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here’s the short of the long.  our boys asked us if they could share a room, and we gladly accepted their proposal because they are as different as night and day and for them to want to share a room together is nothing short of an absolute miracle.  we got back from visiting family in georgia for 10 days and started making the switch the next day. 

lydia had two twin beds and seth had a queen size bed so we just switched them.
i scored everything i needed at target this time.
soft white sheets and the shabby chic bedding for her…
soft white sheets and two comforters for them.
and those lamps in the boys room…target.  i love them.  really, really love them.
i used the colorful shams and one of her quilts to add the perfect punch of color to her white…
and all the pillows off seth’s queen size bed got divided between the boys two twin beds.
i divided seth’s closet down the middle and gave one side to him and the other to luke.

the only thing left to do is figure out lydia’s headboard.  any suggestions?  help a sister out.
and, i’m on the prowl for a  huge mirror that i can paint to go above her english pine chest…the dollhouse needs to come down, but it works until i find that perfect mirror.

oh.  almost forgot to tell you what i’m doing in luke’s old room.
we’re making it the guest room/play room.
all of the boardgames and bins of toys got organized and put in his closet.
my husband found an armoir for $10 a few months ago and we painted it and distressed it and put it in there.  oops.  i did it again.  i said “we” painted it and distressed it.  it was really just him.
i’ll show you pictures when we get closer to finished!

Shannon - It looks great and I can’t believe you found those lamps at Target. I hope I can find some at our Target :)
Looking forward to the new guestroom/playroom pics.

Cha Cha - Man you guys have been busy!!!! Both room turneed out beautiful, wait is that okay to say about a boys room? Any way great job. My girls shared a room until recently and we seperated them, but they still sleep together most nights. I think sharing a room at night with someone bonds you in a very specail way, I love to go in at night and see both of my blessings curled up asleep, and in the morning hear the giggles coming out of there before they do, you will treasure this time with them together as will they. Hope you are staying cool in sunny FL

Cha Cha

McCarthy Designs - Both rooms look great. I love the walls in your daughters room and the pastels look lovely and balanced nicely with the white. The lamps in the boys room are awesome! Great job. xx

vintage tickled pink - i have a long pink mirror thats ornate on the top that would look too cute over her bed! either that or a long chippy white mirror! she could hook some little pink balerina slippers on the top or whatever her fave is! diane smooches

Farmgirl Paints - Looks great!

DustyLu - It came out perfect! I love it! So cute! ~lulu

LuLu - Love the switcharoo!! It looks sooo good. Thank you for my much need morning push to get my act together and start getting to my much needed projects! Have a great day,

paige - looks like the switcheroo turned out perfect.
i love her striped room & all the treasures on the dresser, so cute
& the letters above the boys room are a great touch!
good luck on the mirror & headboard.
i love a slipcovered monogrammed one myself!

blondiensc - Everything looks so great Tara, love the stripes on the walls and the boys room is perfect for them…that must have made your mommy heart swell when they asked to share a room!! How about a vintage iron headboard in your little girls room??

Megan - I love those dressers and have always wanted a room with two twin beds! Looks great! I too have been hunting for a big mirror for my daughter’s room. Haven’t found it yet. Good luck!

Susan Tipton - How about some sort of upholstered bulletin board for above her bed? Or if she does artwork- paint a bunch of frames to match and hang some of her work?

mary katharine - How do you do this??? Okay, if you ever visit Randel, you’re staying an extra day and walking down to my house and helping me out!!
Great job!! :)

JadeLD - Wow they want to share? My sister and I shared for years and we would have given anything to have separate rooms! We even divided the room up with a line of scarves and each one had to keep the their own side! When we were offered separate rooms we were overjoyed even though my room was so much smaller it was great to have my own space and less fighting! We get on really well now though!

Lissa - I am so ready to do Emma’s room! It’s not that cute yet. I have to save some money first. I love those lamps from Target. I saw them recently and thought to myself, “those are going to fly out of here.” and sure enough I’ve already seen them on 2 blogs. Have a lovely day. I don’t have a lot of advice for kids rooms because that’s the one area I’m not very good at, yet. ;)

Kristi - They look FANTASTIC!!!! And I LOVE Tar-Jay! You have me wanting to RUN out and get one of those #5 lamps RIGHT now! :)
My boys share a room and love it. I thought for SURE they would want to have their own rooms in the new house and nope, they don’t! :)
ps- YOU WON! :)

Sheri - awesome lamps. thinking about picking up a pair for my bedroom – they’re out online but have them at the store – heading over today! Great decorating.

Jennifer Rizzo - It looks great! My girls share a room too and it’ such a great experience for them!

Irma - The rooms are just great and the touches are what makes them so gorgeous! Where did you get those giant letters? too cute:)

Between You and Me - found the giant letters for about $9 at Joann you have one of these?

Lynda @ Happenstance Home - Your childrens rooms are adorable! Love how they came together. Love those giant letters! Love the dresser’s!

Irma - I found a Joann’s 20 minutes from my house. That’s not that bad considering I can get lost with everything they have:) Thanks for sharing!

Rie - I love that pine chest! I also have admired those same lamps at Target!! I’m hoping they’ll be on clearance soon and I can snag one for our boy’s room. The room looks great!

Magui - Qué ambiente más bello!!! me inspiró a tal punto que terminé de decorar el cuarto de mi hija Agostina como ese!!!, precioso… besos

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