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Thin Places.

Blessed-between you and me

A thin place is where the veil that separates heaven and earth is lifted
and one is able to receive a glimpse of the glory of God.

I’ve always known that a thin place for me is nature.
Give me a mountain to climb or an ocean that stretches to infinity or a field of wild flowers or a trail to hike, and I feel as if I’m dancing with God. Held by him.

Lately though I’m realizing that another thin place for me is in living grateful.
I’ve spent so much of my life with Christ being tossed around by my circumstances…almost bullied.
There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re walking closely with God and trusting him, until life throws you an unexpected curve ball and you suddenly feel as if you might be ground to dust.

A long time prayer has been that God would teach me to trust his goodness no matter what comes my way.
…to experience his grace and glory in the midst of broken places, too.

A dear friend’s husband lost his job 6 months ago. She says it has been the hardest thing they’ve gone through together, yet they’ve grown. They’re stronger than they were before this happened.

Another dear friend has just completed 5 of her 6 chemo treatments for cervical cancer. She has walked this road with such grace. Not one time have I heard her doubt God’s goodness. In fact, she says there was a moment early on in her diagnosis that she wanted to ask why her, but she heard God whisper, “Why not?” Her perspective challenges me on every level.

And yet another friend is walking a road so terribly hard with her family that there aren’t words to share here. At night, the darkness closes in on her and she feels like she might be swallowed whole.
She’s walking a road no one wants to ever walk, yet she is learning to say It Is Well With My Soul.

All around us people are suffering trials of many kinds, yet they have joy because they know that we are not blessed by our circumstances. We are blessed to know Christ in his death and resurrection.
Our hope reaches beyond our changing circumstances.

Yes. This is a new thin place for me..this living grateful.
I’m embracing a grateful heart and praying I always see glimpses of his glory in every circumstance.

What are your thin places? Where do you see his glory and feel like his presence is almost palpable?

Lisa - Love the idea of a thin place. My thin places are true, sincere, knee rubbing prayer, definitely nature, and interacting with others. Seeing, hearing, knowing of their goodness for one another makes Him more real to me.

Lori H - Gorgeous places in nature, yes, but also just a perfect Fall day. Or a cold, crisp morning walking my dog; a beautiful sunset; funny cloud shapes to giggle over. I feel God so close then. Also when I read a Bible verse followed closely by a real world example, it is like He is saying, “see?”. Thanks for this post.

Kimberly VanDyke - So many are hurting but not letting their pain dictate their relationship with God. He is our source. I love this article. For me, there is nothing like the ocean, open, wide, magical…the music of water on the seashells, sounds like bells sometimes. The thin place for me really is when I am surrounded by worship. The songs of total admiration for Him. This usually happens in church but there are times when I have worship music on in my home that you just feel totally wrapped in His arms of grace. Worship is the place I go for peace. Knowing, All Is Well, even when circumstances seem to say something opposite.

Jackie - Nature would be that place for me as well. When I am sitting and watching the ocean brings a peace and closeness that is hard to describe. Needing to hear this today. Last year was one where I was constantly tossed by circumstances, this year I want to cling to HIM more than ever before.

Kris - When I stopped asking Why is when I received His answer. Again another really turbulent year with pain and sorrow, this time I accepted. I have been feeling the call and now in the process of finding a place to serve Him and teach my young child. The beauty in the sightline between the blue of the ocean and where it meets sky, I could just look at that forever-it is where I feel the closest to Him and I feel at peace.

Peggy - I see His glory in this beautiful post. Thank you for sharing and reminding us to live a life of gratefulness through Him.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I read this and I want to shout, “HERE too!” Amazing how different things bring us low… low before His throne. I am in this amazing place of hope and joy these days because of humbling circumstances and life changes and I can’t imagine going back to where I was before- unaware and not blissfully so. I thought it was “all good.” But it hadn’t been tested yet. I know a whole lifetime of testing lays before me but I am trusting in the plan and living grateful too. Love your heart sweet friend. We seem to be on the same page so often. I say that to Becky all the time too. Love that God has placed such amazing women on this path with me.

tiffini - i know…all the hard stories being written out all around us. it is so hard. sometimes i makes me want to roll mine all back up and keep them to myself–but that withholds hope and comfort from others
i want to fix them..heal them
take it away
but i can’t. but we do know One who can comfort so i pray for that
my thin place this year has been this road of surgeries. making the decision to have my colon removed…the WHOLE change of life that has ensued. the constant battle of not liking this bag at ALL! to being grateful for the miracle of remain teachable through it all…and yes..the being grateful through it
love you….xoxo

Melissa shepard - Oh tara!! This is Sooo good. You write so beautifully! I’m certain you made A’s in literature class :). I guess I would have to say when I see a rainbow!! Takes me back to that childhood Bible story.. of that promise…. That He never breaks. His word is FULL of promises.. we just have to read and believe……..One more question off the subject.. i noticed you said you get y’all’s boxes from lowes…we make pic frames in the spring..i have trouble finding boxes that are not too deep..i thought lowes just had big deep moving boxes????When you have time could you please share about that size? Thanks so much… and thanks for a post today that I needed…

Irene - Thin Places… The vast surrounding appearing unsurmountable situations around me leads me into a strange Praise that pours out Heaven onto me: the Hosts and their LORD our Christ; Jesus! I simply command my body to praise the LORD despite the challenge even in near death or grave situations…since the LORD loves riding on the wings of our Praise… Hallelujah!

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