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I have been MIA this past week….it seems like I have been for a few weeks, honestly.
We had a spontaneous trip to Orlando to see a dear friend and her awesome kids.
I’m trying to figure out how to post my instagram pictures to my blog, but so far, I’m not having any luck.
I’d love to show you our week in IG pictures….
I swear, instagram is so much fun because I feel like I get to know people better than I do with blogging.
You get to know so much more about someone through their pictures and posts.
It’s like blogging but better. Oops.  Did I really just say that?
I’d love to know your thoughts!

Okay…until I figure out how to post my instagram pics on here, I’ll show you a quick Pinterest project that I did.
I’ve mentioned it a hundred times before, but my rooms are always evolving.

I’ve got a board for kid’s rooms that is stocked full of ideas,
 and this is one of the ideas I’ve been wanting to do with Lydia for her room.
We picked up our supplies and got it completed last weekend, so I thought I’d show it to you.
I’m always really excited when I do one of the hundreds of projects that I pin on Pinterest.
Do you ever make any of the things you pin on Pinterest?
I’ve created a board called Tested & Approved for all the recipes & projects that I’ve done.
It’s a cool way to sort of hold myself accountable to actually do some of the things that inspire me over there.

{thankful for}
700. lydia’s gymnastics class
701. a warm fire.
702. finished laundry.
703.  yummy salmon burgers tonight for dinner.
704. talk time with lydia at bedtime.

The Avery House - Hi Tara! Love your new project! Very cute! Here’s one way to get your IG photos to your blog. You can put a blogger app on your phone and post you saved IG photos from there. I am sure there are other ways too like downloading your IG photos to your computer’s hard drive, but I like being able to write a blog post from my phone too! Have a fabulous week!

Megan - I love Pinterest and feel the same way when I actually make something from all of that inspiration! What a sweet project to make together. I love buttons…I save them just like my Grandma Hazel taught me. I am not on instagram, as I still do not have a smart phone, but you saying that it is better than blogging makes me super jealous! Wah.

Mary - that is such a sweet project!
AND…i love IG, too…like a lot! :)

maggie@septemberrust - what a great idea to have a tested and approved board. i just blogged about a churro waffle recipe i tried from interest that was delicious! super cute button frame, totally girly.

Starr - That little cupcake is nearly as sweet as Lydia! Love seeing her and Lauryn play at church. Sweetness.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh here’s how!! Get a snapwidet account…I have it on my side bar.. it lets you put that on your blog AND you can right click and save all your IG’s!!!

Barbara - So sweet!

Tiffini - you know what?
you DID this…i remember you saying it on IG that you were going to
do this project with lydia no matter what…and YOU DID:)
you inspire me to do some of my little pinterest projects. i am SO not good at it.
speaking of treehouses…i saw lydias drawing on ig and the other day on hgtv that bald guy…can’t think of his name did THE most amazing tree house i have ever seen. maybe you could google it. i want to build the gbabies something back there this summer. they have nothing to do and they are getting to the age i think they would love a playhouse or something. put a bug in andy’s ear…..ok…gotta go.
love ya

Kelli - So cute! I am not very good at making many of the things I post on Pinterest as well. I have made more “food” that I have pinned than anything else.
I am having the same problem with instagram…I can not get them on my blog. - One of my favorite things about your blog is reading the things you’re thankful for. It is a wonderful reminder for the rest of us to be grateful for the little (and big) things in life. Thank you! Oh – and I love the button cupcake!

Anne Marie - Yours is cute!!
I did something very similar for my bakery last May for the barn sale…I wish I would have saved it and framed it now – shoot! – I used the buttons

LLH Designs - Better than blogging? How so? Not that blogging is even all that appealing to me right now. ;) But I hear so many yucky things about instagram when it comes to young people…especially girls. So I haven’t wanted to venture into that knowing my girls watch everything I do. But tell me the good part, because I just keep hearing the bad. Even if I don’t get into it, I trust your heart and would love to know your perspective on IG.

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