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Raising Modern Day Knights

My husband recently finished reading How to Raise a Modern Day Knight.
If you’re raising boys, he says this is a must read.
So, he’s sitting here with me giving me the overview of the book, which is a little bit hilarious.
One thing you have to know about me and Andy….
I am a precise personality….details, details, details.
He is a generalist in his personality…big picture kind of guy.
The best way to describe us…
I’m famous for giving the Oprah version of any story and he’s famous for giving the ESPN version.
Here’s his best effort at some details for us.:)
3 basic truths from the book.
  A vision for manhood.
 The dream of what your life should be.
 A code of conduct 
The honor by which you live.
  A transcendent cause.
 The motivation by which you pursue the code of conduct.
4 basic manhood principals for vision.
a man rejects passivity, stepping bravely into each moment.
a man accepts responsibility 
a man leads courageously with truth.
a man expects the greater reward, not doing anything out of selfish ambition.
3 primary responsibilities of a man for the code of conduct.
 a will to obey {God’s will}
a work to do, not only in his job, but at home, in his church and in his community.
a woman to love..his wife.
A transcendent cause is the motivation behind everything.
It must be truly heroic, a noble endeavor calling forth bravery and sacrifice.
 It must be timeless, containing significance beyond the moment.
It must be supremely meaningful, pulsating with purpose.
I’m so blessed that Andy is the kind of man that longs to teach our boys how to be men.
After finishing this book, 
he talked to the boys about what he read and they talked about a vision for their manhood.
It took about two seconds for him to decided to make a sign for their room.
He wanted something ever-present and in front of them reminding them of their vision.
The quote on their sign is from Alfred Lord Tennyson, and our boys love it!!
If you’d like one, we’re selling them, along with our family rules signs!
You are welcome to use the quote that we used or come up with your own!
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