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Summer Tour of Homes…the link up party!

 Gina had this amazing idea to have 25 bloggers do a summer tour of homes.
I’ve spent more time on the computer at night this week than I have this whole year.
It’s been cool to see how every one of the bloggers have created their own unique spaces.
She has a link party going now for the rest of us to join in on the fun, so I decided to.
I took some current pictures and borrowed some from other posts that I’ve done.
Happy Saturday!
I made that burlap wreath months ago.  
I said it was the best ten dollars I’ve spent all year, and I wasn’t playing around.
I dream of a long front porch lined with ginormous ferns, like the one I grew up sitting on, 
but for now, this stoop and it’s lovely arch will do me just fine.
 This would be our entry way or foyer {pronounced Foyay}, 
if you’re a country bumpkin southern woman, like myself.
What can I say…I like big clocks and I cannot lie.

The clock and half moon table are on the left and this big red chest is on the right in our foyer.
I’m still loving the mercury lamps from PB that I mixed with the yard sale mirror and tool box.
And, I think I’ve said it before, but the drawers in this chest could hold a small child.
{not that I’ve tried that or anything!}

This is our dining room…it’s open to the foyer and the kitchen…it gets the best light all day long.
Our summer list is a tradition we’ve been doing for a few years now…
I know the idea of a list to accomplish during the summer bogs some of you down…
but it keeps me accountable to getting out of my pjs and getting my kids off technology.
Plus.  Take a look at it…it’s all things that most of us do all summer anyway. I keep it easy and doable.

It’s summer, and I’m having a case of the lazies, so this is an old shot of the family room.
Presently, the chair has been moved to our room, 
and you’ll be happy to know that the gourds on the coffee table are long gone.
Oh look! I didn’t even take time to fix the arm cover on the chair that’s no longer there.
We’ve lived in this house for a year, and I’ve finally figured out the mantle.
I started here and then added this here.
It’s safe to say this is it’s final look, but who can blame Andy for not believing me?

The kitchen/eating area and family room are open to one another, and I love it.  Most of the time.
It’s only annoying when you’re doing anything in the kitchen and your kids turn the tv volume to 72.
We added a planked wall a few months ago, and I love it.
The only thing left to do in there is add some distressed shutters to each side of the big window. 
The family rules sign came from our shop and the light fixture came from Pottery Barn.
The awesome city scape art came from my local friend, Jackie.
Have I ever mentioned our farm table? 
Andy had it made for my 30th birthday…ten years ago this month.
Ummmm yes.  You read that right.  
I’m turning 40 in about two weeks, and I’m not gonna go off the deep end.  
Do you think if I keep saying it, I’ll believe it?
See how open the kitchen is to the family room?
Ps. I love hydrangeas.
Pss. I reeeaaaallly love that old milk can that belonged to my pawpaw.

Psss. I heart storing things in jars and baskets and boxes.

This is the bathroom that two of our kids share,
 but it’s also the bathroom that all of our guests use, too.
On one hand I’m glad I don’t have a half-bath because it’s just one more for me to clean,
but on the other hand, I feel like I’m always handing out disclaimers to anyone who uses it.
My former self would have worked her can off to have the toothpaste out of the sink and to make sure the toilet is always clean and ummm flushed, but I’ve kissed that girl goodbye, for the most part.

While we’re talking about this bathroom,
 let me just go on record sounding like a total spoiled brat…
I bought all those scraps of fabric and had the shower curtain made
 thinking I’d love the bright colors.
You guessed it.  I don’t like it, not even a little bit.
I see all these dad-blasted colorful houses on Pinterest, and I want to pull it off so bad,
 but I just can’t.  It’s not me.  
So, take a good look at that bright shower curtain cause it’s about to be outta here.  
This summer will be her final hour here, and then she’ll have to find a home elsewhere.
I’m kicking her out.
This is Lydia’s room…we added built-ins to both sides of the big window in her room.
They’re beautiful and useful…you’d be amazed at all the stuff that’s crammed behind those cabinets.
This is Seth’s room, and he and his dad made his headboard out of reclaimed wood this year.
The bookcase came from an old shop in my hometown…best $50 spent ever.
The trunk was $5 a garage sale in Orlando.  
It’s been just about everywhere in our house, but I think it’s staying at the end of his bed for good.
We have one of those Live Pure signs in both of our boys’ rooms…constant reminders.
The artwork was made locally and has a really cool story.   I cried.  Shocker.

This is our master bedroom…we’re gonna be changing things up this next year.
Or at least that’s our plan.:)
We’ve had the peace and calm (and girly Andy puts it) for about 4 years now.
The lamps came from a yard sale..we made them into lamps.
The bedskirt is a drop cloth.  
The lady who made it asked me to never give her name out..she never plans to make another one.
 On that note, I think we’ll keep the bedskirt no matter what changes we make!
The headboard is an old door that we got at a Habitat Restore.
That darling chippy wood chair was made by my grandfather.  Love it.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my home tour!
It gave me a chance to tidy up all of our spaces.
Well, almost all of them..
notice you didn’t see our master bath or our laundry room or our teenage son’s room.

Be sure to check out all the other bloggers who have linked up!

Blondie's Journal - Love everything!! What a great tour of your rooms and some close ups of your treasures. I really love your dining room, so relaxed and pretty. You have a great eye for the right colors and patterns, too. It looks like you’ve lived here forever!


Shannon - I love your home even your bathroom that you’re gonna change out ;)
I’m the same way with bright colors, love seeing them but just can’t do them in my own home. You have found so many beautiful antique items to add to your home. Loving that desk in the last picture, was that a special find?
Thanks for sharing with us!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Your home is wonderful. You have such a great style!
And I’ll take that shower curtain off your hands whenever you’re ready to part with her ;)…our upstairs bathroom will be getting a makeover as soon as the boy is off to college.

Gee Singh Newbanks - Beautiful home!Thanks for sharing with us, and allowing us to traipse through .
Happy Weekend.
Hugs, Gee

Stacey - Your home is beautiful! I remember that shower curtain…it’s a bummer that you don’t love it. I think it’s fantastic! I really like the way you’ve incorporated some old things. Makes it much homier. AND that piece of artwork above your fireplace is fabulous!

Megan - Your house is the best…I get so many great ideas from your styling! Like that crate for cookbooks on the kitchen counter. Not that I have an inch of space left on my counter tops, but if I did!
I cannot believe you don’t like that shower curtain! I was just thinking how that bathroom is my favorite!

slip4 - Always love love your home! I will be pouring over it again I know :)

Sara - LoVe the tour! And you have to keep that bedskirt! - Fantastic blog post – I LOVE your home – it’s BE.A.UTIFUL! So glad you shared – one of these days I’ll get pictures of mine…I’ll be doing one room at a time for now…but the basement needs to be finished first! You can read about it here if you’d like:

I LOVE what you’ve used for headboards….it’s getting me thinking! :)

Farmgirl Paints - good golly friend. your house is magazine worthy. that bathroom had me at hello. i’m a sucker for any custom mirror fixes. that was perfection!

paige - i love your home my friend. everything about it.
look forward to seeing what you & george whip up in , i mean for the master ;)

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) - Hi, I’m stopping by from Gina’s home tour link party. Your home is beautiful! I am especially loving the old door headboard, your styling and your pawpaw’s old milk pail and the milk can on the porch.

Aimee - Siiiigh, I love your house Tara! We have such similar styles and I totally get what you said about the colorful shower curtain. I try to like bright and colorful, but for some reason WHITE is so soothing and fresh to me. xo

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh how FUN!!! I could pin every photo. I giggled when I saw the shower curtain but that was before I read what you said… then I laughed. I so love you. You are so me! Also I say “Foyer” just like you. I’m telling ya, I could be a country bumpkin in a heartbeat. And that description made me laugh.

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo - I honestly cannot think of one thing I do not love in your home! I here ya on the bright colors though….I am drawn to them like a moth to a light. Yet, when I get them in my home, they are so NOT me. UGH. I wish I was a bright fun cheery colorful girl, but Im not. Im as neutral as the Swiss ;)
Thanks for sharing….Im a hoarder and lover of baskets and jars too ;)

ps – if you are not keeping that gorg comforter/duvet, I am your girl!! I have been coveting it for some time now!

LLH Designs - Love seeing all these pictures in one post! Love the way you’ve found your style and are open to evolving (and open to trying new things even if you don’t love it in the end…like the shower curtain). But my favorite line in the post: I like big clocks and I cannot lie. Now you’ve got me singing that crazy song! Love your silly side! Xo!

Katie - So fun! I love peeking into other’s homes and getting ideas for my own. After a year and a half, we’re finally doing more and making it ours!

Anne Marie - you are hilarious.
and I love everything about your house…crammed into the closets and all…
wondering:: what pie you would be if you could be a pie? you know, from that book Pieogrpahy?? I am guessing you would be a rich and decadent kind with a meringue topping or whipped topping……nothing tart ;)

i love the over the mantel art – but I’ve told you this before, and I also don’t like the shower curtain (being honest) but have you tried bleaching it? I hate that caustic stuff, but it does wonders to brights if you kwim

xo + farm blessings,
Anne Marie

The Mrs. - Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love the dining room table especially!

❀ JoAnne - Your home is so charming, Tara! I love your style – especially all of your baskets and vintage items. You have created a wonderful, comfortable home for your family!

Chernee Vitello - Thanks for sharing your house – love all the character and vintage finds!

Audra - Your home is beautiful! I love the dust ruffle on your mastered-where is it from?

Laura Lynn - Just beautiful! I store everything in jars, wooden boxes and baskets too, just like my mom did in our house when I was growing up. BTW, Foyer comes from the French so it’s equally correct to pronounce it that way, “foi-yay.” And I’m a Westcoaster originally! Haha

Tumbleweed714 - your home is so lovely, and looks very soothing… my 2 favorite things are the art above the mantle… WHO painted that? and the blue flowered bedding – is it linen? I bet its linen, lol! just beautiful! See, I am trying to do the exact opposite with color – I find myself so drawn to the muted colors, as you have in your home – it just looks so calming, peaceful and classic. Those are the spaces that I ALWAYS pin on pinterest. But, for some reason, I have so much color, and very little muted in my home…. I have no idea why? anyway, thanks for sharing your beautiful home – it is inspiring to me.

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