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Glitterfying {and a winner}

Gold Glitter Banner-between you and me

Well, so much for stopping by on Monday to announce the winner of the sign! I’m sorry for the slack.
Life has a way of stepping in the way sometimes, and this has been one of those weeks for me.

I’ve got so many posts churning in my heart about blogging and marriage and parenting and friendship.
I just can’t find the time or brain space to empty all the words in my head and heart here.

However, I did make time this week to fluff Lydia’s room a little.
We painted her cork board frame black and added the gold glitter banner above it.
I’ve made a few more tweaks that I’ll try to show you next week.

I’m telling you what…glitter sure stops the show, doesn’t it?

If any of you want to glam up a space with some glitter, this DIY project was super easy.
I bought everything I needed from Hobby Lobby. If you use the 40% coupon, it can be cheap, too!
Cheap and Easy…my favorite kind of projects!

You’ll need:
a pack of chipboard banner
metallic gold craft paint
gold glitter
a can of polyurethane spray

I painted the chipboard banner pieces gold, and while they were still wet, I added the glitter.
When the paint and glitter dried, I sprayed all of them with polyurethane and then hung them with the twine.

Okay! Are you ready for the winner of the GIVE AWAY?
I always use {} to pick our winners, and this time it chose Debra Myrick. Congratulations!!!

Thank you all for entering to win.
I loved reading your stories of the people in your life who belong among the wildflowers.
If you didn’t win but you’d like to have one of these signs, you can purchase one in our shop.
Please use the coupon code MYFAVORITES for 10% off your purchase.

Lemonade Makin Mama - I do love some glitter!! Certain times of the year it just seems so appropriate. LOL

Jackie - It looks great! Can’t wait to see the bookcases! :) xoxo



Happy Valentines Day, sweet readers!

In honor of Valentines and our shop’s third anniversary, we thought we’d do a GIVE AWAY!
This is one of our NEW signs that we’re offering this year, and it has a new frame style.

To enter to win, leave a comment telling us who in your life belongs among the wildflowers!
If you’d like an extra chance to enter to win, tell your friends on Facebook or Instagram about the give away!
I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning.

Give away-NEW SIGN at between you and me

GIVE AWAY-new sign from between you and me

GIVE AWAY-NEW sign at between you and me

GIVE AWAY-between you and me

Rachel - I would love to hang this in my classroom!

Jennifer Miller - My daughter belongs among the wildflowers

Betsy - Oooh…I’ve been to your shop before and drooled on all the signs! What a fun givewaway! My triplet boys with autism would be my choice. What innocent, lovable sweethearts they are!
Thanks for the chance! Fingers crossed!

Karen - My foster daughter who became my adopted daughter last week :)

sarah moske - I love this! It would be perfect in my daughters big girl room!

laura@top this top that - What a fabulous sign. Congrats on your shops anniversary.

Jennifer h - My sweet daughter belongs amount the wild flowers.. She is so kind and unique. Truly a gift in my life.

Lisa - Beautiful! I am going out on a selfish limb and declare that I belong there. I am a nature lover! Winter is killing me! And today is my birthday! ;) xoxo

Debbie Overton - Love the sign and would love to have it hanging in my studio to remind myself I deserve me time with my camera searching for wildflowers!

Dana Turner - My grandmother, Gee

Erin Moreland - I love this Tom Petty song!! My daughter definitely is a wild thing ;-) she’s 2 1/2, & we just got her home from China right before Christmas. I love her spirit!! :-)

Laurie - My two sweet girls :)

Kelly Galvin - My beautiful girls belong among the wildflowers!

Kelly Galvin - Shared on Facebook!! Love this sign!❤️

Lisa Laurie - My son Cole belongs there. He has such a free spirit. I love watching him bloom.

Susan Noland - My new baby grandson coming in July belongs among the wildflowers and I haven’t even met him yet!

Kat price - My daughter, Mia belongs with the wild flowers. I want her to fall in love with The Lord and go wild over him and seek His adventures.

Sara Gue - My daughter :)

Sara Gue - Shared on facebook :)

Vicki Schulte - I didn’t even have to think about this, it would be my 17 year old daughter Cameron. She’s always been a free spirited, but strong willed kid, and when she was younger, I would pray that The Lord would channel all of that in the right direction! So,, at 15 she came home and said I’m going to Kosovo (umm, where exactly is that, anyway?– and excuse me, you’re only 15) for 3 weeks and work in a summer camp and show these people Jesus. And, she did. Then, she did it again last summer. She has big dreams, and she isn’t afraid of what the world tells her isn’t possible. She is a wildflower!

Jenn - I would hang this in my daughters’ room. They remind me every day to smile and laugh!

Tammy - My daughter – she is definitely a wildflower!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me - My daughter, this sign would be perfect for her dorm room!

Lauren Waldroup - This sweet baby girl in my belly! This would be beautiful in her nursery

Alyse S - About to have my third little boy in a month- with all the boy things that daily surround me I need a reminder to take time for my girly self. This would be perfect.

Carissa Stelter - My friend, Lindee Katdare, belongs among the wildflowers!

Lacie Groeninger - My cousin Erica Jane Smith! Our late grandfather always called her his “wildflower” and I know this sign would be a precious and sentimental gift for her to always remember him by!

Bethanie - I love this sign Tara…I’ve always preferred wildflowers over a fancy bouquet of roses…but this summer they became even more meaningful to me when my brother passed away. He had planted wildflowers around his mailbox and was so danged proud of them…we all had to ooh and ahh over his green thumb. When he was killed in July they were absolutely magnificent. My daddy went and cut them, brought them home along with a vintage milk box that was also Brett’s pride and joy (and the only thing that survived his house fire 6 years ago because it was on the porch). I went to the fields at my parents house and gathered more wildflowers, sunflowers from my moms garden, and the bouquet from Brett’s mailbox…At his funeral, there was a huge, amazing arrangement of wildflowers in this vintage milk box with the name of his little town on it. It was therapeutic to make it, and a tribute to my amazing brother taken too soon. I will plant wildflowers in his honor every year…

Susie Harris - I think this is one of my favorites! My brother passed away a few years ago and this just spoke to my heart. I smiled when I saw it and thought of him. Thank you for bringing his sweet memory to mind. Love your new frames and look. Beautiful work as always! Happy valentines day!

Ashley - My sweet little boys in heaven, of course.

Amber Wooten - My sweet boys….summer time and warm weather. That, they can’t get enough of.

Hanna - My sweet girl Fiona belongs among the windflowers for sure!!!

Ann C - My sweet daughter-so full of life and love

Kristin - Anyone in my life belongs in the wildflowers, but I would have to say my two sweet boys. I want to encourage them to “bloom where they are planted” and not be like anyone else or like the world. God made them unique and “wild at heart” (just like the book says). I want them to follow God, become who He made them to be and live in wild abandon for Christ.

Athena - My sister belongs among the wildflowers. She recently lost her job, lost her apartment, and found herself homeless. One thing she didn’t lose was her childlike opinion of the world or her faith. I’d like to give her this sign because I think it would certainly brighten her day!

Becca R. - oh wow!!! I have had this exact sign saved to my favorites for a few weeks now, and today (on my birthday) I see you are giving it away!!! I would love to have this sign for my daughter Harlo. She is wild and brave and beautiful. Her daddy and I used to listen to this in the car waaaaay before she was born. :) The first time I saw this sign I immediately thought of her.

Tracy E - My boys belong among the wildflowers!

michele m fry - I would love to put this in my daughters bedroom!!

Jalana - Love it! Happy Valentines Day to you & your family! My momma would have to be my beautiful wildflower!! xoxo

Karin Mantor - My 17 year old daughter,Emily,belongs among the wildflowers!

michele m fry - I also shared on intagram too!!!

amy jupin - my sweet daughter, anna.

yesterday, in the warmth of the afternoon sun, i watched her hug the snowman she built wednesday night, her eyes bubbling over with tears.

she’s almost ten years old-with a heart as big as the ocean is wide. i’ve never known anyone who loves so much. she is my wildflower.

Linda Jo - My 2 year old granddaughter belongs among the wildflowers for sure!!!

Emily - My little man Hudson who was taken from us way too soon at 30 weeks! This would be a great reminder of him! I miss him more than you can imagine and think about him constantly!

cindy - my sweet daughter. thank you.

jessica - my daughters belong among the wildflowers

Rachelle Woodruff - I looked in Gods word to see what he would want us to know about wildflowers:) I wanted to do that before I decided who I would want this for. I found my answer in Matt 6: 28-34 and Luke 12: 27-28. Both places are teaching us not to worry.

Rachelle W - So..I would love my daughter, Riya, to have this hanging in her room as a reminder that it doesn’t matter about our outward appearance, we need to long to be clothed by what The Father wants for us. He took care of the lilies and grass of the field,He will also take care of us:) I hope she learns this much earlier than I did!

Rebecca - My youngest boy, Cole belongs among the wildflowers…he lives life as he loves it and it is amazing to watch! A great kid!!

Megan - My sweet husband who is having a hard time with a recent passing of a close friend.

Shannon - My oldest daughter, this would be perfect in her room!

Alison - My four kids belong among the wildflowers!!

Veronica - This sign would be perfect for my daughter Ciara, she is living in the wildflowers.

adam - MY loving best friend and wife belongs amongst the wildflowers

Cassie Goff - It is the dead of winter where I live, in Minnesota! I definitely belong among the wildflowers right about now!

Kristin - My younger sisters belong in the wildflowers :)

Niccole - My daughter! And she would love this!!! ❤️

Debbie Cook - Love it!

Shannon Q - My Lily Jane for sure!

Jamie - My middle daughter belongs among the wildflowers – she is her own kind of wild and beautiful.

Liesl - Whenever I think of wildflowers, I think of my mother who would make us memorize the names of wildflowers along the highway as we traveled to see family in Michigan.

Danielle a - My oldest daughter. She is caring and bold and loves to dance in the open fields on vacation. She’s full of joy and has a selfless love for others. I learn from her daily.

melissa - My daughter. …..especially since she has 3 crazy brothers!

Laura - My little ones! They are so curious and whimsical :)

Candace Queen - My daughters Ellery and Emersyn belong among the wild flowers. They bring beauty to my life everyday.
I shared this on FB too!

Juli Elgin - Did them all. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Love the signs.
My wildflower would be my granddaughter Ava, she has such a free and loving spirit.


Corrina Elliott - My Cousin Lisa belongs among the wildflowers! :-)

Rebecca C - My daughter.

Tara - My daughter Madeleine! Beautiful sign, thanks for the contest.

Erin - My friend, Sarah

Kristina - My precious daughter belongs among the wildflowers!

Birgitte - my boys! Thank you

Melissa Bailey -! I need this :) My sweet littles belong among the WILDflowers!! haha and so does little #3 due in July. Love your work and miss you guys! Can’t believe how big YOUR “littles” are!

Lynne - My wonderful son – who is so true to himself.

Shannon - My funny, smart, brave daughter!

Destiny - My dear friend M.L. has experienced a lot of, she-didn’t-have-a-say-in-it, change in the last two years, and yet she continues to bloom wherever she is planted. Yes, M.L. belongs among the wildflowers…

Shannon - My sweet mom, she is everything to me! Thanks for the chance to win!

Amanda Olive - Gosh, so many folks… Gray, my five year old. His spirit is bold but gentle. His little five year old wisdom knocks me down at least twice a week. :)

Debbie w - My husband definitely……but I have lots of wildflowers around me that makes me thrive! Would love to win !

Deborah - For me it would be my first born granddaughter Taylor. My beautiful, unique and free thinking sweetheart. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sandi - This would look great I my daughters room. She is my lovey wildflower.

Jackie - It would be my daughter. She began working at a local plant nursery when she was just 12. She began a precious relationship with the owner, and she was there until college. She definitely has a love for all things flower related, so this definitely fits her. Awesome giveaway!

Wendy - My twin daughters. xox

Tricia - My sister-in-love deserves some fun among the wild flowers. She has become a huge blessing to me (and the whole family!). She knows every part of me and my life and she still chooses to love me.

Annie - I help to manage a transitional care home for little ones in Kenya — we take in babies who are removed from their homes (sometimes orphaned, sometimes neglected or abused, sometimes sick/malnourished) and do whatever we can to make sure they grow up in families and not orphanages. Sometimes it looks like working with extended family members or empowering moms, other times it looks like a Kenyan family stepping up to take in a child long-term even though the child cannot be legally adopted.

Anyway, we are constantly trying to sing love over these munchkins while they are in our care and something like this on our walls would remind us and the kids how crazy about us He is and how deeply He wants us to live in that love.


debra myrick - My “growing into a woman” niece, Hannah. She is a wildflower!

Sally - For sure it’s my daughter who belongs among the wildflowers!

Andrea wenger - Me. This has been the hardest year of my life. This sign brings happy thoughts and memories of happier times and dreams of happier times to come.

stephanie - My kids and husband!!

sara s - My daughters: brave and beautiful inside and out. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful sign! Your work is always so wonderful.

Courtney - Forsure my 8 yr old daughter!! She loves everything about the outdoors:swimming, horses, fresh air, frog catching….she’s my little Tom boy!

ellie - my little china girl tia -she definitely belongs among the wildflowers!

Dawn - My daughter is a wild-flower and I LOVE that about her. She is always dressed in sparkles…. and I always tell her “Don’t let anyone take away your SPARKLE”….. I would love to add this sign to her room…. I want to make sure she is PROUD to be a wildflower… I am sure proud to be her mom.

Diane - LOVE this, so many wildflowers in my life….daughters! sisters,

Dawn - My best friend – definitely, she’s a beauty, inside and out!

Kat Hamilton - My 7 year old daughter, Lauren, definitely belongs among the wildflowers! From the moment she took her first breath, she has embraced life to the fullest! She is full of strength and spunk and her colorful personality shines through everyday. She marches to the beat of her own drum, has faith, courage and creativity in spades. In a field of wildflowers, she would be the one, standing bright and tall, challenging the wind. This a such a lovely giveway, thanks for the chance to win! xo Kat

Erin - Actually, when I saw the sign, my daughter immediately came to mind. She is 16 & autistic & when I read it, I just saw her walking through a field of them with her big giggly smile.

Kat Hamilton - I shared it on IG! Fingers crossed! So precious! xo

Emily Pleau - My Mom, she is beautiful and graceful.

Gretchen N. - My 4 daughters! They are each unique & beautiful.

Angelique - I thought about my one daughter, Bella, the moment I saw the sign! She’s our funny, feisty, crazy one that loves to be free & wild, not caring what everyone else thinks. We love her so much & I would love to hang this on her wall! Thanks for the giveaway!!

JGrim - I’d say my son, the beautiful soul that he is. Then he’d pick them and bring as a gift for me. Makes me smile thinking about the times he has done just that.

beverly - congrats on your shop anniversary!!! love all your signs! i also would have to say my daughter. even at the age of 4, she has a carefree, Godly spirit that makes me smile.

Dawn H - Your signs are amazing! I love how you share your heart and how Jesus is so true in walking with us not matter what our journey here brings.

Dawn H - Oops forgot to tell you who…my daughter who is graduating from high school soon. It is such a gift to be able to watch her grow into the woman that God has planned…the sign is perfect. :)

Rebecca Siak - I love this! I would say my sister who is my best friend belongs among the wildflowers!

Julie b - Me!!!! Cause that’s where I tend to go!

Tracy - This sign reminds me of my daughter for sure!! I would love to hang this in her room! Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Valentines Day!!

Kim walker - My mom belongs among the wildflowers. She is precious!

renee miles - my boys definitely belong in the wild wood, so I can omly assume that our little girlie coming in 6weeks will belong in the wildflowers.I think this would be lovely in her nursery. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

Theresa in Nebraska - That would be my sweet grand-daughter Ava…Love your shop!

Lauren Dials - My little boys belong among the wildflowers! They are at the center of my heart and soul and are so inquisitive and thoughtful of their surroundings and everyone in it! We are in the process is building our first home and this sign would be so nice to hang for them! It would be our second sign from you guys! We had the honor of meeting you and your husband at the Country Living Fair this year and you were both so sweet and personable. You commented on how you liked my gold jacket which my husband hand commented on how bright I was that day so it made me feel better :) I shall send a pic when we get to hang our sign that we purchased in our new home!

Cathy Chapman - I guess I would have to say, well…..Me! I belong among the wildflowers. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum, and have never really fit in where lots of others seem to, it’s a good thing! Blessings!


Shannon M. - Oh my goodness…. I read all the responses…. Every single person deserves to be among the wild flowers!!!! So for my post I would have to say not just one person but everyone… So I would place it in my entry so everyone that crosses our threshold would know they are worthy… And belong among the wild flowers. Thank you so much for sharing your art.

Jessica - My precious 2yr old Addy Grace ! She is a little firecracker with so much personality and sweetness ! She is irresitible! This sign would be precious in her new big girl room

JENNY - My friend Maria belongs among the wildflowers. She is a devoted mother and wife who always, always makes people smile with her zest for life. Lovely sign and sentiment!

Kimberly Allen - Both of my daughters!

Jen - My daughters belong among the wildflowers! It’s hard to believe how fast they have grown into young ladies!

Deidre - I would love this for my daughters’ room. So beautiful!

kacie - my daughter that we adopted from China!!!! xo. love your work. i have 3 signs of yours in my home already!!!!

Michelle - My sweet, nature loving Kate belongs among the wildflowers! It would be perfect for her tween room refresh!

Jerri C. TN - My beautiful daughter, Maddie, who just turned 16, belongs among the wildflowers. She is a beautiful, spirited, young woman, who is not quick to judge. She is a wildflower.

Lemonade Makin Mama - Oh girly… your stuff is so gorgeous. And inspiring. I am loving all the scrolly lettered signs!

Tanya - I love the sign. so cute. I would have to say my granddaughter who is two would definitely belong among the wildflowers!

Gloria York - Love it!!

Sandi - My beautiful daughter Abbi! She has a style all her own and is full of creativity!

erin - my sweet daughter

Kelly Cach - Is this Lydia’s room?! So in love with every darling detail! And I know the give away is over, but I just have to write about my mother-in-law…..SHE most definitely belongs amongst the wildflowers. Though it makes me sad she’s not a believer (in the one true God), she in turn makes me feel heard and understood. She completely accepts me for who I am–genuinely interested in me and my story, and supports and encourages me to “be true to myself.” She never judges…anyone. Sometimes I think she understands that better than most Christians I know. Now if she only knew Jesus ;). I’ll continue trying to convert her :).

Oh, and she IS a wildflower….a true hippie before hippie was cool. And she has the most INCREDIBLE back yard of wildflowers that I’ve ever seen. If I need to imagine a happy place, I think of her yard in Spring time :).

Gloria York - I have a question – could you please tell me about the crown in the picture?? Is it metal or wood and did you make it? If so, is it for sale and how much? I love it!! Thanks for the information and love your blog!!


Epic fail moments in parenting are good.

between you and me

Do you ever have epic fail moments in parenting? Of course you do. I don’t even know why I asked. We all do. We’re human. Gosh, if I’m honest, I fail someone every single day, and that someone is almost always someone in my family.

Recently, as in two days ago, I dropped lydia off at gymnastics. She moved up a level, so I delivered her to her new coach and then told her I’d be there to pick her up when she finished. I had to grab a son from basketball practice and take him home to start homework, and I needed to start dinner and fold a couple loads of laundry.
Multi-tasking at it’s best.

An hour and a half later, I arrived at the gymnastics center and ran into grab her only to find her standing by herself up against a wall. As soon as I said her name, she turned and hugged me and the tears came falling. I squatted down to her eye level and saw her medal hanging around her neck. The story of my epic fail moment began to pour from her mouth.

There was a performance for her group. She had to learn a brand new routine in her first class with this new level and then perform it in front of a bunch of people. She pulled it off and held herself together until she saw me.

She was scared and she felt alone, and unfortunately, those feelings are trigger points for her. They’re part of her story. In those moments, it’s easy for her to forget that we love her and cherish her.

We sat in my car and cried together for fifteen minutes and then I called her dad and cried some more. Within minutes, we were home and in a few more short minutes her dad walked in from work carrying balloons and flowers and her favorite candy. All for her. Melted her heart and mine.

I spent extra time with her that night and after I got her all safely tucked in, it hit me. I was triggered, too, except from my own story. I’ve been devouring Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, and something I read this week rattled me down deep. It’s crazy when a book lines up with what God is showing you in his word and those line up with what your counselor is saying. So, I’ll share this piece of my heart with you…in hopes that God will reach down deep in you and minister to your heart the way he has ministered to mine this week.

Disappointment can become like second skin when you’ve experienced it consistently enough to learn to count on it. Learning to live with disappointment is what produces the “expert disaster planner” in all of us. Somewhere along the way we begin to practice feeling it and living with it so that in some wild won’t hurt so bad each and every time it comes our way. The problem is…it doesn’t work. You can’t practice living with it enough that it doesn’t hit hard every time you experience it. Instead, you end up foreboding JOY in your life.

I’ve kind of always known this, but this week I realized in a powerful way that I’ve been striving really hard, too hard, to make sure I never leave my kids with that feeling of disappointment. I’m not talking about saying no to a request at a store for candy or a favorite game. You know that, right? I’m talking about leaving them with a disappointed feeling in their hearts over who I am or what I’ve done that has potentially failed them.

I’m so grateful for good friends who remind me of God’s truth. This week a friend reminded me that it’s good for our kids and for us when we have what we feel like are “epic failure moments” as parents. These moments become opportunities for us to teach our kids {and remind ourselves} that Jesus is the only one who never disappoints.

Honestly? When I read her text, I repented for trying to be a savior to my kids and I asked Jesus to continue sorting out this brokenness in me regarding disappointment.

The Kingdom of God is one giant paradox where God uses all of our mistakes and all of those “epic failures” to bring our children to himself. He is able. He is the ONLY one who never disappoints.

Praying for you…

Lori H - Nodding my head as usual, Tara. You express things so much better than I do. Thanks for being brave enough to keep it real while sharing your heart. I think some day, Lydia will look back and remember disappointments and hurts through the warm filter of her parents’ loving response and support. Epic win :)

michele - So grateful that Jesus does not every keep up or never runs out on us!! It’s honor to walk this path of parenting and life with you even when we both have epic fails!!

Jackie - Thank you for sharing this…I think it’s something we all need to be reminded of–we will never be perfect parents; life is full of disappointments. Somehow I think the most important part of moments like these is how we handle them when they happen, and you and Andy did it beautifully. You pointed her to Jesus, our true satisfier, and you let her know how much you love her. And as she looks back, that is what she is going to remember. :)

Shannon - Thank you so much for this post. My heart did break a little, but your family handled it beautifully. I just told my husband last week, pain is such a familiar feeling for me. I can almost get tied down with it. Constantly trying to keep my children from looking up and having that devastated look in their eyes. But… Once again you are correct… We can’t carry pain and disappointment with us like a comfy blanket shielding our hearts. We have to give it to The Lord, because only then can we stop and smell the roses and be joyous and thankful for all our blessings. Thank you for reminding me…

paige - yes. that’s what i’ve been working through myself. i have her book and her recent one as well as i had a friend highly recommend them.
you guys are great parents!

Kelly Cach - Ooooh!!! My heart sank FOR you! I could easily cry right now. I dropped my Gabe off at our college indoor tennis courts one time when he was 7 for tennis lessons….only they didn’t have them that day. The center wasn’t even open that day. I came back an hour later to find him sitting on a bench watching construction workers dig holes just a few feet from him. I CRIED!!!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - You know what’s crazy? I just finished turning in my February articles for the radio station I’m blogging for a few minutes ago and the last article I was working on was feeling like a failure and the way we talk to ourselves- how we extend grace to our friends over their perceived failings and yet we are so harsh when we talk to ourselves. I know its not exactly what you’re blogging about but we’re kind of on a similar page and it just made me giggle. I love what you said and it strikes me as true that we should realize that yes we’re going to fail them like our parents failed us in areas but that only serves to draw them closer to His perfection. Goodness…

Megan - Yes, we have all been there surely. I know I have been there as a mama, but it also makes me realize that I was there as a child too. I have been on both sides. But what I needed as a child, was just what you did for Lydia…a parent who knelt down close and cried with me and said they were sorry. The best we can do, is be there for them when we are imperfect, because we will be. We can help them understand what being human is like, and how to say “I’m so sorry.” Man, I hope my kids learn that from me. Once again, thanks for being real and sharing your heart. You’re a great mama.

Flower Patch Farmgirl - Yes, yes, we’re all nodding along with this one. We feel your Mama pain because we’ve known the SAME pain.

You’re so right – this is ultimately a good thing. We’re no body’s savior.

Thanks for being so true to yourself. It’s why we love you. :)

tiffini - you hit home with me when you said .. savior to our children
THAT has been a lifelong lesson for me
always being the one to rescue they don’t have to deal with negative emotions..but how debilitating!
that is how I was my grandma
and it has crippled me in so many ways
and it is true that it is those “epic failure” moments that we can be taught how to work through those times in a healthy way
girl…I hear YOU:)
love you MUCH!!

tiffini - geesh!
did it leave my comment?

amanda olive - I totally echo what Jackie said up there… I love the way you handled your “fail” once you saw it for what it was. You didn’t sweep it under the rug or pretend it didn’t matter. You guys made her feel loved anyway and pointed her to a Father that doesn’t disappoint. Thanks for sharing!

Cara Yeh - This was so good for me to read today! Thank yo for sharing.


Lemonade Makin’ Mama…Open for business!

LMM-shop reopen

LMM-etsy shop reopen

LMM-etsy shop reopen

LMM-etsy shop reopen

Sasha reopened her Etsy Shop this week, and she’s got so many of her amazing creations stocked!

There are several of her most treasured items still in the shop, but she’s added a handful of new things, too.

Before you head to SHOP with her, you might want to check out her amazing GIVE AWAY!

Putting your art out there for all to see and buy or not buy never gets easy. There are hundreds, no thousands, of Etsy shops offering a million and one items. I can’t speak for all of the merchants on Etsy, but I can speak for a few of them, and Sasha is one of the ones I adore. She puts her whole heart into creating things for her shop. She’s definitely passionate about creating, but she’s also passionate about contributing to her family’s income.

I’m lucky enough to have several of her things, and I love every single one of them. I can’t wait to get some colorful washi tape and hang the “Be Brave with your Life” in Lydia’s room!

Now! Go enter her give away and head to her shop to pick up your favorite pieces!
**USE the coupon code “TARAS10″ when you check out for 10% off your order!!!

lemonade makin mama - Oh I love you sweet friend. Thank you so much for your kind words. That be brave print does just long to be in our daughters rooms doesnt it?! Thank you. You bless my heart!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Thank you sweet friend. You bless me SO much!! I left a comment from my phone earlier but it must have gotten lost… I just wanted you to know how special you are to me and that you would share my shop just overwhelms me. Thank you!!

Jenny Carroll - Oh you two are just the sweetest gals! I happened to bop to LLM and purchased the “be Brave” print first thing this morning before stopping by. No need for 10%-as the print is worth every penny. I won’t be giving it to my daughter because the Lord blessed me with four boys. It is for me! To be placed at my sink, where we mom’s spend half our lives. Thanks for encouraging one another and encouraging me.