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Storage Solutions

We’ve lived in this house for 8 months,
 and it didn’t take me long to know that we had a serious storage problem in Lydia’s room.
We were dying with the 546,782,999 tee-tiny toys over here.

Okay.  Dying is a little dramatic, but I was starting to twitch every time I walked into her room.

Time is a great tool in decorating our spaces.
We needed to live in the space for a while to know what to add for better function.
Are you that way in your home?

I really liked the idea of a few extra cabinets and some bookshelves,
so we knew built-ins were our solution to our storage problem.
She now has space for her art supplies and all those tiny toys and her books.
I love that I’ll have a place to display her favorite artwork and pictures, too.

It’d be easy to say that I did this project for my little OCD self, but the truth is, she’s happier, too.
I think we all need organization and systems in place to help create calm in our lives.

Andy asked if we were finished with her room now that she had great storage, and I just laughed.
Doesn’t he know that our rooms are kind of always a work in progress?

I’ve got lots of little details to add to her room, and you can see some of them in the board below.
I’m not sure if you’ve ever created a board like this,
but it really helps narrow down the elements you’d like to see in your spaces.
Visit my Pinterest boards to see more ideas and inspiration for your kids’ spaces.

Have you found some systems that work great for you?

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goddessof4 - i love the shutters and the perfect blue they were painted!!

slip4 - Oh my gosh, I love Lydia’s room! The books in the metal basket, the shutters as a headboard! And I died over the necklace hanger (whatever you call them), displaying her jewelry. We moved into our current house over 7 years ago. Our last house had little storage so we had lots of furniture that included storage. This house has tons of built-in storage so there was little wall space for the old furniture. Not complaining – I feel blessed to have so much storage. Now if it was organized….

Farmgirl Paints - Her room is soooo cute. Love the shutters!

Debby - I like that framed basket of button flowers and the jars with the animals on the lids. Such a cute room. Oh all the little pieces of toys… I remember those days..

Michele - Love it, think it makes her room look bigger!!!!

Tiffini - girl…EVERY thing has to have a home now so i HEAR you:)
i bet she is a happy little camper now. Grace is the same way. she is always
organizing stuff. she is a lot like you i think…ocd with it:)
enjoy your weekend….xoxo:)

Jackie at Roots and Wings - The built ins look awesome! I know everyone loves them. :)
Those glass jars with the animals on top of the lids are my favorite!! What a fun little project those will be.
I’m sooooo glad it’s the weekend, too. Enjoy yours, my friend. :)

Vanessa - This is so beautiful! I love all the detail you use in her room.


Salena - I love the built-ins! They are definitely on my wish list if we ever build a house!

Amy - I love her room! We have a huge storage issue right now and my daughter’s closet is teeny tiny. But in general, I do find that baskets are a huge life saver with kids. They are attractive and easy for kids to use.

Megan - Her room is lovely…and those built ins are a dream! My girl has grown out of most of the toys in her life. You curse them for years and then one day, they stay in the bins and don’t come out anymore. However, I cleaned Gabe’s room yesterday and about pulled my hair out over the legos! I am trying to enjoy it, knowing now that it too will end one day. But I made a mental note to go to the Container Store for some bins. Painting Eden’s room is on our list for the next few months, so I am taking notes from you. I love how organized her room is and I love the cork board. Do you mind me asking where her pretty white bedding is from?

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I love it. I’m right in the middle of a big girl transformation for Ava right now!! Can you believe that? Great minds. Her room looks like pink and orange crayons threw up. It’s very bright and colorful… a little crazy too. LOL

BerryMorins Bits & Tips - If I had a little girl this would have to be my dream room for her.

Vintage Country Girl - I love all of it. But…especially the necklace organizer. Where did you find it? I’d love to know.

LLH Designs - Her room looks great! My kiddo guest room will have shutters as the headboard. Love that! Love the built-ins. And I know her room won’t look this orderly everyday, but you can always go back to these photos if you start to twitch (and know that it was clean at one point!). xoxo!

Danielle Stinespring - I spy…. our sweet girl’s tutu from the wedding! :) I have the most darling picture of her spinning down the aisle. I’ll send it soon! LOVE you!

Tricia - Oh, I love her room! Look at those built-ins!! I totally hear you about all the teeny-tiny toys, all the little barbie shoes and doll-outfilts are just about driving me crazy around here. Then to make it even worse, our cats love to dig around in all the play things and carry Barbies and other toys around the house. I went and bought material today to make some bags for all of it so it can be organized and look pretty at the same time :)

Max - Yes, we are like that at home, as initiated by my wife. ;] It took us 2 months on our then new house before really getting serious with the renovations and organizing. How did Lydia like her newly organized room, by the way? Was she able to keep things in order? In my experience, the most compelling way to teach kids about maintaining organization is not to avoid messing up things in the room, but to instill onto their young minds to put things back to where their proper place. :] –>Max

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