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Three new signs and some shop talk.

I’m so proud of my husband.  
We usually work on all of our new designs together, but he came up with these all on his own.
We’ve been talking for months about coming up with our own version of one of our favorite scriptures from Philippians 4:8, and I am in love with what he created.
I’m a total feeler, and I lead with my heart, 
but I’m learning not to trust my feelings as much because the heart is deceitful above all else. {Jeremiah 17:9}
When I’m feeling something that I can’t quite shake, and it doesn’t come close to agreeing with this scripture,
I recite this verse over and over until it does start to line up.
The process is getting easier, slowly but surely.
Anyway, can you see those darling birds on a wire?  Hope you love them as much as we do!
This famous quote is one of Mark Twains, and we feel like we’re constantly reiterating this to our children.
{And lets be honest. we’re always reminding ourselves, too.}
We’re adding a color swatch next to this sign in our Etsy Shop, so you can customize to a color of your choice.
 I think this green one is our new Mr. Awesome.

This is our version of a quote that’s been around for a long time and is in a few songs out there.
It’s just a bold statement, right?!  It kind of says it all.
Peace, Love and Happiness make the world go around.

We’re always adding new signs each new season.  It’s good to mix things up a bit and keep things fresh.
It seems that sign shops are a dime a dozen, and it’s okay because the world is a big ole’ place.
I’m pretty sure it can handle all of us.:)

 However, something we have learned is the importance of trying our best to not only celebrate other small business owners, but also respect their art and their designs.

I’m going to share a situation that happened to us recently that we are so thankful for, as we look back on it.
Our hope is that you all can learn from an accidental mistake that we made.

We got an email from a shop owner that we didn’t really know or recognize.
I’ll leave her name anonymous out of total respect for her.
 1.} because it’s the right thing to do and 2.} because she extended such grace to us.

In short, she sent us a picture of a sign that we’d made and informed us, ever so graciously,
that it was actually her original design.
The quote on the sign isn’t copyrighted, but her design is, so she asked us if we could remove it from our shop.

We completely understood and reached out to assure her that the sign is no longer available for sell.
It was all so unintentional, but we’re realizing in a lot of different areas in life that being unintentional can be just as damaging as being intentional when we cause pain or frustration to someone else.

We sure hope it helped her to know that we didn’t take the idea from her shop.
Someone actually emailed us a picture (not from her website) and asked if we’d make it for them.
It seems that several sign shops have copied her design and are making money off her amazing idea.

It’s important in any business to make it your own.
Your art needs to reflect who you are.
Listen, I’m no expert and I’ll say a hundred more times in this space…we’re learning by trial & error.
I hope you are learning, too, even if it is through our mishaps.

Social media has helped grow our business, so I won’t knock it one bit,
but we are determined to be more careful as a business to not copy or emulate someone else’s work, when we’re inspired by something we see out there in blogland or over at Pinterest.
It’s good to be inspired, but it’s wrong to benefit from someone else’s hard work and creativity.

If our sweet new friend, who sent us the email, is reading,
I hope you know how grateful we are that you reached out to us.
We have the utmost respect for you, and you taught us so much more than you’ll ever know!!

As we are growing,
 God is so gracious to teach us things that sharpen the integrity of our small business.
We promise to try our very best to honor all of the amazing, creative souls out there,
 while attempting to keep our products our very own.

I know lots of you friends in blogland have similar challenges.
 I’d love to know your thoughts on how you’re keeping your products true to you,
while being inundated with all the inspiration out there.

{thankful for}
724. God’s grace displayed through others.
725. lessons we’re learning in business, even if sometimes it’s a hard road.
726. God’s provision.
727. Andy’s creativity.
728. God’s word…thankful it exposes the deepest parts of my heart and shows me my ever-increasing need for Him.

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} - Thanks for your candor. I have always adored your signs, the shipping cost on the big signs has prevented me from ordering. I have looked elsewhere on Pinterest + Etsy-nobody makes the kind of quality signs that you and your hubby do. I really appreciate hearing your heart and integrity in this post(which I always knew was there all along). :)

Jennifer Rizzo - I think that’s the hardest thing about putting yourself out there,and there are so many growing pains with a business. I know I am constantly learning.

Empty Nest Full Life - Thanks for sharing. The new signs are great! God will honor you for the integrity, that you are showing in your business. Have a blessed day

Brenda - Thanks for your integrity. It is a blessing and refreshing to see. I love the new Phil. 4:8 sign. If I had money to spend I would buy it based on your integrity with this shop owner. Thanks for honoring God in your business and being a shining light for Him.

Michele - Love the new signs,and the creativty to some wonderful sayings. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Also such a great reminder of how we all need to learn to “play together nicely in the sandbox” there is room for everyone, but doing it with character and intergrity still matters. Thanks for the reminder.

Alicia - you are sweet. i think your signs are beautiful…when i get my new house…whenever that my be, a sign of yours is on the list!

Finding Home - Oh my, I so love the addition of the green sign! Take care, Laura

Barbara - What great additions, it would be difficult to determine that sort of thing glad you took the high road and have a clean heart. Can’t wait for my sign to arrive!
Have a great day!

Tiffini - you other half is gifted you know:) if i remember he sewed a pillow out of coffee bags for you:)
love them all.
love your heart girlie..
from one feeler to another….have a happy day

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