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trusting my story & the give away

I ordered one of these babies this morning. 
Paige has one, and Michelle, who makes them, is giving Paige’s readers a 20% discount this week.
I just wrote about how God is teaching me to love my story and not wish some parts could be rewritten.
If you get a chance, pop over and read what Paige had to say about trusting your own story.
But FIRST…go enter to win the “You Are My Sunshine” sign that I’m giving away tomorrow!!!!

paige - sweet friend!
we'll do a twinsies fist pump when we hook up in the classic city one day!!

Katie - Love that cuff! And the more I look at that mantle…the more I hope I win and plan to make a version of my own if I don't :)

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon - Love this!

Deborah - I've been thinking alot about trusting your story. I was at The Pearl Event II which reinforced the idea of trusting your story but you said something in this post that really hit home. There's always been parts of my story that I don't want. I'm not proud of or too hurtful to think about. But your statement that God is teaching you to love your story and not wishing some parts could be rewritten is meant for me. Thank you Tara.

I've also been thinking about the exact same bracelet you got and LOVING the "you are my sunshine"
sign. Hope I win but if I don't I think a see a birthday present from my husband in my future.

Benzoo - Love the bracelet and the sign is beautiful – Your blog is a little ray of sunshine :)

Ailene - Love the sign. . .it would look great on my mantel (rain or shine).

Tiffini Kilgore - I am going to have to go read..I just love story:)
and that cuff! I want one. Yes I saw you pinned it and I pinned off you
I am going next to see how much..I would love to have one
You and me…sign girls..word girls and I know we both love words that make
souls stronger
I love that about you:)
and I couldn't be more proud of YOU..I know your life is full and you pour your heart out
from that place of authenticity. We need real..we need storys to connect and I think that
is just one way God is using blogging.
Now I'm going over to email you….:)
lerve ya!

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