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The picture and the post go together, I promise.

Okay.  I’ve got some major updates to give you.
Our house sold.
It took about two weeks at the super-duper low, low, low, price that we reduced it to.
Imagine me screaming YIPPEE in my best Jessie the cowgirl voice.
Love that it sold..Hate that we lost all of our equity.
But, totally trusting God.
He is such a wonderful provider. 
For real.
So, remember, we’ve been living in another family’s house for the past 5 weeks.
We are totally inspired by this sweet family and their generosity. 
Their openness to share their home has been contagious in our hearts.
Kingdom Living at it’s best.
But, we’re ready to…
sit on our sofas.
eat on our dishes.
play our boardgames.
get our clothes out of our closets.
eat dinner at our kitchen table.
watch tv again.

We found a rental house that we are moving into on Friday.
We’re painting every night this week so that we can be finished by move in day.
We’re covering up the…
pink living room.
two shades of orange dining room.
yellow kitchen.
mint green half bath.
bright yellow master bedroom & bathroom.
darker mint green kids bathroom.
pink kids bedroom with teal green trim.
white kids bedroom with a huge purple wave around the center of the room.
{purple wave that was painted with puff paint, and I’m not kidding.}
My motto.
“Too much of a good thing is not a good thing!”
This house has way too much color.
So, out with the color and in with the neutral.
Clean and crisp works for me.

I look forward to showing you pictures of the before and afters.
I’m determined to enjoy renting.

Oh! The picture in the post….
I am sooooooo adding collections of things to the tops of my armoirs.
Love that look.
It feels warm and cozy and inviting.

If you want to see how others have added some warm and cozy to their homes,
go here and here.

{thankful for}
60.  a husband that leaves work to go paint a rental house.
61.  watching my kids have a dance party with Stephanie’s kids.
62. sleeping children.
63.  supplements that are making me feel better.

{molly beth} - Congrats on your house selling! That is so awesome!!! My husband and I are moving in December, I can’t wait for a new adventure!!!


Lissa - hey sweetie… I can’t tell you how exhausted I am after stripping my fireplace all day. And now I know you’re working hard too. I can’t wait for you to have tv. I really like the pioneer woman’s show if you get the food network. and Hawaii 5-O is my fave show too. Have fun making your house a home! You’re sooo good at it! oh and you are so blessed that your house sold… unfortunately we’ve all lost our equity… whaa.. thank goodness we know where our help comes from and it’s not in our moolah. :) - I absolutely hear you. You will forever be grateful for your own place to use your own things.

jessica - Congrats on your house selling!! Have fun repainting & moving!! God is good isn’t He?

It's me - Wowwwww that is great news darling !! congratulations !!!!!…love from me…xxx…Ria…

paige - can’t wait to see how you turn this new house into YOUR home!!
such a good mama

Farmgirl Paints - so happy for you girlie. praise God your house sold. that is something to really whoop and holler about!! thanks for the shout out:)

Debby - Good news about selling your house. More and more are selling hoping that is a good sign. But, I know that they are selling for less than they should. Hopefully in the long run it will still be a good thing.
Excited to see your new home.

Tiffini - rejoicing with you..our Father is SO good isn’t He? He is good even when circumstances are not yes?:)
I, for one, cannot wait to see how you love your little rental alive. It will be perfect for this season of your lives. Happy to be a part of your story today..

Lulu and Co. - Hip hip hooray for the sale of your house and double happiness for paint….can’t wait to see the new and improved color scheme!!

Erin - What a fun update!! Excited for you! And so glad your landlord is letting you paint your new place!

Katie - praise the Lord!!!

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