of a bachelors in education; it would be great for me to teach :)

Mindy Whipple - My dream, over and over, is to make a difference – maybe not in big, world changing ways but in everyday, waiting in the check out line ways. And who knows? Maybe God will use one of them to do something world changing :)

Gretchen Butler - God has put a dream in my heart for loving the less fortunate. Excited to see how fulfills it and trying not to put him in a box and guess what it’s going to look like. I imagine adoption or moving out of the country to live on mission. Although, we all know I live in a mission field of my own in Houston. I don’t care what it looks like. I just want to obey Him and trust Him

Sheri - The dream that God will not let rest, reminds me of every 5 minutes (at least it feels that way) is to mother as a profession. Meaning, not work at home, but let the kids be my work. I have loved having a career, but the older my children get, the more i see them need me. Preteens seem to need so much MORE. I have committed myself to slowing down and watching for my exit sign and promising God i will not ignore if he provides the “out” financially. It is time.

ErinD - The dream that God put on my heart is to be a working mama. I feel so very blessed to practice professionally in a part-time position. I’m able to treat patients three days a week and be full time at home the rest of the week. I have two young daughters and have felt the doors fly open for me to be able to continue work AND have full days at home with these precious little ones.

ErinD - I just pinned this post on Pinterest. Congratulations on 2 years and following your dream!!

Naomi - Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a dream of me sitting on a rocking chair on a back porch, hands all wrinkled, holding my husbands hand as we watch our grandchildren play and laughing in a field. My dream is to get back to the country…to really grow old with the man I love so much!! My dream is for our home to always be filled with laughter, filled with so much joy, the dream God gave me as a young little girl can become a reality. It’s funny really, but I’ve always loved to see wrinkled hands…so many stories behind them. Sweet hubby and I just celebrated our 16 yr anniversary, 4 sweet babies later and at 35 and 36 yrs old, we may just blink and be there before we know it!!!

Naomi - Just posted on Instagram!!

AndeM1 - my dream is to spend more time (maybe in a small beach house of our own)on the beautiful gulf coast in the place our family loves…..together, enjoying the beauty, the water, spending time together laughting and playing and just being……it’s the place where we feel most relaxed…..


Happy anniversary……and many more

Marianne Meza - To own a business that serves to equip, empower and encourage others in fulfilling their own dreams (make them a reality) for God’s glory. My second dream…to win one of your signs : )

Congrats on 2 years! You all are doing a great job stewarding the gift that God has given you : )

Corrie - To raise kids who love God and change lives for His kingdom and glory!

Marianne Meza - I shared about your blog on Facebook : )

Emily - Such a wonderful post!! I’m so thankful to have found your blog (from Katie at Tomorrow, With a Smile.) I can’t wait to go check out your shop–I just love signs. :) haha
A dream of mine? To go to Africa on a mission trip—which is actually coming true in a week! I cannot wait to spend time serving others with my husband. So grateful!

Emily - I tweeted about your blog/giveaway! Here’s the link:

Susan - Dream God placed in my heart? Years and years ago I dreamed to be a librarian. Old fashion, I know. Now lots of years later, I’m in year two as a school media specialist. Title has changed but the dream never did.

Susan - I tweeted about your blog giveaway. Twitter: swnoland

Flourishing Roots - I have lots of dreams, but I know only God’s plan is the best. My dream is to continue being a stay-at-home mom but to also be able (with my husband and boys) to show the love of Jesus to as many lost, lonely, unlovable, hurting people as I can. AND I want to be able to adopt a little girl and give her a life in a Jesus-filled family.

Flourishing Roots - I also repinned on Pinterest. Hope I win! :O)

Stacey Kirk - I had no idea you and Andy had this business! Awesome signs – love them all! My dream is simply to raise godly children who have deep desires to serve the Lord by humbly serving His people…and to survive the process of raising them. :) Also, shared your link on Facebook. Now, I know where to come for daily health updates!

Marmee - A dream of mine since I was 8 years old has been to go to Africa as a missionary. I went through journeyman training and hurt my knee and was not allowed to go with the “bum” knee. Henceforth, God saw fit for me to do mission work in the Dominican Republic for 4 years, but my heart still belongs in Africa…still praying, hoping and dreaming …for His plans for my life!

Marmee - I also Pinned this give away on one of my boards..”things that inspire me”! OOOO, we all want to win!

Robyn - Ok, Tara, how could I resist? It would be an honor to have one of your signs in my home! Congratulations to you and Andy on 900 signs and two years of a God glorifying business. God’s dreams are always bigger than our own! My dreams, there are so many, but I have always wanted to write a children’s book, serve the Lord overseas in short term missions in South America and for my children to grow up serving the Lord and bringing him glory with their lives! However, my biggest dream was met with God’s plans for our family when we brought JA home three years ago!

maryn - My 2 biggest dreams have come true…to be a teacher to young people and to be a mother. Thanks for he chance!

Linda Espinosa - As a young girl I had a dream of one day meeting my prince charming and building a family together. I am sooooo blessed the Lord has given me every dream in my heart and so much more. I have learned in my life that the Lord’s dream for us and our lives is so much more perfect and better than any dream wr have for ourselves.

Sara - My husband and I have always dreamed of building our “dream” house togeather, now we are two weeks from moving into that dream house. Our desire is to use it for Him, using it as a place to reach out to others. Thanks for the giveaway! Your sign would make a great addition in our house;)

Janice Nichols - Growing up I had an undeniable love for people in need. Early in high school I wondered if I would one day travel the world and give of my self to people in need. I let my plans take over instead of letting God take over. Years later, I’m a mother of two boys ages 9 and 11. I’ve begun to feel that tug again and am looking into ways to help people on a local level. With out mentioning any of this to my family my 11 year old has begun to tell me about how when he gets old enough he’s going to go on mission trips. He’s going to to be a pilot so he can fly food and supplies to other countries, he’s going to be a Dr. so he can travel the world helping people, he’s going to be a pastor so he can tell people that Jesus loves them. God has placed a dream, a desire to take my children on mission trips every summer. I don’t know how, I don’t know where, but God is telling us he wants us to GO and share his love. So that’s my dream. To fallow God’s call and make possible for my son, what God has placed on his heart.

Verna - My biggest dream is to raise children who love God and serve Him with their whole hearts. Congrats on 2 years. I love your signs.

Melaine Thompson - Oh how I need that sunshine sign! I swear my house is gonna be plastered with your signs!

Chad Christenson - One of my most desired dreams is to raise my 4 little boys into God honoring, loving, strong and intentional men. Your signs are amazing!

D-Love - My dream is for my two boys to serve the Lord, marry good women, and give me lots of grandchildren. xo :D

melissa s. - Oh how special!!!! Congrats on 2 yrs. Totally awesome!! I honestly feel like I am living my dream… married to the greatest man alive besides my dad :) … 8 beautiful, healthy children…God has blessed us beyond words! Thx for the chance! Melissa

melissa s. - Ok I dont know why that posted twice… I tried to delete and it didnt..can u delete one?. but here is my 2nd chance… I instagrammed it! Thx, melissa

Sunnie Suhr - Hi Tara! My dream is to have bigger dreams! Currently, it’s to see my boys love the Lord intimately and passionately. CONGRATS!!!

Kristen Pare - I struggled listening to Him for the past year, finally, I did and happiness is what He gave me which has been missing for many years. My little one and I are on a new journey, starting over by ourselves and enjoying the freedom to be happy and feeling blessed.

Brenda - My dream is to do something with my quilting and crafts. I would love to be able to make some extra income off of it. Not really sure what God wants me to do. Love your signs. Thanks for a chance to win one.

Alexis Jasek - Dreams are God’s window into his magnificent plan. My dream is to be the hands, feet, and mouth of Christ; to be hope for the hopeless.

Alexis Jasek - Giveaway @betweenyou&me blog giveaway! Beautiful #signs with a message. See tarahlowry blogspot. Tweeted:)

l8blmr - After a long unhappy marriage, my husband passed away. For the next 3 1/2 years, my life’s work was to raise my son. Then my dreams turned to happiness for me! I opened my heart and God led me to a wonderful man! We have been together for 2 years now and I have never been happier! It is never to late to be happy!

Laine - Your signs are beautiful! Hubby and I have made a few of our own that we put in our home and we just love them. Isn’t it so fun to do things like this together? That’s really awesome that ya’ll have been able to make a business out of it!

My dream…well, I just want to live right and let God use me however He wants. In our ladies Sunday School Class I’ve been teaching on “Great Women of the Bible” and you can see how over and over because of their obedience and faith God used them in great ways and worked miracles in their lives. He did the impossible for them because of obedience and faith! So yes, while there’s so many “dreams” I could say like have my own photography business, etc, I honestly just want to be a vessel God can use to greatly impact my family, our church and community for His glory.

P.S…Just want to say thank you for your kindness and comments on my blog and Instagram, you’ve been a blessing. Take care!

Laine - I tweeted about this =)

jerri - God put the dream of going back to school in my heart & at age 40 I got an advanced Ed.S degree in school counseling and I’m loving it.

Jason - I know this sounds silly, but my dream is to not be such a pack rat and get my house more organized! Seriously! I love my life! I love my husband…my kids…being a Disney family…being in CC… I really can’t ask for any more in life. My only dream is that I could be equipped to serve the people I love better and right now, that means a more organized household! (And I also am posting this on FB. Siri is our “little sunshine” and we always sing that song to her. She would love for me to win that sign and put it in her bedroom.) :)

Jason - By the way, the above post was from Karin – not Jason. He just has the gmail account I can use to comment. :)

kelly - Tara, you know many of my dreams. all I have dreamt of lately is having my sweet family under one roof for longer than a couple of days in a row. it’s not something I thought I’d ever have to dream about. I just assumed it would be. many of my dreams were crushed with my divorce and custody battle. I’m slowing rebuilding and redreaming. I’m learning a new normal and finding a new me. I have my family and an amazing second chance husband and 5 beautiful babies to help me along that journey. thanks for loving words. some days, words are all that have gotten me through. words and a little hope. ;o) love you friend! and so proud of your dream come true!

kelly - also shared the link on Instagram. :o)

Empty Nest Full Life - In the past couple of months our family has been going through a trial that I never imagined. Hurt and heartache caused by someone else. We have almost felt like we were in it alone except for God. I believe that God is placing in my heart a dream that I need to make reality, a desire to reach out to those that are hurting, that feel so alone. Yesterday, as I cried again, I wanted desperately to run to someone that could hold on while I cried. I want to be that person for others, walking through the trial with them.

Empty Nest Full Life - Shared on Facebook.

Ellie - Love your signs. Congrats on 2 years. If I’m being really honest my dream is to stop letting fear stop me from “doing” the things I dream about. Thanks for being an inspiration!

xo ellie

Sara - I instagramed this giveaway!;)

Sam, Christen and Canaan - Congrats on a successful family business!! A dream I have that seems so crazy that I had forgotten about lately, until this post – to create some kind of service/website that connects families with women who come into pregnancy centers, plus a lawyer for each side, for an adoption. To kind of create a streamlined way of adopting through a lawyer, but not an agency, so it’s cheaper. Ha! We’ll see:)

Martha - My dream is to build our DIY business so we ,my husband and I would be able to live a little more comfortably. Am so happy that God has done well with your business. I pray that I will blog as happy as you. Thank you

Amy S. - To be happy…and I am well on my way.

Karenrn - after working 30 years in nursing and most of it peds, i have a dream of doing medical misson work. several of my nursing buddies go to haiti every year and i hope to make the trip with them this coming year. i don’t know if It is God’s dream for me but if it is all will work out.

Karenrn - added the shout out on my facebook page.

Angelique Scott - God has put on both mine and my husband’s hearts to do a medical missions with our children for them to see how much they should be grateful for as well as for us to help those in need of medical care. I love your signs, your blog & seeing how you & your family love the Lord! Thanks for the giveaway!

Angelique Scott - Shared on FB

Rachel French - God has laid it on my heart to go back to a more simple life.

Rachel French - Shared on IG too. :)

MStrong - God has placed the dream of being a talk show host deep within my heart. When I was 8, I would have my mom set up the camera so I could film my own show haha :) I am working in broadcasting and praying that dream comes to fruition!

Rebecca C - I would love to have my own home based business and live in a small house on a wooded lot.
radurr (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Sara - God absolutely called us into adoption. The best YES we ever said!

Sara - I love this dream!

Lisa - I adore animals and started my own business pet-sitting. I would love to be able to do this full-time as my only job!

Chrissie Grace - I’ve dreamt of licensing my artwork and sharing it with the world. I know if it meant to be it will be in Gods timing. I love your work and would love The You are my sunshine…

Chrissie Grace - Oh, and many congrats on your well-deserved success. Such a blessing❤

Brooke & Freeland - We’re totally dreaming of caring and fighting for orphans one day after my hubby finishes his residency. No idea how the Lord will flourish that dream yet (here or overseas or who knows?!) but its beautiful to see the desire he has given us and continues to be faithful to grow! Congratulations on 2 years! What a blessing.

Chinook Winds - What is my dream, good question I think I don’t know how to dream because I let “reality” hold me back. I do dream of life on a farm, of perhaps opening a bakery of serving others in Jesus name in an authentic way, opening my home and life in a way that is a blessing…

Chinook Winds - shared on facebook

Unknown - A dream that has been in my heart, has been a move to Hawaii. It’s been there for years. I feel that this is the Place that God has intended for us to live. I’ve tried to push it out of my thoughts, but when I consider someplace else, a commercial or something about Hawaii will come on tv, it reaffirms where he wants us.


Janie Fox - I love your signs and I love your heart. God put the dream in my heart to be a stay at home mom and my husband and I did all we could to make it happen. There were some tough years but we did it and I have never regretted that decision.

Brooke & Freeland - instagrammed it also! ;)

Flower Patch Farmgirl - A dream God has put on my heart is to meet you for dinner one day. :)


LOVE the work you guys do!

Victoria Strauser - A dream I have is to find more ways to share our gorgeous farm in southwestern WI with people who would love a little getaway on a farm! Love your signs and website!

Carrie Stephens - I dream of publishing a book, living at the beach, making a difference for Jesus in the world, and adopting from China. I can’t pick just one!

Amy Erpelding - My dream is to be a mom again. I have a beautiful little boy that I love and adore so much. But we just recently lost our little girl Ellie at only 3 days old. I know The Lord says he will give us the desire of our heart and my desire is to have more children to fill out home with love and laughter!! I dream of children and more children.

Amy Erpelding - I just shared the giveaway on facebook!

Stuff and Nonsense - beautiful art you make
and congrats on your milestone!

our new dream
is my husband’s calling
to be a campus pastor
for a new church venue

out of our comfort zone
and into the Father’s will

thanks for the chance to win!


Stuff and Nonsense - just Instagramed it!


the altered past - God has given me a dream to have a home (small or large) that people just want to drop by for a chat, to watch tv, or to just hang out. We live so far out (which was by choice 8 years ago) that we don’t have a “just drop by” location. I would love to be that home where everyone feels so welcomed and at-home that they don’t have any hesitation to just drop by.

Thanks for the giveaway!!

the altered past - I shared about the giveaway via Twitter…here:

Salena - I have a dream of adding another child to our family one day. I’ve had my heart set on another biological child, but recently God has opened my eyes to other opportunities for adding to our family. Nothing official has happened yet, but I do believe that I will hold another baby in my arms one day…

Mike and Sarah - God has told me to do what I can to help children everywhere! We all need to help in any way we can to make the future brighter for His children.

Autumn - A dream God has placed on my heart is to become a mom. Hopefully we’ll be able to fulfill that dream soon! :)

Tecia - My dream was to start homeschooling my middle schooled age daughter. This year it happen and we have enjoyed every minute of it. I dont know what next year holds and whether or not she will attend highschool but the time we were able to spend together hasis been amazing!

Nancy Carr - God put a dream of my being a minister with a focus on peace. At age 50 this came tome and the way was made for me to go to school. I was ordained in 2000. Love my life! Blessings

Nancy Carr - Shared giveaway on fb.

Tracy - I have always loved art…from crayons when I was little to photography 47 years later. I have always prayed that God would use my hands to glorify him and to expand his kingdom. One of my dreams is to become a better photographer. To show God’s beauty through my eyes.

Liz in Texas - My dream that God has put in my heart is my daughter. She is not my biological daughter(Angela 27) although it would never show. God brought us together in His perfect timing, she was just 16 years old. I also have an amazing son (Dustin 29).
I often tell the kids I cant recall which one of the two I actually gave birth to. I am so blessed with my kids!


tessie - The dream God put in my heart came true…a wonderful husband, healthy and happy children, a stay at home Mom.

Judy McPherson - My husband and I have been in the ministry for our whole career and will be retiring next year and moving to a new home, neighborhood, and city. As I was thinking about our ministry ending God revealed to me it isn’t ending, He has plans for me in our new neighborhood. I’m looking forward to His ministry in my new life, sharing His love. “To be used by God to show someone the way.”

Tricia - I’m so happy for you that you found something special that you love to do. Your signs are beautiful. The Sunshine sign calls out to me…that song has always held a special place in my heart.

I’ve always felt that God meant for me to do something with art. Even as a small child I would spend hours drawing…it made me feel so happy. After I graduated I drifted away from that I felt like I couldn’t find my way back, until I discovered photography that is. I really think that God lead me to it. xo

mindi jo - Gods recently put the dream in my heart to disciple and mentor college ages girls. And maybe even walk away from my comfortable job to teach at an Alternative Education school. Would love to see my favorite verse in Acts on a sign!

Cindy D - To become a Mom despite breast cancer!

Cindy D - Shared on Facebook too!

Kim B. - Hi Tara! My goal in life is to bless another family in need the same way my family has blessed us. I’m looking forward to the day I can pay it forward in the name of the Lord!

Heather - A dream of mine is to bloom abundantly where I am planted & bravely face any fears that will hold me back from what the Lord has planned to make me bloom!

The Flamm Fam - A dream God put in my heart was to adopt a child. (And we ARE adopting a little boy from Ethiopia.) :)

chris smiles - Within the last two weeks God has been working in my life to help me realize my dream! I have honestly been someone that has always been content and in love with the Lord and my husband and my little 3 year old man! A job possibility came my way and I believe it was the Lord building it and customizing it just for my family and I…I have been at the same wonderful job for 12 years so for me to change and take this leap…I know that God has it all in his plan….my dream is to love and be loved so much by my family and spend as much time as I can with them…I will be working from home and just cannot believe it!

Beth - My dream is to be the best mom I can be to my 2 little people…Love them so much. Thanks for the giveaway!

Beth - I tweeted about the giveaway.

s.duane - i’m already living my dream, having my family, being a mother. best thing i’ve ever done with my life by far. God has blessed me so.

Bethanie - My dream is to live each day for what the Lord has blessed me with and to not worry about what might happen tomorrow. I try and give it all to the Lord without taking it back from Him and continuing to worry. He always reminds me, “I’ve gotten you this far, havent I?!”

Bethanie - Im sharing this wonderful give-away on FB!

mumtotwo - My dream was to have a family and we did…2 beautiful girls adopted internationally. We are blessed beyond measure. The next dream I am working out.
Thanks Tara for the giveaway…

Katie - I love to go junking….my dream, of which I am trying to figure out how to make it happen, is to refurbish furniture and to collect various vintage pieces. I would then love to have a biannual sale at my inlaws farmhouse to share my love of junking with others.

Renée - I am at last redecorating my bedroom. For years it has been all about our children and the rest of our home. After my mom (and best friend) passed away 11 years ago, I was given her bedroom suit. I have been using it lovingly in memory of my dear mom, but also feeling so very sad when would look at it. And I couldn’t bear to part with it. I have decided to refinish/distress/paint some of it, and make it my own. I know that my mom would be happy knowing that her furniture will at last warm my heart and make me smile!

Thank you for the opportunity!

Renée - I just tweeted about the giveaway!

Julie - My dream has already come true…being a stay at home mom to six. Even though our children are now older, God has still blessed me with being able to stay home, be here for the kids, attend their activities, etc.

Thanks for a fun giveaway!

Grace - my dream- to reach the lost. i always thought it was going to be overseas, but here i am in vegas doing just that!!

ChRiS - love love love these signs……i just prayed to the sign fairy hope she heard me!!

Bronson Blog - I have always wanted a sign! My dream is to just raise kids that fall deeply in love with Jesus! My biggest prayer!

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