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I used to be a scrapbooker.  Ever heard of Creative Memories?  Been to a “Crop ’till you drop” party?
I would go a few times a year sporting my cart full of supplies like I was getting paid for it.  You could spot me easily. I was the girl who came, sat down, spread her stuff out and worked non-stop until they told us to leave.
I’ve made scrapbooks since middle school.  I think I’ve got every movie stub from 1985-1991. No joke.
But when I became a mother, I took it to a whole new level of crazy.  Keeping up with my kids’ scrapbooks was something that hung over my head because it was so hard to stay on top of it.

I was on a roll and doing good to keep up with all of it until we left for China to bring Lydia home.
Something about the third kid and moving to Orlando and starting a blog sort of put a fork in scrapbooking.  
Over the past several years, I’ve tried to organize and store our pictures on CDs, and I even have a scrapbook board on Pinterest because deep down I’m holding out hope that one day I’ll get back to it.  
But the truth is, I don’t know if I’ll ever find the hours that it takes to create those books like I used to.  I’m thinking a shutterfly book or one of those cool blurb books is the way to go from here on out!  
Anywho…this past year I joined Instagram, and it wasn’t too long afterward that I started seeing people printing their pictures.  When I saw a friend’s project at her house this summer, I knew it was time to do a little project of my own.  She told me about Printsagram, and within a few days I was ordering 48 of my very favorite shots from this past year.  I ordered the 4×4 pictures, and I was so excited to see that they’re on a thick card stock.
Within a few days my order arrived, and I used some twine I had on hand and a bag of small clothespins that I picked up from Hobby Lobby to create my miniature banners on the chalkboard.  
Y’all.  We love them.  I’ll randomly find my kids at different times staring at each of them.  Andy looked them over and over and over and thanked me several times for capturing memories for us.    My boys are even asking to have their pictures taken more. Miracles do happen!
I get such better candid shots on Instagram than I’ve ever been able to get with my big girl camera, mainly because there are so many times that I don’t want to carry my big Nikon.  A few months ago I bought an app called A Beautiful Mess so I can add messages to some of my pictures.
I think I’m going to order my favorite shots at the end of each year and write on the backs of all of them a little about each picture.  Even if I do eventually get back to scrapbooking, I don’t think I’ll ever regret capturing and printing all these amazing shots of our life together.
This might be my all time favorite picture of Lydia.  I can’t look at it without smiling.  She has the best laugh ever.

He surprised her on her birthday with pink roses, a pink starbucks drink and a pink cakepop.  He’s smitten.

We went to my parents’ house on Seth’s birthday, and mom surprised him with a mound of zebra cakes.  What you need to know is that I never buy zebra cakes, so my mom gave him a heaping pile of them.  This is Seth’s face when he’s on top of the world about something, and I captured it perfectly.

This is probably my favorite shot of our vacation this summer because it’s us doing our favorite thing, which is all of us cramming into bed together and snuggling.

She blew her first bubble after months of trying, and she’s been blowing them ever since.  We’re keeping bubblegum companies around the world in business.

She’s goofy.  She loves to make us laugh, and she does it often.  This is Andy’s favorite picture.  He has it stored in his phone, and he says he looks at it a few times a day because it brightens his day!
This is my MOST favorite tree in Athens in the fall.
Our Washington, DC trip from this past Christmas.  Andy and Luke are so alike, and I love that I captured them having a silly moment together.  That trip was amazing for us….such a special bonding trip…well, it was until I got food poisoning.  You’re lucky THAT wasn’t captured on Instagram!  
Have you printed your Instagram pictures?

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} - This is a wonderful way to capture those candid moments, Tara! I’ve had a problem with my Instagram account. It won’t let me upload photos anymore but I may just have to start a new account and hopefully it will work. I’ve been wanting to create a gallery wall of sorts of family pics and candids are so much more fun and interesting than posed shots. I appreciate you sharing what you used for printing and the text. I love the pic of all of your feet with the word LOVE-perfection!

carissa @ lowercase letters - perfection. love this!!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Ooh, I want to do this! Thanks for the info…I love your pics and your family. :)

Sindy - Thanks for the info! did you use the A beautiful mess app for Iphone? when I looked a saw a few of them.

Kelly - LOVE this! I’m with you, I so desperately want to scrapbook, but I decided long ago that I would rather live this life with them, than just document it. I’m thinking when they head off to college it will be a good way to occupy myself:-) (And glad I have a few years left!)

I love the idea of having them out like this to enjoy, and am absolutely going to order some, too. Thanks for sharing this!

Barbara - Love it, great reminder of Family.

Tracy - This is an awesome idea!! I hear ya with the CM…crop till you drop parties!! I do still scrapbook…just bought Becky Higgins Project Life..hoping that will be easier and then I can just scrap a whole 12 X 12 page whenever I feel like it. Being a mom of two “adult children” now…I totally think your idea with writing on the backs of the pictures is awesome. Great way to remember and document the moment…and when you’re ready to scrapbook again you have your information. Believe me you do forget!! Love your printsagram!!

paige - gosh, sorry i missed this earlier & hassled you wiht a text…my iffy/occasional internet access :(
LOVE your images my friend
& hope to get some of mine printed before i leave

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That - Love, love your memory board! I haven’t tried the popular Instagram. My daughter enjoys it, and I’ll have to share tihs idea with her.

As for me, I’m still on the scrapbooking wagon and I fear we are heading over a cliff soon and very soon. I’m trying to bounce back from being a year behind. I keep telling myself I’ll get there. I finally took all of my scrapbooking stuff and sprawled it east to west all over the dining room table. I stop by and work whenever the spirit moves me. Little by little and it will get done …. or so I hope.

GLENDA CHILDERS - Tara, This is so cool. Modern day Creative Memories. :)

My girls love A Beautiful Mess, even took a road trip to see their shop. Now they have started a beautiful sister blog of their own.


Lori Lucas - Last Christmas I had used Printsagram and bought the option where you could get 48 prints in a little box. I bought a set for each of my children and my parents. I used them as a stocking gift. They were HUGE hits. I have had them printed in three different sizes now. I have a big (tarnished) sterling silver tray that I have smack dab in the middle of my living room coffee table and I just pile the prints in there. Every single time someone uses that room, I see them going thru the pics. So fun! Lori Lucas

amber - i’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to get instagram.. this sold me! done.

loveLOVE this idea. and who knew you could print the pictures? genius.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I LOVe this. I am going to make the tiny books… I never scrapbooked ever! Can’t believe it but it’s true. Blogging became my scrapbook.

Sarah - This is fabulous. I have made yearly books with mine but I want to print some off and do some prints like this around the house. Just bought a huge frame at a yard sale. Now to just paint it and get it on the wall.. here’s to hoping that all those details take less than 6 months to complete ;)

lola davis - Thanks for sharing!instagram prints

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