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I thought I’d show you some pictures of the house and how it is progressing.
I always forget to take a “front on” picture, so the front door is between the stone and the brick.
*Just in case you’re wondering*
The builder had completely built the house and added the brick when we bought the home.
We were able to pick the stone and the exterior color.
The only problem was, we bought the house at the point when he needed the color stat.
There are seven homes in the culdesac, and four of them are a shade of brown.
We knew we wanted something in the gray/beige family to go with the gray in the brick & stone.
So, with only a couple of days to deliberate on it, we chose Perfect Greige by Benjamin Moore.
Because the brick is darker in color, as is the stone, 
we really wanted to go with something lighter on the exterior.
We’re looking forward to seeing the dark shutters and gutters on it in a week or so.
I think those will make a huge difference in it’s overall appearance.
We’re also hoping that landscape will add another dimension.
Right now, it looks like a sea of RED with the dirt and the brick!!
Here’s the back of the house with our deck.
We added four feet to the size of it because apparently,
deck size is to my man what kitchen cabinets are to me. 

So, here’s my our kitchen.
I knew I wanted white cabinets with white subway tile,
and I thought I wanted white countertops, but with stainless steel appliances, 
I thought it’d be a tad more modern than I prefer.
Plus, those white countertops were way out of the builder’s budget, 
so we went with this builder grade granite, and I really like it.
I picked out the rubbed bronze knobs & pulls for the cabinets to tie into the countertops.
The subway tile is going in this week, and we can’t wait to see it in there!
This is the eat in area in the kitchen.
I’ll put our barn table in front of those windows that you see.
The door that is open beside the windows is my pantry.
This is the light fixture that I ordered for the eat-in area in the kitchen.
This is our family room, and we love the 12 foot ceilings.
The door that you see goes onto the deck.
This room is completely open to the kitchen and eat-in area.
There is bright sunlight in every single space in this house, and we love it!
This is the front door.
It has the window panels on top and on both sides.
Eventually, we’ll add one of those doors that has a window 3/4 of the way down.
The open doorway that you see leads into the dining room.
This isn’t the exact light that I chose for the foyer, but it’s very, very similar.
Here’s the dining room.
We added board & batten, and we’re very pleased with the look of it.
The painters haven’t finished the interior painting, so it’s hard to tell the color.
We chose Summer Breeze by Porter Paints.
{It’s the lightest color that you see on the walls.}

This is the light fixture that I ordered for the dining room.
This week and next they are finishing landscape, tile and staining our hardwood floors.
It’s been a whirlwind of a couple months, but the journey has been so worth it.
Never in a million years did we ever imagine we’d be moving into a brand new home.
The housing market here is bizarre.
There are homes that are ten-fifteen years old that need a TON of work 
for the same price that this new home is costing us.
Uhmmmm…that decision is easy after renovating four homes in ten years!!!
We’ll take the new one, please.
{thankful for}
326. My MRI scheduled for today…praying for a solution to the pain. {prayers please}
327. a rainy day for staying inside.

Urban Farmgirl - How fun! I can’t wait to see it all pulled together! It is going to be amazing!! ;o)


Tricia - Oh Tara, your new house is a beauty! I can’t wait to see it all done. I love everything you’ve picked out. Did you ask your builder if you could get the door with the window right now? The one that’s currently on there, might just be the construction door. We don’t usually put the actual door on until the very end so it doesn’t get all banged up.

paige - i can’t imagine how fun & exciting it would be to move into a brand new home …one where you get to pick out detail choices!!! i love what you’ve chosen so far!! oh my word!!

i’ll be praying for the mri…is this your back?

Beth - I love the light fixtures and the board & batten! Praying for your pain!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - My lands this is going to be GORGEOUS! I am loving every thing you are picking to pieces!!! Can’t wait to see it all come together. Makes me want to come sit on that back deck and sip lemonade or iced tea with you! :)

Okay praying for you and the MRI. If you send out a text message or something with how it went will you include me so I can know/be praying? (I think I gave you my #.)

Ginger - Everything looks so great! I couldn’t be more excited for you and all the decorating that’s in your near future. We’ve been updating our kitchen and I picked out some similar knobs and pulls, if not the same ones, for my kitchen a few weeks ago! By the way, I’m due for an MRI, too. Nothing pain-related, thankfully. I’m so sorry you’re walking through this and praying you get some clear answers and major relief.

Laura at By the Bushel - Thinking of you today and praying for some relief from pain. The house is beautiful. :)

Sheri - I’m living vicariously through you right now. You’re in the state we want to move to, AND into a new house! I love the light that comes through those windows – and I’m really diggin that seagrass pendant. I would love to have somewhere to hang that. When do you move in?

Christy - I. love. your. light fixtures! Everything looks so pretty!

Little Leslie - What a great space. I love all the light too. Live happy long lives there!!!

Kristi - Praying your MRI reveals what is going on! Your new house is beautiful Tara, your blessed! And I almost bit the bullet and got that PB lantern for our mudroom but I just couldn’t do it, loL! I can’t wait to see what you picked!! :)

Merri Jo - What a lovely, lovely house–LOVE your light fixture choices! I’m enjoying watching the process until you finally make it your home! I will pray for your pain–I have far too much understanding of chronic pain that limits many activities that I once took for granted. May the healing hand of Jesus, the Great Physician touch you in His perfect timing.

Blondiensc - Everything is coming along so perfectly! I love your choices, and goodness the Deck is fantastic, just think of all the fun summer parties you will have! thanks for sharing your adventure with us Tara! I cannot wait to see it all come together! muwahhh, T

Handbags*N*Pigtails - What a blessing to be able to pick and choose everything the way you want it:) How fun! Thanks for sharing the progress with us..

Farmgirl Paints - It’s beautiful! Every single detail…so you. Praying for that MRI. I feel out of touch.

GLENDA CHILDERS - Your home is so lovely. White kitchen cupboards are my favorite, too. Praying for a strong sense of God’s presence as you have your MRI and for answers. (good ones.)

theelizabethhighsmith - love rainy days
love bright light!!!
love seeing you get to OWN a home

prayers for you too!!!

Michele - THank you. Love every single detail!!!!

Barbara - What a beauty she’s turning out to be how exciting, best of luck on the MRI.

Alicia - oh girl!! this is gorgeous! i can’t wait to see the finished product. you’ve picked pretty much every single thing i would have! great taste ;)

Kelli - I love the light fixtures you are getting for your home. How exciting!

Megan - This is so exciting and I LOVE what you have picked out! I can already envision you guys and your things within those rooms! The board & batten looks so nice in the dining room and I can see the kids loving that backyard! I am wondering what you chose for the kitchen floor? We are trying to decide between new tile or hardwood in our kitchen, so I am curious about yours.

Tiffini - it is gorgeous Tara
I love the light fixtures…the open and airy feeling
I can see it all now..with your little family there making it a home..

hey and email me on your mri when you find out

crazy excited with you girl:)
love ya big

LLH Designs - I continue to be SO excited for you and to love what God has brought you out of the waiting!

PS – And absolutely YES to meeting in person when I’m in Franklin!!! Can’t WAIT!!!!

Cat - Love it all! And, praying for you and the pain. I got your comment too and I’ve been praying for you every time I think of you! xoxo, cat

Tessa - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. love the board and batten in the DR, love the light fixtures, love the tall ceilings and pretty french doors in the FR, and the bright cheerful kitchen. I know I’ve already said it, but I am just SOOO thrilled for you and your family!

Deborah - Lifting you up right now Tara for a touch from our Father…
Love your beautiful new home…how warm it looks and I cant wait to see it as you make it home.
Love all your choices and that deck is beautiful!
Blessings sweet friend xoxoox

Deborah xoxo

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