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The Springified Mantle

With temperatures hovering near 80 today in Georgia, I thought it was time to springify our mantle.
The only thing I bought were the flowers from Trader Joes.
Green and yellow are some of my favorite colors in the spring, and it doesn’t get better than daffodils.
I think it took me ten minutes to spruce it up…easy decorating is my friend. 
Have you added spring touches to your mantle?
Leave me a comment with a link to yours so I can check it out!

visit The Lettered Cottage for tons of mantle inspiration!

Barbara - This looks so darn cute very fresh, sadly I have not, it started to rain in Nor Cal :(

paige - just bought a few whosyourdaddy ferns. i mean seriously. 80? what's going on in georgia. we're going to die a slow death come july…and august….
your springifiedness is glorious

slip4 - Love that green owl! And the rest of the mantle is pretty too :)

Lulu and Co. - fresh and spring happiness all around!

GLENDA CHILDERS - so cheery and full of spring.


Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse - Love the green & yellow. It was 78* & beautiful (all the way) up here today. I keep thinking one of these days we're gonna get a 32 degree reminder that it is still winter.

Kristi - I love your spring mantle!! The little green owl is adorable! My mantle currently has a lot of dust on it!! ;)

Judith - How lovely, this touche of spring!

Despite of the grief I feel for the children of our hometown, who are the victim of the terrible busaccident in Switzerland, I also added a subtle touche of spring(Easter) in my home… You can see it on my blog:

Love to see you on my blog,

Megan - Oh that owl! LOVE your mantle and that flower basket! Thanks for the reminder to go get my springy things out!

Tiffini Kilgore - i am laughing and mantle? right now?
has a tv on it and a new lamp we bought at the sale last month and
oh yeah
gotta do something about that..maybe for a summer mantle:/
yours is simple and lovely…organic and spring"y"

Just Jennifer - Ugh, so cute! I don't ever change my mantle but I think I need to! I have a random bean pot that's gorgeous and white, wonder if it would look at cute as the pitchers do? ;)

Inspire Me Heather - Your mantle is beautiful and you've really got a lovely blog here, I love your photography!!

Empty Nest Full Life - Love the little green owl!

Michelle Stone - i did add some things this weekend but i know that if i took a picture of them, it would never turn out like your pics :) love living out in the country now, have a bunch of flowers blooming everywhere. you need to come for a visit :)

Katie - To answer you question…NO! I haven't touched our mantle since we moved in in November :( I can't seem to find the inspiration with the stuff we have and have to wait until I start working to buy/thrift anything! Maybe this week some stuff will stick out at me? Hope so!

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