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Simple Center Piece for Your Coffee Table

                    Source: Suzie Beezie
You know my favorite saying….
“Less is more.”
I’d say mason jars filled with candy corn, candles and flowers pretty much fits the bill.
Fall decorating made easy.
Also, I think you should try to say the title of this post five times as fast as you can.
Forgive me.
I spent three hours in our tiny little dentist office with all three kids.
I’m officially off the deep end.

Vintage Linen Treasures - Very pretty idea. I love "simple". Less truly is more. I could so easily see this on my outdoor coffee table on the patio. Great idea!
Patricia :o)

LuLu - darling and i have the candy corn sitting in a vintage sugar bowl!

The Giesler's - The question is, where can we find that amazing, rusty holder the mason jars are in?

Farmgirl Paints - super cute! our dentist is like going to a spa. they have neck wraps, massage chairs, chilled beverages, a fireplace and tv while you get your teeth cleaned. it's awesome. i think i need to book a cleaning…need a spa day;)

Traci - So cute! Dentist + kids = exhausted!

* French Farmhouse 425 * - ~*~*LOVE it..soo pretty!! I love simple pretty things~* Great idea! Hugs~ Rachel ;)~*~*

The Frat Pack + Me - That is simply precious!

Michele - I have this and can do this, will be on a table by this afternoon, great inspiration!!

Lisa - So pretty! Too bad the little munchkins around here would eat all the candy corn…even if I said it was poisonous…the temptation would be too great! Thanks for sharing – love the simplicity of it. Have a beautiful day….

Melanie - Welcome to the other side!! I fell off a few weeks ago!;)))

I love your centerpiece idea!!! Adorable!!

Have a lovely weekend, friend!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} - Beautiful. Simple and stunning. Happy to have found your blog! Have a great weekend.

Leah - What a cute arrangement!!! I LOVE!


Megan - I looooooove mason jars. I'll take that perfect wire holder for them and the cute little aqua chair too! Wrap 'em up!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia - So pretty!! Your right simple is better :)
I hope tomorrow is better for you!

Lissa - would you believe I actually tried to say the title over and over… I'm easily amused. Cute centerpiece!

Urban Farmgirl - Love this photo…and yes, I am all about 'less is more'.

Happy Weekend…try to unwind and relax after that little dentist visit! ;o)


Stacey - Who knew candy corn could be soooo yummy and sooo good looking??? I get to do the 3 kid in the dental office thing on Nov 1…a day to look forward to : ) ~Stacey

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