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Sweet Treats

For the love of all things sweet! I’m going to attempt to make one of these yummies for my family this week in honor of Valentines Day….and in honor of how much I love me some chocolate! Which one will I ever choose?

images found here

the cinnamon post - These looks divine…I don't know if I can commit to making one of them though! Thank you so much for commenting on my LITTLE blog as I have now discovered yours…and LOVE it. I have some time today as both kiddos are in school and I plan on spending it reading this. Gorgeous family!

Tonia Hobbs - Yummy~~

Mandi @ Finding Home - Yum-o! And how pretty are each of those desserts? Whatever you end up making, I'd love it if you posted the recipe or how-to. Have a great afternoon!

A Country Farmhouse - They all look scrumptious! I'm especially loving the cake…anything baked and topped with frosting is my weakness! ; ) Trina

Rocio @ Casa Haus - Those look so yummy! I'll love to see what you come up with!

Kristi - Those absolutely DELICIOUS! WOW! I'm ready for dessert now! :)

Playing Sublimely - Are you for real?!?!? You just keep getting better and better :)…Thank you for leaving a comment so that I can go check those that you were talking about. God is good…is He not!

JadeLD - Are you trying to make us hungry?! These look so so good. I'm not sure what we'er doing for Valentines but making cake sounds like a great plan. Wonder if I can persuade my boyfriend to make me a cake instead!


Soul Food…

Matthew 11: 28-30
Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Tonia Hobbs - Just stumbled across your blog. . . love it. You are on my blog roll!

Playing Sublimely - Well, now I know I love ya ;)…just simply must keep coming back.


Dreaming White

There is something so clean and crisp and light about white bedrooms.
These beautiful pictures kind of make me regret purchasing that new bedding last Spring.*sigh*

I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t be happy for long in a totally white bedroom.

But, all white bedding with a punch of color…

a punch of color like say…
the bedding that I bought last Spring displayed beautifully across the bottom of that all white bedding!

Yep. I’m pretty sure I could handle that.  
Now, the hubster just has to be convinced that he can still be the man of the house 
with a white master bedroom.

love that bench at the end of that bed….and those walls….

I saw this room and just had to add it because this talented lady and her husband have done such a wonderful job making it a beautiful master bedroom retreat!

image 2 here
image 3 here
image 4 here
image 6 here

Mandi @ Finding Home - Hiya Tara! I'm just coming over from The Inspired Room. Glad to meet ya girlie! Gosh, I loved those photos of the white bedrooms. I actually saved a couple onto my computer. I'm wanting to redo my bedroom and love the inspiration. Thanks!

Allison Shops - Very pretty photos. My oldest daughter furnished her college apartments in Shabby Chic, then had the pleasure of working for Rachel Ashwell after graduation. In the beginning, she had a lot of pale pink along with the white, but has matured and packed up the pink. Will send her this way.

Lovely blog,

Michele - Too bad you aren't here today, it's all white!! Love the inspiration, I bet you can convice Andy, made me re-think what I want to do in our bedroom!!!

A Wedding Story - Gorgeous! Don't you just love all shades of white together?

Velvet and Linen - Thank you Tara!
These are beautiful bedrooms, and I'm honored to have mine included. You are the best!

BTW: you have a beautiful family, and your pup is absolutely precious :)

gina - I love your selection of rooms. I sure wouldn't mind trying an all-white beautiful room for awhile to see if I'd love it long term.

A Country Farmhouse - Hi Tara, I just love the serenity of white and the crisp backdrop it offers for furniture and textiles. What lovely pictures you found. xoTrina


Hard at Play…

I’ll have to go ahead and put the truth out there. Playing on the floor for long periods of time with my children doesn’t come natural to me.

I was much better at it with the first child, but as we’ve added two other children, it has become increasingly harder for me.

I think most moms would agree that instead of celebrating the many things that we are really good at in motherhood, we seem to focus on the few things we wish we could do better.

So, I’ve got this choice to make. My husband is on a retreat this weekend, and I’m holding down the fort with the kiddos. Sounds like the perfect time to catch up on some much needed play time. Did I mention that it doesn’t come natural for me?

We’ve rented movies from Blockbuster, we’ve bought way more junk food than 4 people should consume in 3 days, and we’re anticipating a trip to a couple of our favorite parks. We’ve made plans to play together.

I’m going to take just a few extra minutes this weekend and soak up some much needed time with them. We’re going to jump on the trampoline, dress every single one of those Polly Pockets in our house, build ginormous Lego cities, and re-arrange that doll house like we’re getting paid to do it.

They’re growing up fast. Lord, help me to cherish them. Help me not to feel guilty for all the things I wish I could do so much better. Help me not to compare myself to all those moms out there that I admire so, so much, who find it so easy to play with their children for hours on end. And, Lord, fill my heart with gratitude for that gem of a husband that you sent my way, who I don’t appreciate near as much as I should until he’s gone for a weekend. Protect him and bring him home safely. Amen.

Michele - Ok friend, that one brought tears to my eyes!! I was just putting Lilly to bed and thinking the same thing, how guilty I am of not playing with them but expecting them to “go play” so I can get what I want/need to get done. I try to remind myself that they aren’t always going to want me to play with them, so I need to soak it up while I can. Thanks for walking the walk with me and putting the truth out there!

Cha Cha - Beautiful, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I don’t find it natural either, but I like you try and we put together puzzles because that is more natural to me and did I mention crafts, we love to make crafts. I hope my girls memories are of what I did do not what didn’t do, I pray.

Cha Cha

Vanessa - I enjoyed reading this post! Found your blog through The Inspired Room.

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things - Just stumbled across your blog and I am so glad. I can so relate with what you said. I had to work at playing with my kids, and I thought I was just a bad person. Then I met a lady down the street from me and she voiced about herself what I was experiencing. It helped soooo much. I don’t beat up myself any more, but I became aware of that being a weakness and so have worked at strengthening my play skills. Also, the Lord fortunately blessed me with a husband who is strong where I am weak. It sounds like you are married to a wonderful man as well. One last thing, that picture of your daughter at the fence is darling!!! It was nice meeting you. ~

Janine Robinson - I love an honest post from an honest mom!!! I’m mommy to 2 little girls, and what you said is so true of how I feel at times. So silly that we focus more on what we think we aren’t the best at, when there is so much good that is still coming through anyway. Thank you for encouraging us moms with your honesty today. Blessings xoxox Janine

{The Classy Woman} - Thank you for being so honest. I think part of the reason why a lot of mothers demand perfection from themselves and others is because women aren’t open enough about their real feelings and thoughts on motherhood. I’m sure there are many women that look as though they are ‘naturals’ but force themselves to work at it as it may not have been easy for them.

Have a fantastic weekend with your kiddos! :)

You asked me a question in your comment on my blog and I wasn’t sure if you’d be checking back there. Here it is:

Thanks Tara! My husband has lived in Orlando his whole life but I moved here from Toronto, Canada in Sept ’06 after we got married. I’m still getting used to life here as well as all of the summer heat! :)

Kristi - I hope you enjoyed your weekend with your kiddos! I have learned we have to live in the moment! No matter how many dishes or loads of laundry are waiting. The laundry and housework will always be there. Their childhoods will not be! :)

gina - That prayer will be answered! Legos… ahhh… I love legos!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue - Loved reading this post. I am the same way with my little girl who will be 4 soon. My husband is the sweetes daddy ever who spends lots of time playing princess lately. Hope you had a fun weekend and got through it ok on your own.