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Spring..the hope of new life.

Sometimes…I forget what I tell you here and what I mention on Instagram, but I don’t think I’ve told you that I’ve been battling something so strange with my right ear for about ten days now.
It started with my ear feeling like it was closing up, then I all but lost my hearing except for a very high-pitched ringing that is pretty much CONSTANT.

I’ve seen two doctors and have been on two rounds of steroids, and I swear, I think I’m losing my mind.
This ringing is driving me bonkers.
Feel sorry for me..but feel more sorry for all my peeps.  Mama has been CrAnKy.
When I’m not cranky, I’m crying my eyeballs out because of these ding-dong steroids.
 I finally get to see an ENT tomorrow afternoon…please pray with me for answers!!

Thank God for the beautiful weekend we had here in Georgia.  It was blue skies & a cool breeze all weekend.
It helped me to get some perspective.  Oh, who am I kidding.
  I was so aggravated that I didn’t feel like getting out in it and enjoying it.
I managed to get out of my pjs long enough to run to Trader Joes, and those fresh tulips called my name.
They promised to cheer me up, and you know what, they didn’t lie, because every time I looked at them, I smiled.

I managed to bake my first ever key-lime poundcake with a key-lime glaze drizzled all over it.
It’s my sweet mom’s 65th birthday today, and our family got together to celebrate her yesterday afternoon.
I could write a book on this woman.  She’s strong and brave and resilient.  She’s honest, humble and reliable.
She loves others well and she also has learned to persevere in suffering through a lung disease.
She struggles to breathe, yet she never complains.
Meanwhile, I have a nagging high-pitched ringing in my ear for ten days, and I can’t stop crying about it.

I’ve got too much more to learn from her and so I pray for more years with her…

Lord, I thank you for my mom’s life.
I thank you for the years you’ve given us with her that they said we wouldn’t have.
You could have made her anyone’s mom, but you gave her to us.  Thank you!!!
  Thank you for the impact that her influence has had in our lives and in the lives of our children.
 Lord, continue to give her peace as she trusts you with her health.  Help us to trust you with her days.
 Help us to love and serve her well.
Lord, thank you for the woman you’ve made her to be.  Thank you for her story.
Thank you for drawing her to yourself in such a sweet way and for being her peace & joy.

A few other Instagram shots from my mom’s birthday celebration!

{thankful for}
729. another birthday celebration with mom.
730. my first ever poundcake.
731. fresh tulips!
732. our family dinner.
733. a beautiful weekend of sunshine and just the right amount of breeze.

Oh!  The winner of the Noonday Gift Certificate is ginnbelle, comment #21.
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WhiteWhispers2u - Blessings Sweet Lady! I hope the ENT can figure this out for you.I once had similar issue and it was a lil tiny piece of hair on my eardrum crazy huh! I hope and pray yours will be a simple cure for you and you find relief.
Happy Birthday to your sweet Momma and I also pray she be in comfort and have more time here with you.~K.Marie

Tricia - Happy Birthday to your mom! That cake you made sounds Mmm, Mmm good! Your ear problems sounds horrible! I hope you get some relief soon. If I pray for your ear, can you pray for my eye? I’ve been having a problem with it…sometimes if I look at the computer, I start to feel nauseous and then have to vomit. That’s probably sharing too much, huh? :)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - I’ve just prayed for you and your mom, darling girl. Your table looks so pretty and that cake sounds yumm-o! Love that cute little pennet on your cake!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Happy Birthday to your mom! I teared up at your workd to her. I hope I get to meet her someday.
Praying for you today…for pest and rest and answers. Love you much, my dear!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Apparently I can’t type this morning! That should read ‘words’ i/o workd and peace i/o pest. Guess I must proofread before I hit send!!:)

LLH Designs - Hi friend. I’m slow to make the rounds in blog world these days, but thankful to have a minute with you this morning. {Your tulips make me smile!} Can we please get some regular spring sunshine?!?! SO READY! About your ear, praying. I have a friend who went to a prayer retreat a couple weekends ago. She went with a 2-week ear issue that sounds like yours. Came home totally healed. WILD! I don’t know how God does that, but I believe it’s possible. XO!

About Laura - Pra-yers! whew. ears. I just can’t deal with it. Praying that ENT figures it all out!! Hugs!

Mary - i am SO sorry about your ears!!!
i will pray for you, sweetie.
that cake looks SOOO good, and i LOVE that pic of you and your mama.
hope you get some relief and answers soon!

Carol - I have had the same thing if they figure it out please let me know. They have just said I have vertigo and gave me medicine that makes you dizzy I was already dizzy didn’t need more dizziness!!!

Alicia - so soothing and beautiful. you have the sweetest taste. glad you had a great day with your mama.

happy spring!

xo, alicia

T - Beautiful. Your prayer calls to my mind my cherished memories of my own mother and how I miss her so.

Tulips. Absolutely tulips. And make mine white — my favorite flower for all time.

Blessings of healing to you.

Starr - “It helped me to get some perspective. Oh, who am I kidding.” HA! Cracked me UP. Hang in there friend. So annoying – hopeful for answers for you today.

Blondie's Journal - So sorry about your ear…it would be driving me crazy, too. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mom! Now I have to go have a peek at that cake recipe!!


paige - oh girl i’m praying you get some relief SOON! ( i’m whispering that not yelling that as to not hurt your sweet head).
i suffer from headaches quite often and i totally understand how yucky it is to feel yucky.

i love that you enjoyed your day with your mama. she sounds amazing!! i hope to meet her one day.
congrats on the cake. it sounds amazing. i’ll be in touch with your winner!!! thank you!!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) - What a beautiful post!!! I am so sorry to hear about your ear…write down anything and everything you can remember that may have caused this..that will give your ENT more info. Praying for relief for you and for a special birthday for your sweet momma!!

ginnbelle - Thanks! Excited that I won! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - girl I am the same. I forget my blog and IG aren’t hooked up. LOL
Love this party and your sweet photos and words about your mama. Keeping her in my prayers. I am so sorry about the ear thing. I hope that gets all better ASAP!

Mindy Whipple - Love your prayer for your mom – adding mine for her and you as well. Thankful that God walks us through the tough times. Bless you!

Katie - Praying for relief…soon!

Tiffini - have been thinking of you is it going? relief i pray
and your sweet momma. i loved seeing her and you. what a gift to have a mom
like that. one you can look too and imitate yes?
that pound cake looks heavenly…i LOVE key lime anything!
it is going to be 75 tomorrow..for one day but i will take it God willing
i so hope you are doing better….xo

Victoria Amos - JASPERWARE from Wedgewood ? Is that what i see on your table? The table setting looks as beautiful as the words that pour forth from your heartI i have the white on blue jasper ware and my sissie has the blue on white luncheon set.

I cried in Target this week as I struggle dto pick out my Mother’s last Easter card before she heads to Glory, so happy that you have yours!


Victoria Amos - JASPERWARE from Wedgewood ? Is that what i see on your table? The table setting looks as beautiful as the words that pour forth from your heartI i have the white on blue jasper ware and my sissie has the blue on white luncheon set.

I cried in Target this week as I struggle dto pick out my Mother’s last Easter card before she heads to Glory, so happy that you have yours!


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