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Sultry wins the race.

Did you drool all over your keyboard like I did?
I swear, that woman can pull a room together like nobody’s business.
Those black walls left me speechless.
The title of her post was called The Sultry Master.
It’s sultry alright.
The walls, the headboard, the pops of orange, the chests, the artwork, the pillows, the chair.
Honestly, this is my favorite master bedroom ever in the history of all bedrooms.
I hope this room lands her in a magazine.
I know it’s gonna blow pinterest to smithereens.
Her master got me thinking about our master.
We just moved into our house back in May, and I used what we had.
I still like it and it gives us the feeling we thought we wanted, which is peace and calm.
But dang.  Edie’s room has me rethinking “peace and calm.”
She’s got me thinking a master bedroom should totally be sultry.
There’s no way I’m gonna convince my husband to change our room anytime soon,
but I thought I could take some pictures and see what parts of it need some attention.
Do you ever do that?
…take pictures to show you what’s missing?
I know it’s not rocket science, but it helps me so much.

I’m half tempted to try to convince you that it’s not as boring in person as it is in these pictures.
But, we all know that a picture tells a thousand words, and these pictures are telling the whole truth.
Oh my goodness.  Our room is boring.
It’s so “peace and calm” that it might as well be DEADER than a doornail.

Do any of you dare to be a good enough friend to tell me what you’d do in our room?
Andy Lowry will die if I mention black walls.
Those lamp shades are so blah,blah, blah next to the neutral walls.


{thankful for}
445. my kids joy over that dipstick snow cone machine I bought for our summer fun list.
446. all this rain that’s watering my new yard and cooling things off.
447. lunch plans at mom & dad’s tomorrow….bring on the country food!
448. lazy weekends..our first one of this whole summer.
449. lunch today with courtney.
450. date night last night with josh & jackie.
451. pajamas on at 630pm. YES!

Sheri - girl, you are so funny. I am no help. I have boring tattooed on my forehead. I caved and hired Holly Mathis for our dining room. Oh, YES>I>DID. At some point i will blog about it, but tomorrow, tomorrow – i paint!

Kelli - Oh I love your room. I love the desk and the head board. You have a beautiful home
Love your blog!

Pine Tree Home - Too funny. I love your bedding and I don’t think your room is boring at all. What about adding some fun trim to the lamp shades to add a little something?

Brooke - I’m gonna be honest- Edie’s bedroom is great, but I love yours way more!! I think hers is very elegant, but I think after a year or so, I’d be tired of those black walls. Yours is gorgeous and timeless. I vote- don’t change a thing!

Eleanor - Hmm, I am boring and definitely not sultry so you probably shouldn’t listen to me. But I think you need a few pops of color. Maybe some bright art over your bed? Your lamps seem almost invisible. You could recover the lamp shades. You could even pull out the orange in your pillow shams. Personally, I wouldn’t do too much as I love your calm room.

Life with Kaishon - I love your special pillow! That is my favorite thing. And your headboard. SO fabulous.
I really think you should try black. What do you have to lose?
Oh, just your mind.
Pretend I never mentioned it : )
I want to do something exciting with our bedroom too.
Maybe next summer. This summer is all about the kids : )
Next summer can be about me. Or not. We will see.

Beth - I love Edie’s room too, but I’m too chicken to go so bold! I’m so bad about getting tired of things so quickly I’d be afraid to do it;) See, I’m chicken. But as far as your room, I’m no help there either. I have been lost on what to do to our master bedroom for 2 years now! I’m about to go crazy thinking about it! Hope you figure out what you’d like to do. Post pics so I can be inspired;) I do love your floors:)

Beth - Tara I love your bedroom! It’s YOU…I don’t think sultry fits your style….but that is just my opinion. :-) But if you want suggestions…the only thing I say is just add some color. Its a very calm room though, and that is really nice. I love it the way it is!

Dayna - Oh, girl! “Peace & calm” wins the race! Throw a new lamp shade on that lamp & make your refreshing bedroom #452. I love your bedroom! If I add it to Pinterest, will that help to convince you that you do not need black walls? :-)

Sam, Christen and Canaan - i agree, love the room. my master is almost entirely white right now. so i understand the need for something more (or thinking you’re SUPPOSED to have something more). but ultimately, i love the clean and plain. if you wanted to change it up, though, i think the biggest thing could be lampshade like people have said. maybe a fun pop-of-color vase on top of the desk? and a different type of artwork in the frames around the armoire. maybe something a little more funky or unique. and if you really want to go big time, a different comforter and shams in any colors you want would totally change up the room!

Farmgirl Paints - girl your room is just as awesome as edie’s! love how light and airy and sweet it is. that headboard is precious and i’m loving all your botanical butterfly prints. love black walls. our spare bedroom is one of my very favorite places…just oozes cozy.

Megan - Sheri, you had better fill me in on all the goings on! Exciting stuff!

Megan - I love your room! I think the lampshades are a great idea to switch out and easily add some zing, but I love your style and it seems to really flow throughout your home. If you decide to paint, I wouldn’t go black but rather an indigo blue. We painted our master a slate blue a few months ago and I love it at night. So calming.

Lee - We recently re-did our room, not necessarily the way I would ultimately want it, but it’s a start, esp. since we just put the house up for market. We had orangey wainscoting, which I painted semigloss black, as well as the trim along the basebaords. I LOVE IT- an so does everyone who sees it- BUT- if you have animals or carpet, it attracts dust and lint and hair like a flippn’ magnet!! I still love it, and even our realtor said “wow, I wouldn’t have thought to paint it black,” but it works. I’m thinking a flatter paint on the walls might not show so much dirt, though. You can check it, a bit boring, but we didn’t do much do to the fact that we hope to sell!!


Bettsi McComb - Tara, I’m new to your blog- i love your signs! And I love your room. If you really wanted to go a little darker/cozier you could play off the colors in your beautiful duvet. Paint the wall behind the bed the dark blue, change out your lamp shades for the medium blue and then add hit of the persimmon in some new accessories. BUT you don’t have to change anything really- it’s so lovely as it is!

Tery H - I am a new follower of your blog and became a follower because we have similar styles.I have been a follower of Edie’s for many months. Your bedroom is calm
and peaceful…that’s your style. I love Edie’s bedroom but I cold never paint my walls black. Not because I am not brave enough buts it’s just not me. It’s like all the clothes styles that I love but just would not be right for me, how it makes me feel, etc. Embrace your style- you have great style!
Lampshades are an easy fix and as you know paint can change a room. How about painting your walls darker so your headboard stands out?
Someone suggested pops of color…maybe a pillow or an accent piece of furniture in an unexpected robin’s egg blue?
Also if you look at Edie’s room she has many sources of lights…ceiling, table and lower-arm lights by the bed. Lighting can create a sultry mood.
Her room has many layers…much more stuff, details. Things you can do easily and that won’t break the bank.
I wouldn’t change your room’s style…it’s you. I love it!

Katherine - I don’t see boring… I see calm, restful, beautiful. Perhaps as you mentioned the lampshades, I would bring out some of the colours from your bedcover, either the bold orange, or the soft blue, but otherwise leave it and enjoy it.x

michele - oh honey, you can add sultry for sure…hmmmm. a hide or lambskin thrown over the bench. an animal print pillow or five. a daring framed photograph on the wall. you can do it!

have a giveaway goin’ on here:
and hope you win!


{edie} - i LOVE your bedroom, tara! and i’m so verklempt and humbled by your feature:) your room (and your house in general) makes me wanna paint all my walls white and find some chippy paint pieces of furniture. i love your style and you don’t need to change a thing, my dear.

Empty Nest Full Life - Just so you know, Your simple beauty wins over sultry any day. I prefer your bedroom MUCH better!
Too much Stuff in the sultry bedroom. Yours is so much more inviting and relaxing.

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo - Edie’s room is FAB….just like the rest of her house/style! But I am telling ya I have adored your room since you posted it previously. I WANT YOUR BEDDING! I personally think the pop of color from the bedding is exactly perfect for your room. Yes, you need another subtle pop of color on your shades. A pale blue or gray (or even a subtle orange!) would be nice. You could even do burlap shades and add a punch of color with trim :) What about your curtains? That is a spot that you can sneak in some sultry ;) Anyhoo, Im pretty sure the sultriness can come from under the covers, not what you stare at in your room! :D
Thanks for sharing….

ps – what happen to the poor flip flops mate in your first pic of your room?! LOL

Amy - I love your bedroom! We moved six months ago and our room is still sad. No theme to speak of. One day…in the meantime, I’ll just have to dream.

jerriann - Hi Tara, I’m new around here but I love a post that ask “What would you do, if this were yours”. I came from pinterest with one of your signs, byt I loved it and pinned it. I loved your writing so began to look a little deeper. First, I want to tell you that I take pictures of my rooms too. It’s when something is just not setting right with me and I can’t figure out what is wrong with the room.

I love the feature room you showed. Just beautiful. So here’s what I am thinking about your room. First of, all your commenters are right, your room is lovely. I love your bedding and love the headboard. I noticed the black or dark stained bench at the foot of the bed, so I’m thinking black lamp shades and if you are not wanting to paint the room, then I would probably put a different lamp in all together, maybe that could be a place to put some color in. Also a quick fix for color could be to paint the picture frame one of the accent colors from the bedding.

I love the idea of a hide, and what do you think about painting the armoire? Maybe that new annie sloan plaint in “flow blue”? It would go with the old chippy look of the headboard.

I’m sure that once you get started, you will find just the right mix of sultry and peace and calm. Good luck and thanks for giving this girl who missed her calling decorator a chance to dream with you.

jerriann - You know I had another thought, the lamp might be a good place to add texture. If you are generally happy with your room, maybe a little texture is what you are missing. So maybe a wooden or stone base, with a black or deeper colored shade.

Fancy - I love your bedroom…anytime I am tempted to flip up my style, I always come back to calm and peaceful. Maybe I’m just a plain jane. <3

Home: Inside and Out - Hmm. Its weird because I read your blog and Edie’s too. LOVE you both for different reasons. I’m a cross between both styles-if that’s possible. But I totally understand that feeling… SO…off the top of my head, I would say this: Don’t go changing your entire space. Its you. So many beautiful touches. But if I wanted to have the most dramatic effect without completely altering your style, I would go with a dark gray. Not like Edie’s almost black. Maybe pull a dark tone out of the blanket on the bed. There seems to be a color like a soft pencil lead in some of those flowers. That alone would dramatically change the feel of the room. It would also make the lamps “pop”. :)

Wendy - I think using a black lampshade might look good and tie in the black in the bench at the end of your bed?

lexsmama - I think your room is cute! Don’t worry about it being “deader than a door nail.” If you’re a little bored with all the white, add some sweet curtains, change a lampshade, or add an accent wall. Nothing huge. :-)

Lyssa at Living Simple in the South - I love your bedroom!! But I think you could paint some of your furniture for more depth if you wanted instead of the walls!

Lisa - I LUV your bedroom! I would add texture. Through some textured curtains, pillows, a rustic large mirror, so many things to choose from! I think your bedroom does evoke santcuary, but sultry is all a state of mind! wink, wink! :)

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