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Raised to New Life.

My kids and I headed to North Georgia to see my family on May 9th, 
when my husband left on a trip to India for two weeks with our college students.
After his trip, he joined us, and we united with family and friends as he baptized both of our boys.
At our home church, all of the baptisms are held in the Chattahoochee River.
The sweetest older couple in the church live on this beautiful river, 
and they graciously let the church have all of their baptisms on the property.
It is always a huge celebration service with all the music, food and fellowship that you can imagine.
 Luke & Seth both accepted Christ several years ago, but they couldn’t imagine being baptized 
anywhere else on Earth other than this river in North Georgia!
Because the river stays so cold most of the year, the church is limited to summer baptisms.
We have never been able to be home when they have one of these huge celebration services, 
so we finally decided to just have our very own!
When my husband asked the boys why they loved God, they both replied,
“because he loves us so much.”
And, when he asked them why they wanted to be baptized, they both replied,
“because we want the world to know that God loves us and we love him!”
No wonder God wants us to come to him as children..their faith is so simple and concrete.
It really is His kindness and love that lead us to Him,
and baptism is the public profession of our faith in his love for us and his work in our hearts.
Colossians 2:12
For you were buried with Christ when you were baptized. And with him you were raised to new life because you trusted the mighty power of God, who raised him from the dead.

Lord, help them to know and understand more fully 
that the same power that raised you from the dead
lives and moves and works in them!!!

Cat - This made me cry. So special and wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I think of you often! Love and blessings, cat



kerrie of sea cottage - This comment has been removed by the author.

paige - that is awesome!!!!
oh my goodness!
i think everytime i drive over the hooch,i’ll think of ya’ll!!!

kerrie of sea cottage - Such happy times. ox

Jana @ The Summer House - What a sepecial time for your family. God is good.
xo Jana

Kim - What a beautiful moment! LOVE!

Deborah - This is so precious!
What a soecial time for them and you!!
Bless you all!!

Deborah xoxo

Life with Kaishon - This is so beautiful Tarah. I am thankful they were able to be baptized by their father. And so thankful they know Jesus loves us so much. So, so beautiful!

Janie Fox - how wonderful…i just know your heart was bursting! We had a grand daughter dedicated today and that is how I felt. Congrats to you and your boys…HE does love us so!

Lissa - this is wonderful tara! what a wonderful day and memory!

Ginger - Precious beyond measure! Our church has summer baptisms in the river as well if someone requests it. (Indoors the rest of the year–lately every Sunday; yay!)

Kim B. - My FAVORITE blog of the day!! So happy for you & your boys, what a BLESSING!! Gave me chills reading & seeing the beautiful pictures :)

Rebecca - I’m thrilled for your family! Makes me want to be baptized all over again. I do love the Lord so much and want everyone to know it!

Restoration House - Ah so awesome! Thanks for sharing this! I remember my husband baptized our daughter Faith, what a special time in their life, will never forget it!

thetwistedruffle - congratulations! those pictures are priceless, how wonderful to have your own husband to baptize his boys!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things - This is so beautiful – what a precious moment for your family!! We will rejoice for all eternity!!

xoxo – Tracy.

Megan - This is beautiful – I love that their Dad baptized them and the expressions on their faces in the photos! Such meaning and such a testimony for your kids. Glad to know that things are well in your world!

LLH Designs - What an unforgettable moment! I love that they were baptized in a river. Sure beats the niceand tidy sprinkles I received. ;) A beautiful picture of how we need a complete cleansing, not just a sprinkle of grace.

Missed you, but have so respected your priorities.


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