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Strawberry Punchbowl Cake…Prepare’s delicious.

Remember when I went into shock celebrated last week when our oldest turned thirteen?
Luke’s not our social butterfly.  In fact, he is quite the homebody!  
So, when he told us he wanted to have his friends sleep over for his birthday, we vowed to make it happen.
{Even though I’d pretty much rather poke my eyes out with my car keys than do sleepovers!!}
If you want to torture me, you just force me to stay up past about 11:30pm.  
Not.A.Fan.Of.Sleepovers. {Not even when I was thirteen!!!}
Long story short…ah, who am I kidding..Short story long…
We ended up with 10 boys at our house, and it was the easiest birthday party in the history of birthday parties.
The secret is easy….pizza, soda, candy and sweets.  You’ll have their hearts forever.
The other secret is not allowing food out of the kitchen..that way you get to hang out a little in their awesomeness.
Luke had a few rules for me, as you can imagine.
I was on strict orders not to pull out any of my dance moves, {he has no idea what he’s missing!}
 he didn’t want ANY decorations, 
and he wanted my Granny Florence’s strawberry punchbowl cake.
I told you..EASIEST birthday party ever.
I did decent with his rules..balloons were the only decorations, I didn’t do a single dance move,
 and I made a mean strawberry punchbowl cake.
My Granny Florence made this my whole life, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s her recipe.
Imagine my surprise when I saw the recipe all over the internet a few years back.:)
I guess it’s not original to our family…it’s also definitely not in the “clean eating” category.
But, it’s goooooood, so try it.
1 store bought angel food cake (or feel free to make one from scratch)
1 large (16 oz) container of cool whip
1 container of sour cream (16 oz)
1 small can of evaporated milk (5.5 oz)
3/4 cup of powdered sugar
Fresh strawberries (around 6 cups cut into bite sized pieces)
Strawberry glaze (small container)
Tear angel food cake into pieces and set to the side.
In a bowl, mix cool whip, sour cream, evaporated milk and powdered sugar and set to the side.
Cut up strawberries into bite sized pieces and mix them with the strawberry glaze.
Get yourself a trifle dish and layer a portion of the cake on the bottom of the dish.
Then, put a layer of the cool whip mixture on top of the cake, and then add the strawberry mixture.
Continue with this layering until you’re at the very top.  
Finish your dessert off with some fresh strawberries.
Enjoy~ - I remember my oldest’s first big party as a middle schooler. I was so nervous they would be overly rowdy and I would lose control while trying to earn the reputation for being the ‘Cool House,’ or that they would misbehave in some way… and I learned the same lesson you learned. Funny how that works! They had a blast, we had fun having them, and when the house was all clear at the end of the party, I found myself saying they were welcome anytime. All that concern for nothing (as is almost always the case with worry). Kids this age are so fun!

maggie@septemberrust - Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, it touched my heart. Your comment about rather having your eyes poked out made me laugh, my sister and I say that, not about sleepovers but other stuff, too funny. Can’t wait to try the strawberry punch bowl cake, my baby loves strawberries and I just ordered a trifle bowl from pampered chef:)

slip4 - Oh my. This cake looks so yummy! I may try to make it for a brunch I am hosting tomorrow. If not then, soon! I love the sleepover story. I didn’t think I would enjoy them either but they are some of my favorite memories of my kids’ younger years (your food secrets still work as they get older, just make MORE of it as they will eat. it.all!) For birthday parties, it seems like the less trouble we went to, the more fun they had (probably because low-key parties don’t have to meet super high expectations of THE BEST PARTY EVER!) Now I am going to pin your cake. Thanks!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Luke had a blast and you survived. Win-win. :)

Tricia - I hear ya about sleepovers. I’m glad it went well for you though and that Luke had fun. Oh yummy, does that strawberry punch bowl cake look good! As your eating it, just tell yourself that it has strawberries and that those are healthy. I’ve been making a blueberry crumble over and over lately. Yesterday, I figured out the calories. Yeah, not good. - What a fantastic recipe for summer! I’ll definitely be using this for those summer parties on the deck…as soon as these 3 feet of snow melts! Loved your story too…I too am not a fan of sleepovers, although we’ve had plenty for our girls (I’m the strict Mom that says – Asleep by 11!) – yeah there’s always a few who really love me (she says tongue in cheek). A good time is had by all and on we go until the next year. Have a great day!

Michele - I can’t wait to make this!!! Yum-o!!!!”

Mindy Whipple - Angel food cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream is my absolute favorite birthday cake – and having a July 2nd birthday makes it possible. Now I have a new one to try! Sleepovers can be hard on the parents ~ glad you survived!

Megan - I love an easy party. We don’t do many sleepovers around here either, thank goodness. I have already pinned this and plan on making asap. It looks so good and so very summery! I have never seen strawberry glaze though…what section of the market is it located?

Sheryll And Critters. - I don’t have any kids, except the furry, four legged type….. but this (without even making it YET) is going to be a for sure ‘keeper’. It is what I would consider a really great trifle. And so much easier than what I have done in the past. YUMMMMMO!!!

I’m definitely hooked!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - This would be a huge hit at my house. And I’m laughing because I see recipes all the time on Pinterest and am like, “Hey!! That’s my MOM’S recipe!!” Like she owns it or something. LOL

Tracy - Wow, I have always felt the same way about sleep overs!! I will be trying your recipe…looks very yummy! Thanks for sharing.

Crowder7 - This is my first time to read your blog which I found off pinterest. I just wanted to say thank you for being real and not pretending you are perfect. In real life with real friends (mine at least) transparency is shot down nearly every time. If I say I’m not trusting God right now or my feelings are hurt or admit to faults I get a shunning or a lecture every time. Yet I just can’t be any other way. I hate a lie. lies dont help people. And god knows so what good does pretending do? when I read your posts I thought, amazing! a transparent woman who values the real! thanks.

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