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Pictures as I Promised…


Remember here
when I told you that I started one project which led to another project and another project
and another project?

I told you I’d try to show you pictures, and I think that might have been over a week ago.
Time goes by fast when you’re keeping your brother’s kids for a week!
These are not all the spaces that I re-organized, but I thought I’d show you a few….

My organization strategies aren’t rocket science and they sure don’t look magazine worthy,
but I have systems that are user friendly for our family
and everyone can help keep up with them.

We all participate in keeping up with the organization in our house.
My kids know how to put away their laundry,
and they know how to organize their toys in the bins.
{putting away laundry and toys in this house doesn’t mean throwing it in their closets.}

I also try to always include them when I have to do a major clean out of their closets so that they’ll appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping things in order.

I’m not as much of a perfectionist as I used to be, but I definitely function better in a house with order.
And, honestly, my husband and kids do, too.

My house isn’t always organized.
In fact, I wish I had the energy right about now to take a picture of the current state of my house.
Somebody tell me why I organized every inch of the house
before my niece and nephew arrived
and not after they left?

Right at this very minute I spy….

a sink full of dishes.
a very large fort with every blanket that I own.
movies thrown everywhere because it’s so much easier to choose one if you get all of them out.
dirty clothes all over bedroom floors even though they know where my laundry room is.
toothpaste covering my bathroom vanity and the mirrors above them.
shoes.  so many shoes everywhere I look.
Did you read the part where I told you that I’ve got my niece and nephew this week?
I wouldn’t trade any amount of organization in the world for having them here with us.
I’ll clean and RE-ORGANIZE next week!

Are you as impressed as I am that toothpaste is everywhere?
It means they’re all brushing their teeth!!!
Five kids for one week.
13, 12, 11, 9 and 4
All of you super heroes out there with four and five and six kids….
I’m in awe.

paige - yay you on the organization.
i am so compulsive with needing things in their places…good grief.
i’m getting a little wonky as we speak because we leave in 2 days for vacation & 7564 things need to happen between now & then. oh my…


Tiffini - bless your heart! I just had a fort ( with every blanket sheet that I own ) in my dining room. I gotta say though – she is 11 and still gets a kick out of building forts for her nephew and friends. I’ll take that anyday over what other 11 year olds are into;) So I’m with ya with everything you said. ALthough – I need to do some organizing myself. Aren’t we lucky that we have the joy of taking care of these gifts called kids? Love ya

janis - This made me smile♥ I do crazy things like that…or well, I use too. I have more time now that my children & nieces & nephews are all grown up.
I couldn’t help but notice the games… Wouldn’t it be nice if they all came in more standard sizes? That always drove me crazy when we had dozens of games. We are down to just a few now, but I still cringe when the don’t fit nicely on the shelves!

Amy - I love organization! And I appreciate it when it is not magazine-worthy. I hate the way those magazine photos can make me feel so discontent and pathetic.

Deborah - Im so impressed Tara!!
Beautiful…doesn’t it feel good to organize?!
When I see something that I’v (finally) organized I could stare at it for awhile in awe. Lol
It doesnt stay like that for too long here!
It sounds like theres a lot of fun going on there in the midst of the toothpaste!!

Deborah xoxo

Farmgirl Paints - oh girlie that’s got to feel soooo good. i’ve been purging while i pack and i’m in complete disgust at how much crap we have. the movers come in a little over a week and they aren’t going to have anything to do. i had to get it done myself.

Blondie's Journal - I am not so much an organizer as I am a clean freak {I hate to admit that}. If I can start my day with a clean house, I am a happy camper. I like how you operate and will definitely have a look at my closets. How you did it with five kids there is a miracle in itself!! Great job!


Little Leslie - I’m exhausted just reading this. Looks good though. have a great 4th!

LLH Designs - Looks like you and I were organizing some of the same spaces. Kiddo closets almost do me in. I always find hidden things stuffed away!

You’re a super sweet aunt.


Ann - Props to you for taking the time to get organized… I know I still have to do some organizing as in right now… but I have too many excuses ♥

Have a lovely weekend ♥

hometown girl - it looks great! i love when that motivation to organize comes! i know what you mean about the kids, i have three and God Bless the mom’s that have more! that’s a lot of mouth’s to feed! susan

Mrs. Pancakes - Just found and wow I’m impressed! You can teach a class on organization! - Wow, so organized!!! I am so impressed! I’m the same way – one project always ends up leading to several others. It’s a big ordeal to organize!

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