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Snow is magical.











My kids have legit prayed for snow since the day we moved back to Georgia.

The last time we played in it was 6 years ago…right before our move to Orlando.
Lydia had been home for about 6 weeks from China, so she has zero memory of it.

School released early on Tuesday because the weather people said it was coming our way.

Of course, we had to stop at the grocery store on our way home because that’s what you do when you’re a southerner and snow or ice or both is coming your way.You join legions of other people racing up and down the aisles for things needed and for other such items like: marshmallows and rice krispie cereal and salsa and chips. You know…the essentials.

Almost as soon as we got home, it started free falling.
We didn’t know what to do except roll our heads back with our faces toward the sky.
It was like instant happiness. We couldn’t help but smile as it hit our skin.

Snow is a lot like Disney World. It’s magical.

It’s for belly laughs and snowball fights and drinking hot chocolate and making snow slushies with koolaid mix and sledding with friends and making the world’s smallest snowman and warming our feet by a roaring fire and making snow ice-cream and making snow angels in snow that is barely even covering the ground and it’s for freezing hands and frozen toes and home cooked meals and sweet together time.

And if you’re like me….it’s for staying in your pajamas for 18 hours straight and looking ridiculous when you throw a scarf on with a peacoat and cowgirl boots to go outside.

I’m kind of regretting that I didn’t record my fashion statement for you and most importantly for our family book for 2014.
Maybe I should reenact it in a What I Wore Wednesday post?No?? Really?? Okay, maybe not!

Hope you guys are ready to usher in your weekend.
Did you have some snow days this week? Tell me about yours!

paige - why yes indeed you know we want to see your cute little self in your snowweek fashion!!
sweet post & sweet images!

Lori H - Great photos – the joy is obvious! Lydia’s face in the second photo is priceless :)
I got to stay home from work yesterday – did a little shoveling of the driveway to help the sun do the rest of the work. Woke up to our coldest morning in a while today – 2 degrees. Brrrr. Can’t even believe the photos of Atlanta and Birmingham – those poor folks did not enjoy their snow day :(

Becky - Uh next time pics of you! So glad Lydia finally got to experience it. It kinda is magic. Magic that I’m happy to see go in a day or two max;)

Londen - How cool to have snow when you don’t usually have it! Looks like the kids had a blast in it! Our area has been so cold we haven’t even been able to build a snowman. Hopefully with the next big snowfall they are calling for this weekend.

Donna - Love your blog and home. I have seen a couple of your signs before and they are great. Love them! Love the ones on Paige Knudsen’s blog. Would you mind sharing where you found those cute mercury glass lamps and your fabulous dining room table? Can’t wait to look at the rest of your blog! Have a great weekend!

Jackie - Aside from going out to take some photos, I stayed in and enjoyed the view from the window. The rest of our family, however, were out in it nonstop, building snowmen, tromping around and using the sled and snowboards as much as they could in our 2 inches of snow. And there was hot chocolate, too, of course. So fun. :)

michele fry - So glad that you have joined me on the snow is magical bandwagon!! I love a snowy winter, and hoping for some when you all get here!! I want snow but I also want you to get here :]

Amy Avery - Ahhh yes! Snow is so magical! I had an eye-twitch moment last evening when they called schools off for another day here in Knoxville, but I quickly regrouped and humbly tried to find the positive in another day with the girls at home. They are only young for just such a short time and having them home is indeed bliss. Thank you for sharing your snow day fun. I love that little snowman! So cute!

debby messner - Love the snow pictures. My first snowman of the year. With all the snow we have been having, I haven’t seen a snowman. Thanks for sharing yours. I am a crazy snow lady. I go on snowmen hunts with the kids I watch.
I used to be a follower and I don’t know what happened. I will sign up again.

barbara - What fun it is to play in the snow we all need to through a snowball at someone once in our life’s!

Laura - ‘And if you’re like me….it’s for staying in your pajamas for 18 hours straight and looking ridiculous when you throw a scarf on with a peacoat and cowgirl boots to go outside.’
You know it… I wore the same outfit…or my version there of.
Awesome. I actually had just enough fun food & snacks to get us through. My choices were perfection, except next time… I’m definitely getting the rice crispy treats fixin’s. !!
Very thankful we were, I had friends in Atlanta that saw folks waiting for the bus till 6:00 p.m. Thankful for wise administrators on this count… whew. :) hugs!

Shannon - Love this post!!! The kids looked like they had so much fun!!! We are an army family that is originally from the south, so living in a place that gets COLD is a unique experience!! I have to be honest and tell you I don’t always appreciate the cold/snow/ice, but something truly magical happens during those times. I just had one of those moments last night with my hubby. We went out and sat under our heater wrapped in blankets…. And just watched it snow. Not very many things slow down the pace of the world… But in those snow filled moments… God gives us such peace, quite, rest, and awe inspiring beauty of large snowflakes blowing and swirling. The world stops moving and God meets you in a blanket of peace and silence!!! Joy to the World!!!!! Enjoy your snow!!!!

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