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One of my prayers, while we waited for our girl, was that we would be able to celebrate her first birthday with her. We weren’t there when she was born, so it was just one of those things we wanted.
We wanted all of her birthdays.

Lucky for us, we got home just in time to see her dig into a big ladybug cake with a tiny singular candle.
She was one.

That evening, after family left and what was left of the cake was put away, I gathered her up in my arms and began rocking her to sleep. Tears slipped down both cheeks as I thought about her story.

I cried tears of joy that she was ours, but I cried uncontrollable tears of deep sadness for her biological mother. I begged God to give her peace that Lydia was okay…loved, nurtured and protected.

It’s bizarre to feel a connection to a woman I’ve never met, but I do.
I love her. I pray for her. I feel so indepted to her. I cry on every birthday for her.

She loved her for eight weeks before she swaddled her in warm clothes and a blanket and took her to the orphanage. Lydia’s birthday meant everything to her. She wanted the world to know the exact day she was born.
She pinned a note on her that read:: This child was born on January 9, 2007.

So tonight, as we eat Chinese food at her favorite restaurant in town and we sing “happy birthday” to her and enjoy each of our favorite cupcakes from Gigi’s, I’ll be thinking about her…this woman on the other side of the world.


Melissa shepard - Oh! How touching. I am sure that God wraps His arms extra tight around her bc of your prayers. How selfless to think of her and pray for her on Lydia’s bday! Happy birthday, lydia!! We love gi gis also. …wedding cake is my fave!

Jackie - Beautiful girl with the beautiful story, Happy Birthday!! We love you and are so grateful to know you.
Tara, I’ll pray for the woman on the other side of the world tonight, too. I’m sure she’s aware of the day. I love that you’re so sensitive to that. xoxo

Starr - Beautiful!!!!

Becky - Oh geesh this made me cry. What a beautiful sacrifice that woman gave. Precious that you pray and think of her. This touched me.

Lisa - You made me cry. So so sweet. So so beautiful. You inspire me to take this road. What a brave woman her mother was. May she ever know the bravery and goodness of both her earthly mothers.

Shannon - Oh and now I’m crying, this is so beautiful and I bet you are exactly the family her mother prayed for her! Happy Birthday Lydia!!

Kathy - Happy Birthday, Lydia! My, how blessed you all are to recognize and be aware of these things. Your thoughts and words touched me deeply. They brought me to tears. There is such wisdom here.

Lori H - What a lucky girl :) That photo is the sweetest.

Gabrielle Woolwine - You are a wise and worthy woman to recognize the blessing that is yours because of the heartache of another. You honor that woman every time your dry a tear and read a book and make a meal for that lucky, lucky little princess you both love. I know that one day, you will have the honor to embrace one another and look each other in the eye knowing that you both showed your love to that baby in the very best way you could while on this earth. Thank you for sharing your story and the gratitude that you feel to a stranger. I wish you many beautiful birthdays with the daughter you love!

tiffini - i can’t believe it has been another year!
she is blossoming before our very eyes:) and i love this sweet picture
oh slow down time–it goes so fast
love you friend…xoxo

Tecia - Loving reading your story. Happy Birthday Lydia.

paige - gosh what an amazing woman, i just try to imagine the torture her heart must have felt & yet HOPE at the same time
sweet lydia girl is indeed blessed!
happy birthday sweet girl

Barbara - I have tears, I in a very small way know your feeling my sister has adopted two boys both from foster care the first son she had to pick up from our city children s shelter and after many chances given to the biological mother to regain custody they had to meet got to know her story and it is just heartbreaking because you want so bad for this mother to get better and but if she did that would mean the beautiful baby boy would leave us. God worked his magic the mother is doing great now and my sister has her son she was meant to love.

Happy Birthday Lydia.

Heart & Seoul - This post is so beautiful and true. I have already started writing letters to Jack’s birth mom to go in his file and pray that she will check it one day and know how much he is already loved and cherished. That woman is my hero. She kept him for seventeen days before taking him to the agency. Breaks my heart in two.

Laura - I have three kiddos God brought to us through adoption…. I too grieve, pray for, and feel a special bond with their birth mothers.
Thank you for sharing this with your blog reader. It will be an intricate part in who your daughter is, and help her in her growing years.
God bless you and your family as you travel this journey!


Sandy - You are truly an amazing woman… caring, loving, and giving. Lydia is very blessed to have you as her mommy! God bless you & all your family! :)

sheri - Probably one of the sweetest blog post I’ve ever read. Happy Birthday to your princess. God is good!

LLH Designs - Adoption stories always make me tear up, but that photo? Extra tears. You were meant to be together. And only God could work out that kind of match for your two hearts. xo!

Kelly Cach - GULP! “We wanted all her birthdays.” Made me cry. And then reading about your heart for “her”…..flat out bawling!

I love this beautiful story!

lora - My prayer during the waiting was that I would have her by her first birthday~I couldn’t stand the thought of her being alone on her first birthday…like you I had already missed so many firsts with her…God granted my wish and I held her in my arms the day before her first birthday! I had thought that she should be home by her birthday, but I realized how special it was to party with her in China that year. When we got home we had another small party with her family …. God gave me more than I hoped or imagined :)

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