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Friday Favorites~A Home Tour Round-up!

Who else is glad it’s Friday? We’ve got our staff Christmas party tonight, and I’m looking forward to having a wonderful meal with dear friends. I got my nails painted red this morning, and I stretched myself and got a fun leopard blouse to wear.  Some of the younger gals on staff at the church even talked all of us old ladies into wearing fake eye lashes.  Lots of “firsts” for me in one night… red nails, fake lashes, or leopard print wouldn’t be a “go-to look” for me, ever.  This will either work out just fine or be an EPIC fail.  Stay tuned!

Today is the last day of Jennifer Rizzo’s “Deck the Halls” holiday house walk. She featured 32 homes from bloggers all over the United States, and I can honestly say that almost every single style ever created under the sun has been showcased. I’m sure you’re like me and found more inspiration than you knew what to do with for one Christmas season!

I thought I’d do a round-up of some of my favorite rooms or vignettes from the week. What were some of your favorites?

Who else wants Ashley and Jamin to be their parents?  Those two know how to put some FUN in Christmas.

Who else wants Ashley and Jamin to be their parents? Those two know how to put some FUN in Christmas.



Melaine’s dining room is always an absolute favorite of mine!


Beth paired one of our Christmas signs with those DIY stars that she created.  I could look at this one picture all day long.  Check out that beautiful tree in the background trying to steal the show.

Beth paired one of our Christmas signs with those DIY stars that she created. I could look at this one picture all day long. Check out that beautiful tree in the background trying to steal the show.

This?  This is my idea of the perfect porch.

This? This is my idea of the perfect porch.

My life needs a gold "Hey Y

My life needs a gold “Hey Y’all” sign in it.

Melissa made that dreamy lamp.  I

Melissa made that dreamy lamp. I’ll take two, please. And, lets just talk about how awesome it is that she didn’t put the art right over the chest. I love it.


I’m digging candles in votives this year, and Paige schooled me on how to do it beautifully. Her ENTIRE house makes me drool. And who doesn’t love Brinkley? He’s the most loved dog in blog land.

I want to curl up in Jeanne

I want to curl up in Jeanne’s big comfy chair and have coffee with her. You don’t think that’ll freak her out, do you?


Anybody else painting their nails red and wearing fake lashes and leopard print this weekend?
Come on…join in the conversation!

What are your weekend plans?

paige - hilarious…my nails are always grey or black or navy…and i JUST asked caroline…hmmmm, how about i have them done in red for the next two weeks?
who says WE don’t know how to have fun!

Lori H - We need some photos of you on this adventurous evening! My fingernails are so short that I am afraid of what they would look like in red. My toenails alternate between a summer red and a winter red. Tonight, we have a couple of friends coming over to test out a champagne punch recipe that I might make for our big Christmas party on the 14th. They haven’t seen Love Actually so we are going to watch that too! Hoping that Buffalo Chicken Chili goes with the punch, but I imagine we won’t care :) Tomorrow is our day to get outdoor things done before the looming ice storm on Sunday. Have fun tonight!

Karli - New reader here! Love your blog and so happy I found you through the holiday tour. We have a holiday party this weekend too. I was just thinking of painting my nails red and I may wear my leopard scarf too. I’m sure you’ll look beautiful!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Okay missy I better see an instagram of those fake eyelashes and leopard. You cute THING!

I wanted to just comment back to you on every single picture and comment you left. I was nodding my head and going Oh my goodness, YES to these. You totally need that hey y’all sign. Get it! And the star with your sign? Total genius. Love that you share these with us… such a sweet generous blogger you are.

Juli Elgin - I loved the homes tour and was amazed at how many of your signs I saw. Almost every home had at least one.

Sharon - I’m glad I found your blog! So funny about the firsts being epic. Please post one picture of party. Too much fun!
Happy Holidays,

Melissa @ The Inspired Room - Thank you so much for sharing my photo from the Christmas house tour, and all these lovely lovely blogger’s homes. :-) You are a sweetie!

Becky - There is SO much eye candy this year it’s almost too much. I’m numbed out by the goodness:-) That Paige. I swooned over all her spaces. Beautifully talented women!!

Starr - You looked awesome in your leopard shirt! Loved it. Everyone looked so great last night!! Amazing group.


Christmas house tour 2013

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by to see our Christmas home tour. If you’re new here, I’m Tara from between you & me. I’m wife to Andy and mama to Luke, Seth, and Lydia and our fur-baby, Max. I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll enjoy peeking into our home this Christmas season.

2013 Christmas House Tour at between you and me

I was super excited when Jennifer Rizzo invited me to join her “Deck the Halls” Christmas house walk this year.
She is featuring around thirty homes in the tour, and everyone involved has unique styles of their own,
so there’s enough inspiration for everyone!

jenn rizzo button

If you haven’t been following along all week, be sure to visit Jenn to see the homes from Day one, Day two, and Day three.


I hope you’re visiting me now from Kelly at View Along the Way. She has created quite the Christmas scene for her family {and for you} to enjoy!

Go ahead and snuggle up under a warm blanket with your favorite cup of warm something.  I hope you enjoy your few minutes here in our home, and more importantly, I hope you leave refreshed and inspired.

2013 Christmas Tour -between you and me

You’ll notice right off the start that I’ve got a theme going strong this year. It’s called simple. I swear, the older I get, the more simple it becomes. I have promised my kids that I’ll always put up a tree and hang a wreath on the door, but between you and me, everything else is up for grabs.

2013 christmas home tour-between you and me

This season easily and quickly gets filled with work parties and school parties and school plays and town Christmas parades and cookie exhanges and ornament exchanges and open houses at our favorite local shops. All those things are great fun, but at the end of our busy nights, I want us to walk in and be able to take a deep sigh of relief that we are h.o.m.e.

2013 christmas home tour-between you and me

2013 christmas home tour-between you and me

There isn’t anything more satisfying to me than hosting family and friends around our table. The meals are never fancy, but the fellowship is always sweet. At the beginning of each new year, Andy and I make a list of people we want to invite into our home and around our table. There is always room for spontaneity, but if we aren’t intentional with a plan, it usually won’t happen. Life is so much better connected.

2013 christmas home tour-between you and me

2013 christmas home tour-between you and me

2013 christmas home tour-between you and me


I’ll be back next week to share about our 25 acts of random kindness!

2013 christmas tour-between you and me

I made the anthropologie knock off wreath a few weeks ago.  You can find the tutorial for it here.

I made the anthropologie knock off wreath a few weeks ago. You can find the tutorial for it here.

My Jesus painting is from a local artist.  It

2013 christmas home tour

Earlier, I mentioned that I

Earlier, I mentioned that I’ve promised my kids to always put up a tree and hang a wreath on the door. This hot chocolate bar is something I have promised them I’d always do, too. They love it! The only rule is that they can only have 1 hot chocolate per day. I want them to keep their teeth!

2013 christmas home tour

When we were first married, we went to seminary up in Kentucky and lived in a 600 sf apartment in family housing. Our first few christmas trees looked like Charlie Brown trees because I couldn’t imagine buying a box of ornaments that had no special meaning. A family tradition was born that very first Christmas together, when we decided to buy each other an ornament every Christmas. My parents and my brother and his wife joined us on the ornament swap, so it didn’t take long for us to collect a tree full of beautiful ornaments, each with special meaning. We decided to continue this tradition when our kids came along, so one day, they’ll leave home {insert tears!} with their own box full of ornaments for their trees.

2013 christmas home tour

2013 christmas home tour

2013 christmas home tour

2013 christmas home tour


I’ve never had more fun wrapping Christmas gifts in my life. Pom-poms and wash tape. The end.

2013 christmas home tour


I’m so glad you took time to visit me today. Max is glad, too. Hope you have the Merriest Christmas!


They’re glad you came by, too!

The next stop on the house tour is with Jenn from City Farmhouse.  Be sure to head there

The next stop on the house tour is with Jen from City Farmhouse. Be sure to head there now…you’ll wanna grab another cup of your favorite something! You’re gonna be there a while…eye candy galore!

Kris Pare - Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and family. Love all the simple warm touches and that sweet hot cocoa bar! Did you create the painting over the mantel? Its gorgeous! Happy Holidays!

paige - oh friend, merry merry christmas!!
i do love your home. i always feel refreshed & inspired.
you’re the real deal & your warm and intentional home is a reflection of that.
i LOVE the table…the frazier fur branches….the sign ( of course i LOVE the sign) and all the tara touches

i’m dropping in next week. did i mention that?
i love you & wish you a merry merry christmas

Lisa - Tara, your home looks beautiful for Christmas. I love your simple wreaths and evergreens, and that gorgeous fireplace!! Enjoy the season with your family and thanks for sharing your home.

Jackie - Just lovely. xoxo

michele fry - Love the simplicity!!! It looks so welcoming, want nothing more than to come over and let the girls jump on the trampoline and we sit in front of the fire and chat and drink coffee!!

Heather - So beautiful Tara! First can I say I adore the idea of 25 Days of Kindness, can’t wait to see your post on that! Every single detail is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your home with us!


Becky - Soooo pretty. Love the Washi tape idea and hot chocolate bar. The bokeh on that snowman pic was beautiful. Home really is the place to be. Oh and that gorgeous sign in your dining room. So peaceful!

Kristi - You have a beautiful family and a lovely home! Thank you for sharing it all with us. I am going to try to the hot chocolate station today…my kids will love it!

angela - Your home is so gorgeous and inviting! I love that you decorated for Christmas with so many neutrals, too. Following you on Bloglovin. :)

Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

Lucy - Hi Tara! I love everything about this tour…it’s simple and yet feels so warm and cozy. Love it all. And what beautiful kiddies..xo

Kelly @ View Along the Way - Wow – your home is so, so beautiful. I love the simplicity, and I LOVE that you kept all the meaningful ornaments and didn’t just go for matchy. Beautiful home!

More holiday decorating! Holiday Housewalk Day 4…!!! - […] Then we’ll visit Between you and me […]

Emily B - Gorgeous! Every last detail is quite lovely. Wish I lived closer so we could enjoy a hot chocolate and morning chat. Talk soon!!

Christi {Jealous Hands} - Your Christmas home is beautiful!

Stacey - Your home is beautiful year round but your Christmas home is really special. Simple is better and prettier in my book. Merry Christmas!

Lissa - Beautiful family home for the Christmas season and gorgeous family as well. Merry Christmas Tara!

giosmama2626 - So rustic and beautiful. Love the details and it’s very inviting. Thank you for sharing your home with us.

Heather - Stopping by from the Holiday Housewalk. :) Your home is beautiful, and your photography is GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us (and washi tape? Brilliant!).

Jennifer Rizzo - Your home looks gorgeous as always and I love he art work! The Jesus with the dove is amazing! I love your home! Thank you so much for sharing it!!!

Laura @ Finding Home - As always, your home is SO beautiful and welcoming. You may be going for simpler, but elegance and comfort was not sacrificed! Merry Christmas!

Megan - Wow, you have been a busy little elf! I just love your home and your unique spin on tradition. And that sign in the dining room??!! Stunning.

jessica @fourgenerationsoneroof - Love the Christmas tree and mantel! The santa cocoa spot with the candy canes is adorable! I need to create one of those in my kitchen :)

Jeanne - I just love your cozy Home all decked out for Christmas. There’s so much inspiration! Thanks for the tour.

Chrissy - So gorgeous!!! Where did you find the amazing red-and-white ribbon?? And the awesome clock?

Pam McCuan - Your home is beautiful! I love, love the idea of using washi tape gor wrapping!

Suzette - Love, love, love the simplicity and the warmth! Like you, I am getting to the “less is more” stage with Christmas decorating. Your decorating feels less like Jingle Bells and more like Comfort and Joy. Beautiful!

Sara - I love every detail of your home. Thanks for the inspiration! Where did you get the washi tape for the gifts?

Christmas Home Tour - * View Along the Way * - […] check it out starting with day one right here… but make sure you hit the next stop on the tour: Between You and Me. Thanks so much for stopping by, buds! Happiest […]

Jedi Mama - Do you need a brand new friend? Because I would like to be that girl! And I’d like to invite you over for coffee, because wow! I think it would benefit me greatly to have you sit at our dining room table and look around my house and say things like, “This area rug really needs to go!” and “How do you function with THESE ugly throw pillows in your life?” and “You need a nice vintage sign with a piece of scripture painted on it on THIS wall.”

Your house tour was so much fun to take… Loved your holiday decor!

Sam - Your house looks gorgeous. My decorations get simpler the older I get too. Your decor has totally inspired me. Thanks :)

Jen Y - I love the house tours & seeing all the beautiful ideas.

We also have the ornament tradition. I boxed up my son’s ornaments a few weeks ago. He was married in October & they wanted to decorate their 1st tree Thanksgiving weekend. So my husband & I sat down & went through our son’s ornaments together. It was hard! We ended up keeping all the little paper ornaments he’d made when he was very small & the very 1st ornament we bought when I was pregnant with him at Christmas – just a few months before he was born. I can’t wait to see them all on their new tree though & their excitement about decorating their new home for Christmas far outwieghs the pain of passing time. Each new stage has such treasures to enjoy!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh girly I just love it all. I think “keeping it simple” is a theme that I’ve been hearing a ton of people say this year. I think it must be what we are all craving and you did a gorgeous job with it. As always. :)

Jennifer @ City Farmhouse - Hi Tara,
Your home is so beautiful! Your photography is stunning! I just adore your style and everything you create. Your family is adorable too!!! Happy Holidays, Jen

laura@Top This Top That - Tara- your holiday home is almost as beautiful as your heart! It’s perfect. Happy Holidays to you Andy and your kids!

Holiday House Tour 2013 - […] beautiful home from Between You and Me is no […]

Courtney - Gorgeous gorgeous~ I love your simple natural decorations- beautiful!! Sharing!!

stephanie - Thank you so much for the tour! I love your beautiful home and photography!

LLH Designs - I have to say that I’m not much of a Christmas home tour girl these days…maybe because I haven’t decorated yet and am not even that fired up about it. BUT, I always love seeing the homes of those whose hearts I adore. This is such a beautiful reflection of you and your love of Jesus. xo!

Vanessa - Tara your home is stunning!! It’s warm and welcoming with so many incredible details. That huge ‘O Holy Night’ sign in your dining room is amazing! So honored to be part of the tour with someone as talented as you are!

Karen Watson - Such a beautiful home!! I love your random kindness board, what a great idea!! Thanks so much for the tour!

Hollie - That sign! That tray on your dining room table! And the cross shape of those greenery sprigs in those vases! I love your beautiful, simple home.

Jennifer - Dear Lillie - Your home is so lovely! I especially love how you have the two wreaths hung and your beautiful dining room!

Christmas and holiday decorating ideas from 32 top home bloggers - […] for making this gorgeous “Holly Jolly” Christmas sign for me.   I love it so much!  Tara was Stop #20 on the House Walk, so be sure to go see her holiday […]

Jamie - Your home is stunning and your kids are adorable!!!! Your house is one of my fav.’s!

Beth@HomeStoriesAtoZ - Beautiful photography! Love all the sweet touches and the bokeh capture behind the Santa mug. Happy Holidays!

lee - Your house looks beautiful! Thank you for the reminder that beautiful doesn’t have to equal complicated.

Also, I like your ornament tradition. The first year we were dating, my now-husband and I decided to begin collecting ornaments. Every year, we pick one out that either represents something special from that year or highlights who we are as people (individually and together). With only four ornaments, we hang them on a wreath – but I definitely look forward to having an entire tree full of those memories.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas! =)

Melanie - Your house is so beautiful – and so are your children! :-) I have to ask where you got that gorgeous painting (the two flowers) on your mantle…*love* it!

2013 Holiday Housewalk Round up - […] 8. Between You and Me […]

Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle - So many beautiful details! LOVE your dining room! And, LOVE the idea of listing all of those to have over in a year…going to have to make my list :) Merry Christmas! Melissa

amy watson - I NEVER comment on blogs, really very very rarely, I like how you think, I love your home and the way the true meaning of Christmas comes through so beautifully, I too as a young wife and mother started very earl on to buy only “special” ornaments, and after 32 yrs we have a beautiful collection, and our daughter left home at 19 with her very own large box of special ornamnents.. a lot of them made by her as she was growing up…..I Loved your home tour, your home and your tree is beautiful :)

Sandy - You have a gorgeous home! Love the simplicity in your Christmas decorating. I’m going simple this year too. Your kids and fur baby are adorable. Thanks for opening your home to all your readers.

Kristi - This is beautiful! You have a wonderful gift of creating a very welcoming and simple home. I would love to know where you found your artwork: the one of jesus with the dove and the gorgeous one over your mantel. Would you mind sharing where you found them? Thank you!!

Kimber-Leigh - tara, everything looks lovely–fresh and crisp and clean and festive! i love all your ideas for incorporating fresh greenery in your home.

may i ask where the silent night, holy night pillows are from?

Mindy - Thank you for opening your home – so warm and inviting! I am ready for that cup of hot chocolate : )

Christy - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I’m SO with you on simplifying. I didn’t get even nearly all of our Christmas décor out, but it still looks like too much to me. Oh well, I making progress. Thanks for sharing your home. If we lived closer, my husband and I would definitely put you and your family on our list of folks to invite over for dinner! :) Thanks for the great idea. We love having friends over, but we have never made a list before. I think we shall try it in 2014.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room - One word: PERFECT. All of it.

I loved how you captured the essence of Christmas with elegance and simplicity.

Beautiful!!! xo

Schnelle Weihnachtsdekoration mit Tannengrün | ikarus - […] es besonders eilig hat, dekoriert flugs Windlichter mit Tannengrün wie der Between You & Me Blog: Einfach ein Roma Windlicht von Leonardo oder ein Light House Windlicht von Normann Copenhagen […]

Sherry Hart - Beautiful home and decor. It sounds like you know the true meaning of Christmas…..:)

Jen {at home in the northwest} - Your house looks beautiful! And I love your photography too!!! So lovely.

Donna - Your home and family are beautiful. Love the decorating. It’s just right! Where did you find those cute mercury glass lamps? Love the size.

Donna - Your home and family are beautiful. Love the decorating. It’s just right! Where did you find those cute mercury glass lamps? Love the size. Oh and the painting is great.


Cyber Monday Sale

Hi Friends!
I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful with family and friends. We made it back from a fast and furious trip to see Andy’s family down in Southern Georgia.

I realized this morning that I never mentioned to you last week that I was asked by Heather from Life Made Lovely to be part of her Home Made Lovely Series. My home tour at her blog was this past Friday, and in all of the chaos of trying to get out of town, I never told you! I hope you’ll head over to see the tour!  Heather is the lovely soul behind switching me to wordpress and doing my lovely blog makeover.

I also wanted to tell you about the Cyber Monday sale in our Etsy Shop.  It’s the largest sale we’ve ever offered.  We’ve got a few Christmas signs that we want to sale, so we can make room for new signs in the new year!  The 2×2 signs and the 1×4 JOY sign that you see are $90+shipping, and the 1 “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” 4×2 sign that you see is $110+shipping.  There aren’t many left to ship out, so it’ll be a “first come, first sold and shipped out” kind of sale.


And one more very awesome thing!!! Run don’t walk to see the amazing holiday house walk that Jennifer Rizzo is hosting again this year! It gets a little bigger and better every year. I’m honored to be able to participate again this year because there are some fabulous bloggers joining her for the first time!  My house will be on the tour this Thursday, so I’m gonna run finish up some details!


Here are the homes being featured on her blog today….


Jackie - Your home looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it decorated for Christmas. And do I spy new bar stools? They rock!

Angela - Just trying to receive your posts and follow you on Pinterest


Thanksgiving and Soap Operas


Did any of you  grow up watching day time soaps like me? There was just one as far as I was concerned.

Here’s your hint:
There was an hour glass with sand flowing slowly from top to bottom.
Did you guess Days of our Lives?
I watched that show every day for too long. I think I literally didn’t stop watching it until some time near the end of college, and I had watched it since I was, lets just say, way too young.

This may sound crazy, but one of the things I loved about the show was the way they did holidays.

At Christmas, the whole Horton family, which made up almost the entire show, would gather around the tree at Grandma Horton’s house to hang the personalized ornaments on her tree.  Everyone had their own special ornament with their name  perfectly inscribed.  As the ornaments were each being hung, there was usually soft Christmas music in the background, and interestingly enough, I even remember several years when someone, usually Grandma Horton, would read the Christmas story from the bible.

Thanksgiving with the Horton family was much the same.  They would gather around the enormously long table together, hold hands, and each give thanks for all their many blessings.

As much as I loved the way they did holidays, it all totally messed with my mind because there was almost always turmoil in the family…some scandal or betrayal or worse…a murder in Salem. But those Hortons came together to celebrate, as if they weren’t in the middle of totally ridiculous amounts of chaos.

It didn’t matter what had gone on the other 364 days of that year, and you can bet that it was always something horrible, the Horton family came together at Thanksgiving and Christmas, put all their broken hearts and damaged relationships aside, held hands, and gave thanks or hung personalized ornaments together while singing a Christmas carol.

It was magical, better than a lifetime movie, and honestly, it always wrecked me a little in my heart.
I wanted what the Horton’s had, even though what they had wasn’t a bit real.

We all get pictures in our minds of what we want our holidays to look like. Hopefully, unlike me, you didn’t get some of your pictures from the likes of shows like  Days of Our Lives.  

These pictures that we carry around put an enormous pressure on each of our families because we’re expecting them to live up to an expectation that we’ve drawn and colored and sometimes framed in our minds of what family is supposed to be.  These made for television pictures in our heads keep us from really, truly loving the people that God gave us to call family.  We can’t love who they really are because we’re too busy resenting who they aren’t.

Neither side of our family looks anything like the Hortons.  We don’t have scandal or betrayal between us, but we each come to the table with our own set of hurts and disappointments…our own stories laced with beauty and brokenness.  There won’t be a picture perfect prayer prayed at the Thanksgiving table this year, and trust me when I say there are no perfectly personalized ornaments to be hung at Christmas.  {Although, I did try that one year back in the middle  90’s.  No one went for it.}

I want to really love these people that God gave me.  I want to see past some of the things in their personalities that drive me bonkers, and I’m sure hoping they’ll do the same for me.

I want to be so caught up in the things I’m thankful for that I forget about being ungrateful for what isn’t or might not ever be.

I don’t want to just do the meal part of Thanksgiving because that part’s easy.  I want to dig deep and really, truly, whole-heartedly do the thanks part, too.

{thankful for}

821. family.
822. friends who feel like family.
823. extra time with my kids this week.
824. time with marybeth and her girls yesterday.
825. brand new babies being born into two special families from our small group.
826. the most amazing prayer time last week with cindy and an amazing counseling session with phyllis.
827. God’s healing work in my heart and the renewing of my mind.
828. a husband who works so hard and loves so well.
829. head rubs from andy that help turn my head off and put me into a restful sleep.
830. good books.
831. what I’m learning about my theology of suffering from watching Jackie’s life.
832. hot coffee.
833. God’s unfailing love and unending mercy.
834. Jesus’ finished work on the cross.
835. warm fires.
836. lamp light in the early morning.
837. thanksgiving.

Jackie - Love your words here. Hope your Thanksgiving was full of joy and memorymaking! xoxo

Megan - I wanted to be in the Walton family when I was a kid. It is strange how that imaginary world from childhood can still creep into our expectations. I always love reading your reflections and can always relate to your words!

Christy - Days of Our Lives and Young and the Restless, baby! Every day in high school our girls show choir would watch them during lunch. Funny thing is, I haven’t seen them in YEARS, but every time I see the headlines in the grocery store, nothing has changed! ;) I totally get what you’re saying about envying their holidays. I always seem to fantasize what I think the holiday, or anything for that matter, should be like, and then I’m sorely disappointed when things don’t turn out the way they did in my head. I am learning. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving.

anne marie - no….I didn’t however……….my Grandma watched “her story” every day….too hilarious (she still does even though ‘they need to put some clothes on’ she says)

tiffini - ok…i have been meaning to email you back on your email..that hasn’t happened. i gotta tell you before i foreget that grace is just like you! i am kinda sorta getting it. from the post on redoing that sweet girls room. your words describing yourself helped me to see grace in a new way…she is so not like me in so many i gotta pick your brain after the holidays. this post echoes my heart and so many others i believe. with so much of our lives in social media now it can wreck havoc if we aren’t careful.
i am so grateful to have friends like you that remind me of what truly matters. it helps keep me on track. know i know how hard you work…i love what you are doing in your home. can’t wait to see your holiday home…and NO that is not why i love you. i would love you if you lived in a van down by the river. just sayin:) ok…off to have another cup of coffee….xo

Donna - I know that I’m older than you but I used to watch Days of our Lives too. Loved Hope and Bo. Yes, and the Hortons .They were such a close knit family and they did the hiolidays so well. They were always so sentimental. I think holidays should always be like that and families should have traditions to carry on.