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Project Weeknight Meals…

We are two days away from another school year starting up, and I’m on the prowl to get life organized.
I cook at least 5-6 nights each week, and my least favorite day of the week is meal planning.
Pinterest has made it tons easier, but even still, it’s such a chore.
I’m a space cadet most weeks because I can’t remember what I served the night before….much less the week before.
If I kept my weekly menu plans on something other than a piece of scrap paper, it’d be awesome.
But I don’t.
That’s my next project…some sort of hub station in our kitchen for a calendar and message board.
I bet I’m not the only one who could use some help with a menu plan.
I put together 25 easy meals that have been tested and approved on my family.
I’ve got a couple of picky mcpickersons over here, so if they like it, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s good.
I’ve got easy sandwich options, a few breakfast for dinner recipes and some crockpot meals.
I hope this is as useful for you as I plan on making it for me!
The hope is that I can rotate all of these so that I don’t have very many repeats each week.
If you click on each link, it’ll take you to the original site for the desired recipe.

Jboo - Great idea — I’m the worst at meal planning and cooking!! I will definitely be checking some of these out! Thank you!

Starr - Love this post! Pinned it! Super helpful.

slip4 - I dislike meal planning, but when I do I feel so much less stressed. Thanks for sharing these meals, Tara!

carissa @ lowercase letters - this is fabulous. i need all the help and inspiration i can get!

Blondie's Journal - I try to cook a few new recipes a week and mix in a few tried and true, simple meals to give myself a break. Breakfast for dinner is a go to, and sometimes it’s just something super simple like Sloppy Joe’s and chips or chili and hot dogs. You save money that way, too.


Kelly - These sound delicious- and we already adore the buffalo chicken quesadillas! That has become a staple around here:-) Thanks for the links- I am all about easy right now for menu planning, and someone else doing it for me is the best!

Kristin Thomas - Thanks for the ideas and inspiration, Tara! I think deciding what’s for dinner is the hardest part about making it – and deciding before 3pm, so there’s time to defrost something and run to the store for whatever ingredient is missing! I use to shake my head at my mom when I’d get home from school and ask, “What’s for dinner?” She’d let out a long sigh and say, “I don’t know….” I’d think (TO MYSELF, thankfully), “You’ve been home all day with nothing else do do. How do you not know what you’re making for dinner?” Now I know….
When I do plan ahead, I have a whiteboard hanging in the kitchen (a chalkboard would be cuter!), and I put the dinner plan for the week on it. It’s a visual reminder to go to the freezer in the morning, and better yet, I don’t have to hear the dreaded question because everyone can read it for themselves….

Sarah - I’m getting ready to gear back up to cook again. This summer I haven’t cooked nearly as much as I’d like to. I use a menu planning sheet from tip junkie. It helps me tremendously. I just pinned the buffalo chicken quesadillas and bought the stuff to make them. Please keep these yummy posts coming!

Christy - You are the bees knees! Thank you eversomuch for the help. I’ve been doing pretty good meal planning for a while now. I agree, it’s not my favorite part of the day either. I’ve been using Ziplist (free), and it helps a lot. I love being able to load any recipe I find on the www to my virtual recipe box and then being able to form a menu plan which gives me a grocery list I can access from my phone. Very cool!
Happy eating!

Jennifer - What a wonderful post and resource! I thank you and my family thanks you! :-)

Amanda - this was such a great post! I cook about 5 times a week and have fallen into a rut of making the same things. This was a great jump start for some fresh meal-planning :)

Tracy - I love cooking for my family…thanks for the wonderful ideas.

Barbara Nelson - Love this picky or not its hard to not get in a rut, i lve your pinterest boards.0

Anne Marie - I love you for this! thank you!!! (hopefully Jason will love it too :)

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