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It is a beautiful thing to experience God’s love through his people. It’s life changing.
Not everyone can bear the weight of our stories, but there are those friends in our lives who allow us in and offer to come into the most sacred places with us.

They see the beauty of our brokenness…they remind us that God is able to bring beauty from the ashes.
When our eyes get fixed on our brokenness, they are the people who turn our eyes back to Jesus, our true help.
They allow us to expose ourselves, our hearts, our souls.

They appreciate the beauty of who God has made us to be.
They’re not threatened by or afraid of our weaknesses. They can handle our imperfections.

When we don’t feel “enough” in motherhood or marriage or in our careers, they remind us that we’re not enough. And, they carry us to the one who is more than enough.

When we forget how to dream for ourselves, they dream for us until the fire in us is ignited again.
They call out those things that God put in us that shine bright.
They aren’t threatened by our gifts..our gifts inspire them. They celebrate who he has made us to be.

These dear friends refuse to let us wear masks to protect ourselves.
They aren’t afraid to have scary conversations, and they’re willing to help us let down our guard.
They urge us to let ourselves be seen.

Brene Brown reminds us that the people who love us aren’t cheering for our freedom from the stands.
No. They’re inside the arena with us battling for our freedom. They won’t stop until Jesus has set us free.

In Luke 5, there was a man who was paralyzed, and he needed Jesus to touch and heal him. The crowds were surrounding Jesus, and the man’s friends couldn’t find a way to get the man in front of Jesus, so they carried him to the roof and dug their way through it until they could lower their friend down. They carried him to Jesus, and he was healed.

Do you have people that are in the arena battling beside you and with you for your freedom?
Are you doing that for someone in your life?

I’d love to hear your stories…

* The beautiful church painting was painted by my sweet & talented friend Jackie.
She is a friend who has stepped into the arena with me and has allowed me to step into the arena with her.

Corinne - such beautiful words..thank you for this post…
is was just what I needed and so very encouraging!
I’m new to your blog, but I can tell I’ll be at home here!
God bless,

Janie Fox - You made me cry. I am so blessed to say I have these people. God knew who I needed and he sent them. Love this post. And her painting…fab!

ashley - Does your friend sell the church paintings? Would she? I love it!

Jackie - I’m so thankful you’re in my arena; I’m honored to be in yours. I love you, my dear friend!

Amy Avery - This is such a beautiful post Tara and one I really needed today. It always amazes me how your posts speak to my soul, not because I don’t truly believe you are a fabulous writer, but that the timing for my feelings and the way God uses your gifts and talents through writing and sharing here is so in sync. I am so blessed by you Tara and I hope one day I will meet you in person to be able to express my gratitude. Thank you for sharing this today!

Kelly Cach - HOLY CUTENESS!!! The sweetest reminder of His love in a little framed church.

Sandy - Tara, you are so inspirational. I love your blog, and I love your spirit. Your family is beautiful and such a blessing! xoxo

Barbara - Love this we all need to friend and be friend this wsy. That painting is so beautiful.

Lynn Richards - What a wonderful post.
I have to say I am immensely blessed in this arena. We have been in Bible Study off and on for ages with a group of four families and have been in each other’s arena for over 20 years.
Whether we are in study together or not, we have all come back together to fight for each other in the different arenas of child rearing, aging, moving, life transitions, illness, brokeness, you name it.
We spend holidays together, plan our children’s weddings together and are now welcoming grandchildren into the arena.
Thanks for this blessed reminder!

Starr - Oh goodness. Grateful to TEARS for good friends in my life for the last 10 years or so. My heart is tender toward women who are struggling and lonely – such a hard thing when you SO want friends, but for whatever reason relationships aren’t coming easily. As a newlywed when my husband was in Bible School and I was in graduate school I felt like such a fish out of water. I wasn’t connecting with his Bible school classmates but also pretty far removed from my graduate school peers. God did some great things in me and in our marriage during that time…but it was still so tough! To anyone struggling to make those connections – keep trying!! Keep loving people and investing and eventually those sweet, natural connections WILL come!

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