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Pictures worth a thousand words.

I don’t think I ever showed you some of the other pictures we captured for Lydia’s five year old shots.
Our friend, Deven, drove the hour from my hometown to kill two birds with one stone.
We needed some family shots for our Christmas card, and we needed pictures of Lydia as a five year old.
We’re catching the tail end of her 5th year because she’ll be six in January, but better late than never.
I feel like that might be the mantra I live by a little too often
I love when people do what they love to do. I love when they find what it is they’re passionate about in life.
God is revealing more and more to me that I need to do the things that make me come alive.
He’s showing me that my love of words is from Him, 
and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Him for allowing me to do something from home 
with something that means so much to my heart.
Deven has clearly found one of her passions, and we are forever grateful.
It was near the end of our session, and she grabbed Lydia and ran to get a few shots without us.
There are so many that we absolutely love, but these are high up on the list.
Our girl is obsessed with Fancy Nancy, so I’m thrilled that years and years from now,
 she’ll have a picture that captures her favorite books at this age.
Meanwhile, WE are obsessed with her beautiful almond eyes, 
so can you imagine how I screamed when I got this picture back that I didn’t even know Deven was taking?
I screamed.
 Pictures really are worth a thousand words.
I love that when there are no words to describe what my heart feels, God knows.

He knows that my heart sings praise to him tonight…
601. for our girl…five whole years since Gotcha Day.
602. for the passion that God has given Deven to capture life for people.
603. for her mom, who came with her and loved on my kids.
604. for the beautiful botanical gardens.
605. for my grandfather’s hands that made that gorgeous, chippy white chair.
606. for those eyes.
607. for boys who love and protect their baby sister.
608. for my passion for words that speak life.
609. for the call to action that he is speaking to my heart about serving and loving people in our community.
610. for my candle that smells like a Christmas tree..I don’t know what smells better…our actual tree or the candle!
611. buffalo chicken soup..y’all need to seriously try it this week!
612. for a full heart…a heart that is overflowing.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - Suh a beautiful girl and you are raising her to have a beautiful heart.

Brandi - Lydia is so precious. Her pictures are truly beautiful.

T - Your joy is contagious.

Beautiful photos. Beautiful “words” to live by.

paige - beautiful beautiful my friend!!!
i love her precious fun personality…just like her mama!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Just lovely.

Sheri - Love those pics! I wish i was more on top of the picture taking thing. I love that you mention that God is calling you to do what makes you come alive. I am asking for that right now – praying for it fervently. If you have any good scripture to reference, i would love if you shared it :)

Sandy - She’s a beautiful little girl! I know you are extremely proud of her!
Kudos to you & your hubby for raising such amazing children.
God bless you & all your family this Christmas season.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh what a gift these photos are.

The Avery House - You have the most beautiful little girl Tara and I just love these precious captures that your friend was able to get. I just want to tell you too that you do have a real gift for words and I am glad that you are feeling God’s gentle nudgings towards the gifts that he has given you. Your passion is God’s passion for these same things. Your use of his gifts allows him to shine through you, When this happens, you experience true joy as only God can give. You are a blessing to many and it IS because you allow God to shine through you in your use of your gifts and talents. Keep on shining friend!

Kelli - She is beautiful! I love here cute outfit. I have a little one here who loves Fancy Nancy as well.

Tiffini - she is priceless
what a gift to always have
i am so blessed to have met you and walk alongside
you life…someday we will be saying..she’s 16!
oh my
happy Wednesday..praying your day is full of awareness of Him today

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