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Teen Room Makeover

I was the college student who changed her major 5 times before settling on Child and Family Development.  Somewhere in the mix was a degree in interior design.  It’s always been an interest of mine.  I was the little girl who asked for new bedding and fresh paint on the walls for her birthdays.  I was also the teenager who rearranged the furniture in our house during the summers, while my parents were at work.

My dad thought interior design seemed like a wasteland of a degree.  If you’re a designer, don’t be offended.  This is the same man who doesn’t change things ever, unless they’re broken.  He also still wears tennis shoes from twelve years ago.  No worries.  Reading this wouldn’t offend him in the least because he takes great pride in living a simple life.

So, where was I?  I think I was sending out a disclaimer that I make no claims to be a designer.  However, I love helping people figure out how to make their homes a refuge and how to make their homes function for them.  What’s the saying?  Have nothing in your home that isn’t both useful and beautiful.

With all that said, my dear friend Julie asked me to help her figure out her style and help make it happen in her home.  We started with her daughter’s room.  Laura Scott is a senior in high school and wanted her room to feel a little older.

Her walls were more of a baby pink, which you’ll see in the before shots below.  She really wanted to keep pink walls, but she wanted a different shade, so we picked two other pinks…a super light pink that feels more airy, and a darker pink to bring a little pop to the room.  Her room is actually converted attic space, so it’s a very large room with weird ceiling angles.



I knew from talking with Laura Scott that she wanted twin beds in the space, and she wanted to have a desk area to do her homework at every night.  Her mom also showed me all the artwork that Laura Scott had created throughout her years in school.  This family has hearts the size of Texas, so I knew finding a way to display her artwork would make all their hearts happy.

Here are a few after shots for you to see…First up is the gallery wall that we mentioned. As you first walk in the room, there’s a super long wall that needed something pretty dramatic. We filled it with her most treasured art pieces from Kindergarten to present.  I think the lion’s head is my favorite! She’s a fantastic volleyball player, and her number throughout highschool has been #13.  We found those metal numbers at Scott’s Antiques in Atlanta!




These next shots are of her new desk area.  Laura Scott is truly one of the nicest teenagers I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know.  She loves people and her life is surrounded with friends.  I wanted to display some of her favorite pictures taken throughout high school because relationships are so important to her.





And last…her twin beds with their classic white bedding from Tar-Jay and some extra pillows to add some color. You have to really look to see the wall behind her beds…that’s the darker shade of pink that we chose.  




It really wasn’t hard at all to make just a few changes that made a huge impact.  We shopped my house and found the headboards for her new twin beds, we painted her desk and her bedside table a fun peacock blue, we picked up new bedding, and we bought a handful of accessories to tie it all together. It’s amazing what a difference it has made to divide the room into areas and then finish them out with accessories.

It was so much fun that we’ve decided to move our way through the rest of the house over the course of this next year. Julie has such a tremendous heart for her family and for opening their home up to others. It’s so beautiful to see her figure out what her style is..what makes her heart smile. I think it has surprised her to see how easy it is to make changes in each room that truly reflect who she is and who her family is together.

We’re working on the family room now and then we’re going to give her other three kids new rooms during the Christmas break. Shhhh, they don’t know! After we finish those up, we’re going to tackle their dining room and their master bedroom. I’ll be sure to show you the before and afters so you can see how attainable it is!

Laurin Stevens - Tara, what a fabulous job! I know LS has to be so excited to hang out in her new room! Way to share your gift for making a great space!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh my gosh I feel GIDDY!! First of all I didn’t go to college, I got an “MRS.” degree. :) BUT had I gone… it would have been interior design all the way. Still think about getting a degree in that. Love it so much. I also changed my room and house all the time. Loved that!! We are kindreds, you and I. Already knew that.

LOVE what you did here!! Just a ton of sweetness and when I said I was giddy I said that because you said there is more to come! I can not wait to see it all.

Jenny - Looks so inviting. What a fun project. You definitely have a style for simple, warm and personable. Super cute, Tara.

Megan - You are a great friend! What a neat space for this young lady. As an art teacher, that gallery wall is my favorite! How cool is that lion??!!

Starr - No disclaimer needed…you are TOTALLY a designer, friend! And my favorite one at that! Can’t wait to see the subsequent posts. Exiting!!!

Kelly Cach - Oh, Tara! This shows what a big, giving heart you have. Really, what a gift you are to your friend. And what a dream come true for her, I’m sure….to have someone so willing to physically HELP with decorating. It’s one thing to inspire people with pictures and suggestions, but to have you actually dig in and do the work has to motivate and excite her all the more. If any of my local friends are reading this, by chance do any of you have a heart for service with a side of interior design? Just let me know and I’ll get ya my address ;)

And I gotta say, I laughed OUT.LOUD at the thought of you rearranging while your parents were gone ….Hahahaha, caught my funny bone!

I’d hire you in a heartbeat, Tara….as a designer AND a friend :)
Bless you for using your gifts.

Jackie - Fantastic job, lady! It looks great.
And it’s SO fun for me to see that artwork over the years up on the wall! :)

melissa shepard - LoVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had that knack! What a talent.

Kourtney - What a beautiful job you did! As the beneficiary of your design skills, I can say that I know how blessed their family is!

Susan - How cute!!! Love the make-over that you all did! I really love the artwork that you incorporated on that huge wall. Great idea!

Christy - LOVE it!! I bought the same twin bedding for my little one a couple of weeks ago. :) I wish you could come down here to help me with my tween’s room and my room too. I bought paint to paint the whole downstairs the other day when it was 40% off. Now to figure out when I’m going to fit in the actual painting part!

Deanna - This looks so good! I really like those headboards – you guys are so creative! Also, curious about where you found the framed bulletin board. I was eyeing one similar from Ballard Designs to go over my console table by our mud room, but it’s $80 – yikes! Do you know of a cheaper option?

Flower Patch Farmgirl - You had me at gallery wall.
Well done, T.

Courtney - sooo awesome! you did a great job!!

Mindy - I love this room and I bet the lucky girl you designed it for does too!

Mindy - I love this room and I bet the lucky girl you designed for does too!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - that’s a fabulous room. a BIG room! lucky:))) love the bedding. and the letters and the art!! well done friend.

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