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Summer Cooking…

1.  Flank Steak with Radish Salsa


served with Balsamic Grilled Vegetables

2.  Sizzling Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken
3.  Chipotle Salmon Burgers

served with Spinach Apple Salad with Maple Cider Vinaigrette
4.  Steak and Vegetable Kabobs
5.  Kentucky Blue Grass Salad with Grilled Chicken
6.  Fajita Turkey Burger
served with Vegetable Kabobs

Southern Living never lets me down!  They gave me enough meal ideas to last all summer.  These are the ones I will make this week…we love to grill in the summer when the vegetables are freshest!  

The only problem with them is going to be getting our boys to eat them without gagging down the vegetables!  Our daughter will eat anything that we put on her plate.  Oh well, we will  just continue to put them on their plates hoping that they will eventually like them.  I mean, a girl can only handle so many pizza nights, taco nights, and spaghetti nights!!

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Lissa - i’m ready for summer cooking! that all looks so fun!

Kristi - Those all look delicious!!! I love summer food. And I know what you mean. My boys aren’t always thrilled with our meal choices. One is much more adventurous than the other. Oh well, I keep trying too :)

Natasha - Yummy recipes! I have made a spinach and apple salad just like that! Talking about vegetables and boys, I just posted a picture of my son eating spinach on my other blog yesterday-you should see his face-he was not happy!

Best wishes and happy weekend,

Home Sweet Seattle - Oh my goodness!!!! You were linked right above me on the Trendy Treehouse and how lucky am I to have found you! Gorgeous photos… and now I’m hungry. So nice to meet you and I can’t wait to read on!

Cha Cha - I just finished dinner, but suddenly I am hungry again. We love grilled veggies, glad to see that someone else does, ( if it makes you feel better our kids will eat them, but they do NOT love them). Have a great weekend

Cha Cha

gnee - Enjoy cooking this summer. Those menu are so great looking…bon appetite!

Becca - If you wait a few weeks to make any of these meals, I’ll help you get all the veggies eaten. I’m willing to sacrifice for your boys.

Shannon - Those all look so good, my daughter will not eat vegetables at all either :(
Hope you have a great weekend!

April - YUM!!! You had me at Balsamic Grilled Vegetables!

Le Chateau des fleurs - I am so exited for barbecues…YAY for summer :)
Great pictures and choice :) YUM!
Happy Friday Follow, following your blog. Come say hi and follow me back!

Claudia B. - It’s saturdaymorning here in Holland and I just finished breakfast but when I look at your photo’s I can’t wait untill diner :-)
Unfortuanatly our garden is a mess (we have a brandnew house) but in a few weeks time we can have a bbq too!!! I can’t wait. I just look at southern….. and what a great site, full of recipes and interior.. love it…

Gretchen Seefried - OH such beautiful photos!!! Making me oh so hungry! I am coming over from New Friend Friday and so glad I did! Your recipes look fabulous! Would you come over to my website and link them up? The members would LOVE them! and link your post and recipes…and blog up in the Mama Can Cook Flock! Would love to share you! Leaving now to see more on your blog! Have a glorious day!

Megan - I just bought 3 Southern Living magazines from the public library for a dollar a piece! I can’t wait to see what recipes are inside! Those salads look amazing! I love summertime food – salads and lots of grilling!
Have a great weekend!

Tracey - Ummm…yes please next time we are over for dinner!

the lady of the house - ummmm….. drooling all over the keyboard at this point…?

It's me - Yammie yammie……….it all looks very nice……..i love bbq………..happy weekend hugs from Ria

Gretchen Seefried - Thanks for stopping by Tara! Yes I would love for you to come over and post your recipes up on my website for women…
You can create a new flock of your own or add links to the Flock named Mama Can Cook! We would LOVE to share your recipes with members and also send you some link love too! So please head on over it’s easy and of course it’s free……….see you there my new blog friend!

Gretchen Seefried - Tara….do you homeschool as well as being an incredible cook? If yes would you consider starting up a Homeschooling Flock on Midchix?
Let me know what you think my dear!
Have a great one!

Rana - Oh my goodness these look absolutely wonderful. It’s after midnight and now I’m starving.

Janine Claire Robinson - I can honestly say I have never heard of a salmon burger … but hey – it truly does look worthy of a try!! Might just give that a go this week :)

red ticking - your recipes look amazing.. i must confess… when i was growing up my mother made salmon burgers… i would always make sure i had eaten before, faked a tummy ache, or begged to eat at a friends house… but yours look much more flavorful and i might be willing to give it a try!
happy to have found your blog… i love your profile… you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family… xx pam

Tara - Yummie!! Sounds good, all of it! Hope you had a good weekend, Tara

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia - OMG I’m drooling and I already ate dinner!! Looks so good! Oh..I’m e-mailing you too

The Bush League Cook - Wow! These look amazing!!! Found your blog today and am so glad I did–have added to follow and will be back! thanks!

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