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The Country Living Fair..finally!

My head is finally above water.  I’m exhausted from our Country Living Fair weekend, and I’ve got bags under my eyes to prove it!

We spent all day Thursday setting up our booth.  Andy and I worked together to come up with the design, but he did most all the work of creating it.  He made the entrance out of reclaimed wood and then built some plank walls to hang as many of our signs as humanly possible.  The other vendors around us were absolutely wonderful.  There were 3 ladies from Missouri on one side of us.  They all had 2nd homes on Lake Michigan, and I’m pretty sure they convinced us to add that destination to our bucket list.  Some of the vendors {a lot of them!} do a hundred shows per year.  They swore it would get in our blood.  I assured them it wouldn’t.

It was an amazing weekend…filled to the brim with sweet conversations, amazing hand-crafted goodness and delicious food.

I got to meet so many people…I’d say this was definitely the highlight for me!  People are my passion.  There were so many conversations in three 8 hour days.  I won’t share every one of those with you, but just know that standing and talking and hugging and sharing stories was the BEST part for me.

*I got to meet Megan, who came in to Atlanta to visit her family and come to the fair.  We’ve connected for a few years through blogging, so it was so wonderful to hug her neck finally!

*A sweet instagram friend came by…I was admiring her gorgeous bracelets, and she took one off and put it on my arm.

*I also got to see Laura from Top this, Top that and I finally got to meet Beth from Unskinny Boppy!

*Paige stopped by on Sunday afternoon…she lives in the area, so the fair was basically in her backyard.  She’s got those 4 gorgeous daughters, and I was thrilled to get to meet her 2nd oldest daughter, Madison.

*We met a couple from Atlanta who had just married off their 4th child that weekend.  That sweet daddy cried a few times as he showed us pictures from the wedding.  Ends up, they go to Gwinnett Church, which is another strategic church of North Point Ministries, like our church.  It was sweet how the Lord  connected our hearts.

*Two sweet cousins stopped by our booth to browse around, and we ended up showing pictures of all our kids to one another.  One lady was from Arizona and one was from Kentucky, but they met in Georgia to go to the fair together.  The one from KY saw Lydia’s picture and tears ran down her face as she shared her heart for adoption.  I think those three little boys of hers are gonna make the most amazing big brothers to a little girl somewhere in the world.

The food…my body is paying for all that food I ate, but it sure felt worth it when I was piling it in!

Best BBQ.  Best cole slaw.  Best baked potato soup. Best sweet tea.  The only thing I wanted that I never got was a funnel cake…I want to go on record saying that I feel sure the weekend is a little incomplete because I didn’t get one!

I could blow your computer up with the pictures I took, but I’d never want you to be as overwhelmed as I was,  so I’ll just show you some of my favorites from the weekend.  I loved the booths with vintage finds, but the booths that had hand-crafted items were my favorite.  There is something so amazing about meeting the artisans who spend their days creating for other people.  I’d prefer a handmade item any day of the week over something bought at a big box store.








These are my people!  Our kiddos are all the same age, and most of us are on staff together at our church.  I don

This booth is one of my favorites.  Every year I wish there was a way I could fit one of their amazing creations in our house.  The pictures really don



Megan - What a joy to my heart that we finally connected in person. You are adorable and I would know you anywhere. Who you are on your blog is exactly who you are in the flesh. I wish we lived closer and could go for a walk or grab a coffee every week. The good news in that I am in ATL a few times every year, so we will have to make a date the next time I am in town. Your booth was hands down one of the best! How did sign sales go? You two looked busy!

p.s. I don’t think you missed anything with the funnel cake. My mom and I shared a table with some ladies at lunch and they were complaining about it not being good.

D'Nese - Hi Tara-
I tried to email you using your email link on your blog and it came back that it couldn’t be delivered. I had a question regarding a custom sign. Is there another email to reach you?

paige - you got some great product shots girl & ya’ll booth was fabulous!!!! love to see how the lord continues to bless you through your art!

barbara - My head is spinning what a wonderful place love that you go to meet Cari, love her letters.

bethanie - How wonderful to finally meet you! I look at my beautiful piece of art and smile at the memory of meeting you and Andy. Your genuine sweet spirit is such a blessing, and I cannot wait to meet for lunch some day! I loved following along on IG to see who showed up at your booth next! So much fun!
Blessings my sweet friend! PS. So glad you’re enjoying your bracelet :)

Leah - Tara!!!! So I don’t get on pintrest that often but I did this morning and saw your pic of the pumpkins stacked…and I thought…hey…that looks like the fair!! Come to find out I have been following you and your awesome self forever on Pintrest! HA! What a small world. Your signs spoke to my soul…and talking with you was like talking with a dear friend. You are an amazing person and I am so glad I met you in REAL life!!
Hugs from Az…


Jackie - It was so good to meet you. You are just as lovely in person as you are when I read your blog. Your signs are awesome, and the booth that you all put together was amazing! I am definitely making one of those little wreaths that you made and one of the strings of pom poms too. You snapped some pics of a few goodies that I missed. Already looking forward to next year. I can’t even begin to imagine how tired you were after 3 days. 1 day exhausted me but it was a great day.

Tracy - Wow looks like an awesome time…might have to make a trip down there some year!!!

Lisa - Tara-
My cousin Leah (from AZ) just found your blog and shared the link with me. I went to the fair with my deareast friend in no way expecting to make new friends. I share your passion for people. I think that is what we all felt- a true, sincere love for God’s children. Leah and I both talked today and said meeting you was one of the highlights of our trip. Can’t really explain why and don’t want to try. Just instant connection and love. Thank you for being such a loving, sparkling person.
Love, Lisa
Feel blessed you escaped the funnel cake. I had four little bites and felt like I was literally drinking grease. Blehk!!! :)

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - girl that was amazing. I am bound and determined to get to one of these. now that I’ve hit the rose bowl flea, this is next on my flea market bucket list…oh and then the round top one in texas!! so proud of you and Andy. I know you worked HARD!!!

ellie - awww. that was a fun little tour – thanks! love all the home made items as well.

xo ellie
ps fun to see cari <3

Christy - I need to put that fair on my bucket list! Everything looks like my cup of tea. I love handcrafted things as well. It made my heart smile one time years ago when my friend described my husband and be as ones who support and prefer the “mom and pop” places over the big box stores. Glad you had so much fun!

Aimee Weaver - I was wondering how the fair went for you! Your booth looks gorgeous! What a great idea to use old wood to hang your signs on. I’m driving myself nuts getting ready for a smaller local fair (I’ve never done one before), but the CL faire looks like it would have been a ton of work but also so much fun meeting all those people. Hopefully you are recovering this week! :)

laura - You and andy are the real deal. I am so happy to see you guys and have some time to talk to you. Love my signs.

mary beth - i didn’t want the pics to end~~
you got some great shots.
crack up alert:
“i assured them it would not”

Brandy - Hi, I got to meet you at the fair on Sunday! Well it is my weekend ritual of blogs and coffee and I just wanted to say how thrilled I was to meet you! I love you blogs and your signs. Have a good week.

Sue Richardson - Hi!
I know you are exhausted!! Thanks for sharing this. Do you have any signs left or did you sell out? I don’t want you to work – just rest. But if you have anything, I need a sign for my beach house. Thanks, Sue

Jalana Jennings - Hey Tara~
Don’t know if you remember me but I am Tricia Barrett’s sister in law. She is here for Thanksgiving & was telling me about your blog & I told her I think I already know it but did not know it was you!
Love your signs & blog! I wanted to go to the Southern Living Festival but my daughter had a tournament. Anyway its so good to find you! Hope you all are doing great! <3 Jalana Jennings

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