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Soul Food…

We wait in hope for the Lord; 
he is our help and our shield.
In him our hearts rejoice,
for we trust in his holy name.
May your unfailing love rest upon us,
O Lord,
even as we put our hope in you.
Psalms 33:20-22
Have a restful Sunday,

Megan - I found you from Morning T and I am enjoying your blog so much! It is beautiful. Thank you for this scripture – a great way to start my day!

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt - I just found your wonderful little world!!! I am thrilled to meet you and hope this is just the beginning of a delightful friendship…thank you for the more than fulfilling "soul food."



Dreamy Whites Give Away!!!

Maria from Dreamy Whites has been blogging about a month!  She has a beautiful home, a sweet family and a  grateful heart!

She and I…we could be friends in real life!  Anthropologie is one of her favorite stores, and as you can see, she also loves fresh flowers!
She is graciously and generously giving away those *to die for* spice jars from our favorite store, Anthropologie, this weekend.  All you have to do to enter the drawing is visit her blog and leave a comment!

I don’t know about you, but I love those spice jars that can be used in about 47 million ways.  Take a minute and head over to Dreamy Whites to enter for the give away!  You’ll love her home and most of all her heart!
Happy Weekend!

Morse Farm - Hi,
I found my way from her to you.
What a beautiful family and blog you have.
Have a wonderful weekend.
From a Swedish women living in Vermont.

{The Classy Woman} - Thanks for the post, I’m going to visit her site now. Those spice jars are so pretty!

Mandi @ Finding Home - Thank you for the heads up! Those jars are adorable.


Pillow Talk…

I find myself looking forward to Friday’s in “Blogland” because it’s a chance for me to see what is inspiring everyone.  Melissa, over at The Inspired Room,  is always encouraging us to capture the things that inspire our lives. 

 Today, I’m inspired by pillows! 

 I got rid of all the pillows that came with our sofas about 6 months ago before I ever replaced any of them.   

source:  The Shabby Nest 
Sometimes for me, I have to get rid of the old before I can imagine the new.

Source:  The Shabby Nest 
When you are looking at bare sofas, it kind of forces you to think about what you really want.  We have a family room and a sitting room, so I needed enough pillows for four sofas and a couple of chairs. 
Source: Pottery Barn 
I found two solid pillows with buttons from TJ MAXX that look very similar to the ones above.  Don’t you love when you find something there for a fraction of the price?  I do!!
Source:  Pottery Barn 
I’m okay with sitting with empty spaces for awhile if it means that I can eventually get what I really want. 


Source:  Pottery Barn 
  Pottery Barn has some amazing patterned pillows.  And, since I was pretty determined about the look that I wanted, I ended up buying four of the same spectacular kind straight from our Pottery Barn in Winter Park…one for each of the four sofas in our two rooms.  I chose to buy only the pillow covers and then used some pillow forms that I had already on hand.  It was more affordable that way!  
Source:  Pottery Barn 
  It’s been 6 months, and I have to say that I’m ready to have my “pillow project” crossed off the to do list!  Recently, I’ve found some amazing Etsy shops that offer beautifully handmade pillows.   I’m loving all things “ruffles” so I’m pretty certain that a couple of those ruffled beauties are going to find a home on some of my furniture!  When you get a chance, check out the Etsy shops that I’ve featured today and by all means, head on over to The Inspired Room to check out all the inspiring things out in bloggy world today.

House of Giggles - I’m on a hunt for pillows too! I think I always am, in a way :) I am in love with those beautiful ruffly pillows!! I’m definitely going to have to find one like that. It just sort of adds a touch of glamour and girlyness to a room.

Thanks for a great post!

Morning T - I’m loving the ruffled pillows and those with rosettes too! I started making my own pillows last year using vintage feed sacks, linen, burlap and ticking. I’d love to copy PB’s with the buttons~ very cute.
Happy Friday to you Tara! :-)

Katie - I am ABSOLUTELY with you on leaving something blank till you find exactly what you want! I always ditch the stuff (even whole couches!) that just don’t speak to me. I’d so much rather have an empty room than one that doesn’t inspire me every time I walk into it!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest - Thank you so much for the shout out!!! You have a lovely blog!!

Tracey - Love it…”its all about the pillows” my husband always quotes me! Also another money saving tip…i bought 1 long curtin from PB and had someone (who knows how to sew) make me 4 pillows and 2 roman shades out of one curtin. Saved sooo much money! But what will my husband say when i tell him i found cute new rose and ruffle pillows:) Always love the posts!

The Watts - Love, love, love me some TJ Maxx. I did the same thing with pillow covers from PB, I just stuffed the old ones in there. I love the idea of using burlap and flour sacks, also another tip is to use kitchen towels. Anthropology has some real cool vintage ones. So glad you are blogging. I can hear your sweet voice when I read your words. By the way it is 3 weeks and 2 days til we see you. Can’t wait friend. Thanks for the breath of fresh air today. Love you. Patricia

Between You and Me - Patricia…can’t wait to see every single person in your family!! Lydia is so ready to meet her friend, Maggie Mae, that she can hardly stand it!

love you friend.

Angie of That Funky Boutique - :-) Thanks for the plug! I’m honored to have on of my cashmere pillows in the running. I do take custom orders as well! :-)

Becca - Love reading your blog (a lot, a lot)… Maybe one day I’ll have a home instead of temporary houses so I can use all your wisdom! I did make some really fun pillows out of some placemats I got at Target! Oh how I aspire to live life as well as you!

Kristi - LOve the pillows! I just bought a BOLT of burlap for our new house. I have tons of fabric collecting, but that is a story for another day! Can’t wait to see your sofas with your new pillows :)

Becolorful - Oooooh These are great. So pretty and unusual. I recently started doing a feature on my blog of pillow of the week. You have offered up some new resources for me. Thanks so much

Rona's Home Page - I really like the flower bloom pillows.

red - I love those ruffly pillows! I’m going to look for some for our living room!! Thanks for sharing :D


Ten Things I Love…

I love this precious face!

I love to watch this kid create!
I love this kid’s mind and his heart..he’s a thinker and a feeler!

I love this man.

I love burlap, ruffles, creamy whites, wood floors, coffee and quiet moments with a great book!

I’m a creek,mountain, all 4 seasons kind of girl who has fallen in love with the sandy beaches of Florida!

I adore double farm sinks, fresh flowers, bright sunlight, and wood floors in a kitchen!

Oh, how I love the colors and crispness of Fall!

I love this screams Warmth and Welcome!

I love it when Spring ushers in bright new flowers!
My friend Sarah tagged me with the order of naming 10 things that I absolutely love right now.  I have to say that it was so hard to narrow it down to  just 10 things so you’ll probably see this post again with a few different pictures representing some things that I adore! What are you loving right now?

Morning T - Good stuff Tara. I’m totally with you on the home decor, beach, change of seasons, and the special people in our lives!! I’m home from work today with my little one who’s sick, and since she is my very favorite thing in this world I probably better stop reading blogs and go take care of her! :-)

Sarah - Love all of this too, Tara! We are so blessed to have so much that we love and that makes us happy!

Tracey - ahh…you love double sinks and white chairs more than me? Gonna have to talk about that. Great post and pictures-i look forward to my visit to your blog each day…love you my friend who would make my top ten:)

Between You and Me - If it makes any kind of difference, I seriously considered putting one of your Christmas pictures up. :)