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Rewind to somewhere around 1989…

Oh, how I loved rings on every finger, gold herringbone necklaces, Sam & Libby shoes in every color, clothes from United Colors of Benetton, and hairspray….lots and lots of hairspray.

I also loved, loved, loved thick eyebrows.  Thick eyebrows and big earrings and hairspray.  Can you tell?

These pictures are almost too much to look at, but I wrote about my big hair in this post, and some of you asked to see pictures, so here you go!  Can we still be friends?

Kathy - Adorable!

Farmgirl Paints - Wow girl you had some HAIR! Something though how you could pull it off. You are adorable.

SARAH - I can't believe all the time that I wasted back then doing the big hair and all the makeup – that I always coordinated to what I was wearing!! Much nicer now that things are more simple…but you were so cute!

I loved my Sam&Libby flats in every color :)

Urban Farmgirl - Oh girl, those were the days, weren't they?? I was sifting through old pictures the other day and was thinking all the same things. I graduated in 1993, so it was all about big hair, Swatch watches, Guess Jeans and big earrings throughout high school.

So, yes. We can still be friends. Because I have been there and lived to tell about it, too. I should post a pic just so you can all have a good laugh. ;o)


Debby - Adorable. Just heard where the thick Brooke SHields eyebrows are in again.



The Mermaid Cottage - I think you look adorable…now if you really want some laughs, I'll send you pictures of me in high school during the early seventies. Can you say hip hugger bell bottoms with wide belts, tank tops with shirts underneath, "earth" shoes, and straight hair parted down the middle???? As we said back in those days "Right on!!!!!"

LOL, Sheila

DustyLu - LOL! Aqua net where did you go! I used that stuff all the time and couldn't get my hair big enough! Thank you for sharing! Your classic! lulu

Traci - I remember those days! Adorable!!

Michele - Don't even have words, have seen them before but tonight for some reason they struck me as funny… just keep getting better with age.

Tracey - Give me a G…give me a L…give me an O…I must say I think that the eyebrows might impress me more than even the hair…hilarioius at its best! Love you! Mybe we need to do a 80's night!

In the grand scheme of things - I miss my big ol hair to! The leggings with the long sweaters, big bead necklaces with high top reeboks.

Mary Beth - this made my night. girl sam and libbys are BACK..i bought the coolest color of blue the other day (not s and l brand but looked JUST like mine from 8th grade) and my college fashionista babysitter totally approved and thought they were so cute!!! you look so cute in these pics. post more.
love you! ps. did you know i am 14 wks pregnant and puking like only we can? wink.

the lady of the house - We're SOOOOO friends :)

Little Leslie - I had short big hair! and thick eyebrows. with big earrings, and I'm only 4' 11". I was 95lbs. The earrings were bigger than me.

paige - you really did it!!!!
oh my word…makes me love you even more
& seriously
you rocked that 80's look my friend,
rock it

ps….signed, lover of all tings bon jovi too xo

Megan - You are hilarious! I love that you can laugh at yourself – not everybody can! Big hair and all, you are a cutie! And those Sam & Libby shoes are still cute!

Morning T - Tara you look absolutely amazing~ big hair, eyebrows and all!! So pretty and so brave. ;)

Patti - I have some big hair pictures too!!! And the eyebrow thing….all I can say is..been there..done that!! lol…You were and are adorable…I think that beautiful face of yours could handle any trend!!! You wore it well!!!

Another girl from the 80's =) lol!

blondiensc - oh girl I am quite positive we were friends in jr high cause I totally looked like that too…huge hair and bangs that you curled and fluffed, and sprayed in the front of your head, goodness, I am glad that times have changed and so have I! thanks for sharing!

Woodard Gang - We would of totally been friends in high school girl! My favorite Sam & Libby's were purple with a green palm tree on the toe…LOL!

Kristi - Love this! I know my yearbook pictures look VERY similiar! :) Unfortunately I still have big hair, the flat hair look never was right for me!! :) Apparently I should live in the south :)

Playing Sublimely - I soooo like you!

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