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Six of our twelve 2013 Christmas Signs that are available in the Shop

We have 12 Christmas signs that we’re offering in our shop this coming season.
Twelve amazing bloggers are showcasing them for us, 
because we wanted you to be able to see them in the homes of real people.
It has been so cool to see each new sign revealed everyday.
The creativity of these women and how they make their homes unique to their families is a beautiful thing.
I thought I’d show you the signs that have been introduced so far…..
We’re half way there!  Only 6 more to go before we do a big give away HERE on our blog.
Last year, our most popular Christmas sign was the O Holy Night sign.  
I’m very curious to know which one will lead the way this year…any thoughts?
We’d love to know which ones to offer in the give away!

Tiffini - hello friend:)
i wrote a comment yesterday from my phone while geting my hair done and it didn’t leave it…geesh
anyway-i wanted to tell you i LOVE the star of wonder sign! it is my second fave
my first is the live pure sign
i really really need to get one for grandson:)
anyway…love you much

Lemonade Makin' Mama - EeEkkk! I can’t wait to share mine!! I keep looking at it even though it’s in my garage waiting for the day after Thanksgiving to COME INSIDE again. I kind of want to just leave it hanging up all year long. I think that would be fine… then again i do like what paige said about keeping it special. Such a hard decision. LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Johanna F - Love, love , love the O Holy Night!!!!

Marmee - Love, Love, Love them all! The words of O Holy Night are hard to beat! Such a beautiful reminder! JOY TO THE WORLD! is super cute , too!

paige - these are awesome!!
YA”LL are awesome!!

Lindsay Firzlaff - LOVE Paige’s O Holy Night sign!!!

Farmgirl Paints - I love the merry & bright. All are awesome.

slip4 - All of them are wonderful. Right now my favorites are the O Holy Night and the long skinny JOY

Zolane - So hard to choose a favorite but I have to say that I love, love, love Paige’s O Holy Night sign. Those words are so reverent and peaceful. Beautiful.

Julie - Star of Wonder Star of Night – it is so beautiful. Your signs are delightful and capture the essence of Christmas. How FUN!

Runner Mom - Love them all! My favs are Edie’s and Paige’s…thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pieces.

Kimberly VanDyke - I love the large O Holy Night sign. I love that it has the lyrics that mean so much. My favorite part is the “Fall on your knees”, gives me goosebumps to sing it and just found out today, it gives me goosebumps to read it. Your signs are spectacular.


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