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Spring Cleaning…in the home & the heart.

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I’m pretty sure it’s officially Spring here in Orlando.
Most of the trees never lose their leaves,  but the ones that have are covered with fresh new growth.
I’ve made no bones about Fall being my favorite time of  year, but Spring is a very close second.
The seasons are so incredibly symbolic of what I feel like the Lord does within us in and out of seasons.
God is always sure to prune me back in the “winter season” of my soul, 
and it always seems painful at the time.
But, Spring always shows up…
with new growth, fresh dreams, and clear vision.
I love nothing more than cleaning out my physical house.
I can’t stand looking into closets and drawers that hold things that we don’t use anymore.
I really and truly only want to be surrounded by the things that inspire me and my family.
It doesn’t matter to me anymore if what I love is trendy or in style.
It only matters that when my family looks at it, our hearts smile and feel refreshed.
It’s the same way with my heart.
I need it good and cleaned out in every season.
I need God to evaluate the motives of my heart in marriage, parenting, friendships and life.
I need him to show me where I am to dedicate my time & energy.
What works in one season may not work in another.
I never want to be doing things that don’t bring joy & life.
Are you preparing for spring with some major house cleaning
in your home & in your heart?

Alicia - beautiful inspiration photos. i'm trying to purge and clean everything out over here! i love that feeling when you can open your windows and let the fresh air in :)

Miranda - This is beautiful! I have been thinking about the pruning in my life a lot lately, and this is very timely! :) I love your blog!

GLENDA CHILDERS - Spring cleaning for me, can be fun. It is winter's pruning that is


GLENDA CHILDERS - Opps. I lost part of my comment. "It is winter's pruning that is hard."

Life with Kaishon - You found the most perfect light. I love it!
I have to do 2 closets tomorrow. This inspired me!

Michele - yep, have pretty much cleaned out both the girls rooms, kitchen, dinining room and living room. Need to finish my closet, laundry room, and the attic….the scariest!! It feels so good to clean out, and yes my heart and soul are being cleaned out, thought this weekend was about others but God has showed me yet again that there is work to be done on me and in my relationships, marriage and parenting.

melody-mae - oh my…what a lovely, lovely post. we still have snow here, so hard to think of 'spring' cleaning…but, i wanted to tell you how i loved this post.

Lauren - Feel free to send your "old", tired house decor my way! :)
Love this post. Spring is my favorite.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I was doing this all day long girly!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one and I sooooo needed to know that today of all days!!!


Tessa - do you know the song "Every Season" from Nicole Nordeman? not sure this link will work:

Your post reminded me so much of that beautiful song. Happy Spring, Tara! We are getting there too! xo, Tessa

Miranda - This post made me smile. Thank you for posting it. I love the inspiration pics, but I really love your new header (it is new right? Maybe I've been out of the loop too long)

Spring doesn't come here to Fairbanks for about 2 more months. I'm dying. I'm SO ready for spring. I need some color out there instead of snow!

Cat - Wow! I really feel like you took the words right from my heart! I threw out so much stuff when packing to move and it feels so good. I feel the same way….don't even KNOW what's trendy! And, my motto when cleaning out to pack was: If it didn't bring good and/or did not glorify God or the way I want to live my earthly life, I threw it out! :) Thanks for sharing. Love the images you posted.

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} - Well said. While I purge and donate clothing and other items every month or so I'm dying to tackle a couple of rooms-the laundry room & my hubby's office if he'll let me. I keep getting distracted by this gorgeous weather we're having though!

I feel like there are a few cobwebs that need to be removed in the heart department. Always a work in progress.

Transparent Mama - Ahhh… pruning. That's the love, right?

Rene - What a wonderful and meaningful post Tara. I feel the same way about fall & spring and it seems that change comes just in time each year both physically and spiritually.

Katie - Its like you read my mind today! I love spring for the same reasons…the pruning of winter is over and new life pops up everywhere! Thanks for sharing!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things - oh so in love….I have to say – PB is doing such a great job at mass producing 'one of a kind' pieces, huh?

I'm so ready for spring – it is California 'winter' weather right now and cold and rainy – BUT – that does mean that roses and our trees are blooming!

Tomorrow i will 'spring up' my house – i'm so excited/ready for it! (and it has come so quickly!!! grr.)


Cha Cha - I needed this, thank you for always reminding and encouraging. You are a true blessing.

Cha Cha

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