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Summer time is GRILLING time.

I know you’re wondering where the greens are.  
There was a salad.  I promise.
Why in the world it didn’t land in the picture, I’ll never know.
Apparently, we favor meet and potatoes over here.
{Let me introduce you to the men in our family!}

No.  I’ll tell you what happened. 
We’ve got this rule.  We try HARD not to start eating before everyone is ready to eat.
Someone always breaks the rule, and it’s usually me.
In my defense, I prefer to shove a piece of bread in my mouth before I sit down, 
that way, it doesn’t count.  Right?!

I don’t take pictures of our food very often, but when I do, 
my family nearly steps over to the dark side.
As was the case this particular night, when I was trying to snap some pictures for this post.
So, that’s why my big, fat, colorful, healthy salad didn’t make the picture.
If I’d pressed the issue, I might not be here today to tell you about that gorgonzola butter.

I’m no expert on grilling steaks, but a juicy ribeye is our all time favorite.
Random information:: I waitressed for about a year at Outback Steakhouse in college.
They taught me that the ribeye steak is the most flavorful of all steaks.  
Bet you’re sooooo glad you stopped by today.
Summer makes cooking meals for our family so easy, doesn’t it?
Grilled meat, a big salad or grilled veggies, and some bread or rice or potatoes.
{or bread AND rice or potatoes, if you live at our house!}

Okay…are you ready for that gorgonzola butter recipe?
Try it on your next steak…it literally melts all over the top and has potential to change your life.
I can’t even begin to tell you how good it is!!!

Gorgonzola Butter:
4 tablespoons butter, softened
4 tablespoons Gorgonzola cheese (or more if you’re me)
1 tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped.

What are some of your favorite meals to cook during the summer months?
Spill it in the comments.  please and thank you.

slip4 - We love grilled veggies and I always try to make enough to have leftovers (this means we have to make A LOT). Then the next day I make a sandwich or panini with the grilled veggies on whole wheat bread and a smear of goat cheese. Add avocado and I am in heaven. Salads are another biggie in our house during the summer. Just made BLT Potato Salad (from the Kraft website) and it is amazingly delicious. Taco salad another favorite.

Farmgirl Paints - The ribeye is the tastiest because it’s the fattiest. Isn’t that the way it is? We used our new grill for the first time last night. Grilled chicken marinated in Italian dressing, strawberry spinach salad with feta, red onions, avocado, grape tomatoes and pecans. So yummy. It was an actual meal. Felt so proud;)

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh my. I love this!!!! It looks sinful and yummy. I always love anything with gorgonzola cheese. I put on our salads all the time.

Coastal Cottage Dreams - Oh my looks wonderful! I love grilling outside in the summer too, especially corn, shish kabobs, shrimp, chicken, etc. thanks for sharing the butter, I have some Gorgonzola in fridge now, all I need to get is some steaks!

Barbara - Steak yes, I grill everything and I love my grill basket last thing I put in it was broccolette so yummy and sweet and nutty.

Katie - Yum! I am not a red meat fan, but I’m sure I can find something just as delicious to put this on :)

thistlewoodfarm - Looks yummy!!

Dinner at your house tonight, right? :)

Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

Carol - So I had ribeye thawed for dinner and I clicked over to your blog. Instead of gorgonzola, I used blue cheese and then dried tarragon with a bit of salt for the parsley. Chris asked what it was and I told him. He said “You couldn’t get enough fat from the steak?” It was divine, he’s a jerk and I will do that again. I didn’t tell him it was from you. I’ll just blame Pinterest.

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