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Truly, Madly, Deeply grateful.

I can never tell you how much your love and prayers meant to me this week…such a sweet gift from the Lord.
Many of you are in your own hardships, and I want you to know I have prayed for you.
I have thanked God for each one of you!!

I want to give you an update on my MRI results and let you know what’s next for me.
My regular internist called me Friday afternoon to let me know that the MRI showed NO acoustic neuroma.
Praise God!!!!
However, he also informed me that he was quite frustrated because the ENT, who ordered the MRI, 
was so certain that I had the acoustic neuroma that he only ordered a partial brain scan on my right ear.

I’m so grateful the ENT was wrong with my diagnosis, but I’m afraid the journey isn’t over quite yet.

My internist wants me to see a neurologist this week and have another MRI
 to rule out anything else that might be causing my facial numbing.

So, where is my heart?
I won’t lie.  If I’ve ever had a harder week than this last one, I don’t remember it.
There was such a battle going on inside me.
I felt weak.  I struggled to trust. I was scared of all the unknowns.
 I felt alone even in the midst of family & friends {and the sweetest blogging community}.
I was caught off guard by all of it.  I questioned the hardship, as if I should be immune to it.
The enemy knew my weak spots, and he preyed on them until I felt enveloped in my fear.

I spent hours listening to worship songs and reading his word.
So many people prayed for me, and I honestly FELT held up in it and carried by it.
I recited his truth over and over and over and wondered if I’d ever have a breakthrough.

I went to bed Friday night overwhelmed at the thought of another week 
…of unknowns, another doctor’s office, and another MRI.
And, then Saturday came with it’s sunshine and new mercies.
The heaviness lifted…gone!  Peace, like a river, had come over me.

My heart is rejoicing.
 We spent Saturday with my parents and enjoyed a special hike today at the botanical gardens.
I praised God for being able to hear the birds chirping with my one good ear.:)

I’m truly, deeply, madly grateful for his peace that transcends my own understanding.
Hardship is awful when you’re in it,
 but He uses our struggles to build things in us that I’m not sure could happen without them.

Please continue to pray as I go into this week.
I want deeper trust, abiding peace, and I want to feel his presence with me.
I really, really, really want this next MRI to be CLEAR.

{thankful for}
741. prayers of the Saints.
742. His blanket of peace.
744. a loving husband.
745. a meal at my parents’ house.
746. a hike with Andy at the botanical gardens.
747. tulips from a friend.
748. daffodils from trader joes.
749. a treat bag from terri.
750. my precious friend who heard and came and prayed over me.
751. people who battle with me.
752. texts upon texts upon texts with prayers and His word.
753. friends who aren’t afraid to let me feel what I feel 
and who trust that God is big enough to teach me in the middle of fear and mistrust.
754. Jesus, who always comes to us and takes us to the father.
755. this’s bringing healing to my heart.

Lynn Richards - So, SO happy to hear your good news!!!!!!! Yaay! As I walk into my week of un-knowns myself, I will be reminded that I’m not the only one going through rough times and will pray for you! I will think of the new mercies we receive every day…just like my cuff from Becky says, “New Day. New Mercies.”
Blessings to you!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - Praise the Lord for your peace that passes understanding! I am praying for complete healing of your ear…and soon!

Laura @ Top This Top That - what!! how did I miss that something was wrong. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you have another MRI and celebrate a positive outcome!:)

Lemonade Makin' Mama - It’s amazing how much I can love you and we’ve never actually met in real life. I was wide awake at 4:30 AM my time on Friday praying for you and my other girlfriend who had apts on Friday too. My dear friends…
Both of you had good news.. but same story. Waiting and trusting while you wait for the next apt.

Marmee - A great big shout out to our Mighty God for granting you peace amidst the storm! Giving thanks with you for no acoustic neuroma! Praying you through the days ahead..for continued peace and trust in all that lies ahead and for God’s hand of favor to just rest upon you and your family!

Megan - I am so grateful that you had a weekend of beauty and refuge. Yay for dinners at mom & dad’s! And I love our Father who goes there with us, even in the lowest moments He is there. Continue to soak up that love all around you…praying for a better week for you sweet Tara!

Sharon - Health problems are hard enough when it’s one of our family members….but when it’s US…I think we struggle even more because WE are the ones that help others, and lift them up in prayer and do everything we can to get them through it. My prayers are with you, my Sister-in-Christ! Nothing is impossible with God! When we are put through the fire, we are made stronger. It’s very hard to stay strong when we are feeling the heat but know that you have many people praying for you! God Bless!

jerri - You & your art are such an inspiration to many. I will be praying for you and for the MRI results this week.

Lil Light O Mine - tara. praying daily and often for you. you are so very strong and so very LOVED!

Jboo - Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers too.


Little Cottage on the Pond - Thinking of you! Let that peaceful feeling follow you into your week :)

Glenn Davis - My daughter and I both have one of your signs in our home. They are a joy and a blessing for us. Prayers for you and your family from south Georgia.

Kim B. - Praying for you Tara!!

Melody - Tara I am praying for abiding peace, deeper trust and the touch of his presence with you. Also, for his healing hands to touch you. He is with you always, but as we go through our own hardships we begin to question that.
Always remember, He is more mighty and bigger than any problem we may face, turn your worries and cares over to him. Let him carry you through….
Your blog and signs are truly inspirational to me… Thank you for being you !!!!

T - Rejoicing along with you for the good news, and for His blessing of comfort and peace to you during these trials.

I will continue to pray for your strength, understanding and healing as He carries you through.

Sandy - Tara, prayers for a great week. May He give you the strength to handle any & all that lies ahead. He is all loving and giving. God bless you always! xoxoxo

Alicia - such a huge relief! singing praises for you!! hope this week is the opposite of last for you..

paige - was SO thrilled to find out your news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haven’t stopped praying for the upcoming MRI too.
love you friend
i love this post…you are precious to me…

Janie Fox - Continuing to pray for good news and for peace in your mind and heart. xoxo

Dear Lillie - Glad you hear it isn’t acoustic neuroma but will continue to pray for healing!

melissa s. - Praise Him!!!!

maureen - Praying daily for you and I just have such a peace that the results are going to be good! I don’t think this little bit of humor will be lost on you…as I was reading your post above, I misread “enveloped in my fear” as “enveloped in my EAR”. Surely you will get a chuckle over that! Maureen :)

Ginger - I’m praying for you, friend. I know it’s incredibly frustrating. I lost hearing in my right ear two years ago but didn’t have any facial numbing associated with it. My ENT also thought I had an acoustic neuroma and I had to have an MRI which came back clear. It turned out that I contracted a regular old virus and, on a fluke, it traveled to my ear. I have that constant high-pitched ringing in my ear and can’t hear anything out of it anymore. The ringing in my ear was enough to send me over the edge in the beginning. Being in noisy places and worshiping at church was incredibly difficult. Looking back, it’s amazing that I was able to adjust to it so quickly.

Trials like this are never wasted on people like us. God will use this to change you and those around you. Praying for healing and peace and JOY in the midst…

Tiffini - hello friend…know even in my busy you have been on my heart.
you have so many praying for are surrounded by angel armies
joining in continuing to pray for complete healing…grace and peace
love the new sign too…:)

Tiffini - hello friend…know even in my busy you have been on my heart.
you have so many praying for are surrounded by angel armies
joining in continuing to pray for complete healing…grace and peace
love the new sign too…:)
xo - So happy to hear the first MRI came out clear. Know that you are in my prayers also and that I certainly understand your plight.

I too have had moments of struggling, actually since last September. Sciatic nerve/back issues and a fully torn rotator cuff have had me out of work since then. There are the financial issues along with the emotional struggles of being in pain and unable to work to contend with, and I too look to God for guidance, patience and grace. He has over and over again shown me His grace and love…through moments, scenes, songs, and friends.

God Bless You and I’ll continue my prayers for you.


Cathy M~(checkitoff) - Tara, I am praying for peace as you undergo another MRI, and await the results of that test. Also, praying for relief from your symptoms as they sound very difficult to withstand. Happy to hear that you had a few good days and that you felt the many prayers that were uplifted for you. Hang in there, tough cookie, and please know that you are far from alone and that we are riding right along with you. hugs, cathy

20 North Ora - Will be praying for that second MRI. Praying for you also in the midst of this struggle.


~ Lisa ~ - I found your through My Sweet Savannah and am adding you to my favorites. I love, love, love your taste. I would also love to win one of your giveaways. :)

~ Lisa ~

Momx6 - Glad you got positive results on your MRI. First time I’ve read your blog. I really like your artwork, and enjoyed reading your blog!

Irene - I am eternally grateful to God for you. Had an accident in 2008 that brought a rib or two outta my spine but today He brings me outta every daily challenge a better person so ma’am it’s just a phase. Neh.4v14, Just Praise God madly and See our GOD AT PLAY! Hallelujah!

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