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Three years Since the Famous Red Sofa Picture…

Our daughter is the second one from the left…the one smiling.
There were four other families that traveled with us, and the other girls are their precious daughters.
This picture was taken at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China, where we stayed for most of our trip.
Three years ago today Lydia was placed in our arms.
She was born in our hearts and now ours forever.
I can’t believe it’s been three years.
She was 10.5 months old in this picture, and now she’ll be turning four in January.

She wants to be a momma when she grows up.
She tells me that a lot lately.
She wants to be one just like me, she says.
She wants two boys and two girls.

This sweet girl is confident.
and fun.
and silly.
and sweet.
and spicy.

She loves to practice her numbers and her letters and her coloring.
She can color freakishly good.
~like totally in the lines.

She loves her brothers and her baby dolls, deeply.
She loves to swing in the backyard.
She’s a mover and a shaker.
She wakes up wondering if we’re going somewhere.
She changes clothes three times a day, and I let her.
If you could see the outfits that she puts together, you’d let her too.

She wants to marry her daddy.
the first time she noticed my diamond ring and found out it was from daddy, she asked him to buy her one.
He bought her seven rings..they all came in a pack.
~One for every single day.
I’m pretty sure there will be a “real” ring for her before too long!

That day three years ago, when Lydia was placed into my arms, I was overwhelmed with God’s grace.
This child was hand picked by the God of the Universe…just for me.
and we were picked…just for her.

Julie Johnson - So beautiful! Lydia sounds a lot like our sweet Izzy. She was placed in my arms 5 years ago in Chongqing, China…and we treasure our red couch photo too. Every day I’m so very overwhelmed by God’s grace and the deepest love I have for my daughter.

gina3 - As an adopted child myself (although I’m older than you now), I can tell you from the child’s point of view that it’s as awesome for her as it is for you. I don’t really feel adopted although I kind of like it because it makes me special and grateful for everything. I love reading posts like this. Thanks for sharing it.

Tiffini - made me cry…a good cry…our God is beyond even wrapping our minds around..your story makes me love HIM even more today..thankyou

Kat - Heartwarming!!! What a beautiful post! You are all so richly blessed! I love that photo and the sweet expression on her face, it’s like she knew there were good things to come!

Dana - What a precious story! A match made in heaven….literally!!!
Blessings to your family!

Shannon - She is so beautiful and what wonderful happiness she has brought into your lives!

Cha Cha - As I write I am blinking back tears. I can’t come up with the words to tell you how meaningful this is. Thank you for the encouragement, God has a plan for each of us. Now the question is am I willing to do what it takes to let his plan happen.

God Bless,
Cha Cha

theelizabethhighsmith - i’m not too big of a weeper but that one got me, so sweet and so poetic my pastor preached on advent and Christ’s coming for us-adopting us, as Joseph adopted him, he encouraged adoption by all whether it was funding it or doing it. thank you for sharing your story and your sweet daughter with us! adoption is beautiful and that you’ve shown!

Janine - What an awesome testimony. Your little princess is so beautiful. I love how God knits family together. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful photo with us.

Farmgirl Paints - What a beautiful post. That smile on her face is so precious. Love that he bought her one for every day. That is just the sweetest thing ever!

Traci - So beautiful. We’ve been thinking about adoption, and I love hearing stories like this.

Rachel - So precious!!! :)Hugs,Rachel

Rie - Oh, how I love this post! I know I’m biased, but I just love adoption stories. She is SO SWEET and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

Janie Fox - *tears* love this post. I love that she loves her daddy and he got her 7 rings, sooo darn cute.
She is beautiful-Such a blessing!

GLENDA CHILDERS - Rejoicing with you at God’s gift of Lydia. The red couch picture is pricelss, as well as her love for you. Thanks for sharing.


Debby - What a sweet post. You both are so lucky to have each other. I think it is just wonderful that she wants to be a Mommy just like you and that she wants to marry her Daddy.

Theresa - What a beautiful post and a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing with us!

German - So dishy! Lydia sounds a lot suchlike our treat Izzy. She was placed in my instrumentation 5 period ago in Chungking, Dishware…and we art our red lounge pic too. Every day I’m so real overwhelmed by God’s goodwill and the deepest jazz I individual for my girl.

leather sofa

Playing Sublimely - Love this…oh how I love this! Our church just finished a series on adoption. How we are adopted into the family of Christ and how that should be reflected in our lives….great meassage!

Vanessa - What a neat picture. Your post made me teary eyed.

Lisa - Tara I can’t even stand of beautiful those baby girls are on that red couch. I love this post!

Megan - Beautiful Tara. What a gift! He is such a good God!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue - Your little one is adorable! Our baby girl will be five in March…it goes so fast!

JTay - Love this post. Such a beautiful picture of love God’s given us in the decision of adoption! She sounds like a sweetheart!

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