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Lady & Sons…

Do you know who owns this restaurant?  Here’s a small hint.  She is the most butter loving, finger licking lady any of us will ever see on Food Network.  Did you figure it out?  It’s Paula Deen!!!  We’ve got reservations to eat at her restaurant, Lady & Sons, this weekend while we are in Savannah, Georgia supporting our niece in a state swim meet.  My brother and his family and my parents are meeting up in Savannah to spend the weekend together on Tybee Island.  We haven’t seen one another since Christmas so there is sure to be many laughs, lots of screaming in support of our sweet niece, Kate, who is excelling at a sport she loves, card games that bring out the competitive side in all of us, and tons of delicious food from every restaurant that we can frequent.  We’re starting the weekend off at Paula’s place!  I’ll be sure to take tons of photos so that I can give you a grand tour of this spectacular Southern city! 

Megan - Oh wow! I am so jealous! On my bucket list for sure! Have fun and let us know what you have!

Angel - You’ll LOVE it! We ate there a couple of years ago on our drive from MN to FL. I suggest ordering from the menu instead of getting the buffet. The buffet wasn’t spectacular, and I wish I had ordered her chicken pot pie instead. Be prepared to feel a bit rushed when you are in there, they like to move you along. But we were there on a Saturday, so maybe it’s more busy then. Have fun!

Between You and Me - I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie!!!! It was beyond delicious…seriously! I totally agree about the buffet….can’t wait to show you girls the pictures!

House of Giggles - Oh yummy!!! I was there a couple of years ago, on a day trip from Hilton Head and it was fantastic! I still dream about the cornbread! :)

Kristi - Oh I am SOOOOO jealous! I LOVE Paula Deen! I love watching her not only because I love her food, but I love her HOUSE! I think I would weigh 500 lbs if I lived with her. I could.not.say. no! LOL

Lissa - how fun! enjoy your yummy meal!

{The Classy Woman} - Can’t wait to see the photos! How awesome and I’m sure the food will be AMAZING! :) Have a great time!

FrenchGardenHouse - How fun! What a great place to meet, and eat. :) Hope you are having the best time, xo Lidy

Rie - Oh, you have to go to the Paris Market while there. If you’ve never been, it’s a beautiful store. I could just camp out there for a few days and be completely happy.

The Mermaid Cottage - Enjoy. I had a chance to meet Paula, Michael, Bobby and Paula’s brother Bubba a few years back at a weekend event she did in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel. It ended on Sunday at noon but my husband and I decided to stay the night and fly out Monday. It was late Sunday night and we were walking around the deserted ballroom area where the event had been held and who comes walking up but Paula and Michael. They had gone for a couple of spa treatments after the event. I’m sure they were both exhausted after entertaining 1500 people for 2 straight days, but they were so nice and stood and talked to us for 15 minutes. The most down to earth people ever!

Have a wonderful time!


Color me Happy!

Meg, over at one of my favorite blogs, Whatever,  wins the best  mommy award for allowing this in her house.  My kids want to know why she’ll do it and I won’t.  I told them I’m sure it was because her kids have self-control and won’t chew 47 gumballs every single day until their teeth rot out. 
Ummm.  fresh flowers, coffee in a beautiful and colorful mug, a colossal reminder to EAT, and white subway tile….love this kitchen…love her blog!
candles, an old bench, awesome tile floor, and a creamy white bird cage.  Can a bathroom get any better?
A woman who loves books all over her house as much as I do.  Meg and I could seriously be friends in real life.  I think books should seriously be in every room of a house. 
This is her mudroom. Don’t you just love the colorful accents?   Meg’s blog is one of those that I visit You will absolutely love all the pictures that you find of her home.  It’s so colorful!  You’ll also really appreciate what she writes because it’s real.  And, I like real.

Angel - Great feature! Meg’s blog is one of my faves too. I love, love, love her house. I was thinking about buying her gumball photo for our playroom but I’ve got a girl obsessed with candy so that would just be mean of me since I won’t allow gum in our house. LOL

Kristi - I have never seen her blog and will head right over there! Great eye candy!!! We have a gumball machine too, but I usually leave it EMPTY for the reason you stated! :)

Morning T - I’ve never seen her blog but will head there now! Love her kitchen and the bathroom-WOW!
Thanks for sharing and I’m with you on the gumballs…somehow that just wouldn’t work in my house. :)

Dreamy Whites - You have such a cute blog, I am really enjoying it. I am glad I found you!
Take Care,

Elma - Love Megs blog:) As a mother of eight chilren I can relate to her and she is soooo sweet to!! I also have a gumball machine and really my kids don’t even look at it anymore:)


Show and Tell…

I thought I’d show you my kids’ rooms and tell you a little about each one.  This room belongs to my oldest son, the tender one.  He loves to read, draw, and use his vivid imagination to write all kinds of stories so I wanted him to have a place where he could “work” on his projects.  The beautiful desk is from Eddy West Furniture, which is actually located in my small home town.  It’s former name was Habersham Furniture.  It’s kind of crazy to know the lady who started and still owns this amazing furniture company that ships all over the world.  The two lockers I got from a friend in Georgia, the shelf that holds the hats and trophies came from TJ Maxx and you can’t really see the chair at the desk, but my sweet grandfather made it when he was a boy.  My husband made the head board out of different lengths of wood.  He secured it to the wall horizontally covering the width of the queen size bed.  My favorite piece in his room is the old English pine chest.  When we bought our first home while living in Montgomery, Alabama, we had a housing envelope that we used to put away extra cash so that we could invest in some fabulous furniture and artwork.  We bought several of the chests over a three year period from a wonderful couple who owned a shop called Brook’s Antiques.

This room belongs to my middle son, the boy filled with Joy.  He was born into this world loving dirt and every kind of vehicle ever made.  I thought it perfect to give him a room that surrounded him with the things that he loved the most.  The old English pine chest also came from Brook’s Antiques, the antique Valvoline sign came from an antique store in my home town, the four signs around the Valvoline sign came from Land of Nod, and the red and yellow gas pumps on the chest came from TJ Maxx.  We made his head board the same way except we turned it vertically above his queen size bed.  We bought the solid wood, old book case “as is” from a hole in the wall on the side of the road in my hometown for $50. 

And, this room belongs to our Miss Fancy Pants!  While on our trip to China to bring her home, we bought those beautiful turquoise lions.  A friend bought the 3 frames in white and couldn’t find a place for them, so I gladly took them off her hands and painted them a creamy white and distressed them.  They hold black and white photos of her with her brothers.  I made the sign to go above the picture frames.  These signs are all over blog land, but I first saw the idea here.  I bought her bedding from TJ Maxx and I just love that it pulls out the turquoise in those lions.  She actually has two twin beds in her room, and both of the head boards were made with love by her daddy.  He cut the plywood into the shape that I requested and then we covered them with batting and then with the polka dot fabric.  The armoir that you see is also from Eddy West Furniture…(I’ll share another story about my beautiful pieces from there in another post!)  I have a sweet stuffed lamb on top of the armoir that I got from Target last Easter and a beautiful green birdcage that perfectly matches her striped walls from none other than…TJ Maxx!  I’m still looking for some throw pillows that I adore, but I’m okay with letting them sit empty until I find what I love.  I’m also planning to add some of those a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. Martha Stewart pom-poms that I saw over at Dreamy Whites in her girls’ room.  Those will definitely finish off the look that I’m going for when they are hanging from her ceiling!
I love mixing old with new.  I love colors for my kids rooms that they love.  I love having a bookcase in each room filled with all their favorite classic books.  I love the “less is more” philosophy…a few great pieces.  I love that each room represents the child that calls it home.  And mostly, I love that my children love their rooms.     

our little family - oh, i love this post! love seeing the fun decor of the kiddos rooms. The Eddy West pieces are amazing….looking forward to that story. Show us your room too!!! :0)

Mandi @ Finding Home - I just love how you decorated your kiddos rooms! The wire baskets on the wall are just great. And how precious to have a chair in your sons room that your grandfather made. What history!

Billie - Love, love, love your childrens' rooms. My oldest son would love all of the gas station signs and pumps. I am working on my daughter's room now and can't wait to get it finished so I can share. It really is nice to give them their own space. Thanks for sharing!

These Are The Days - Lovely furniture. I have to admit, I've gone rather cheap on the kids furniture…but now you're making me want to invest a little more. I like your taste.

Lissa - I love mixing the old with the new. I love how you tried to match the kids rooms with their personalities! Such great furniture! Love the headboard idea.

Kristi - beautiful rooms!! thanks for sharing them! :) It's so much fun decorating their rooms. We have to savor every moment! My boys' room is so cozy I never want to leave it when I'm in there!

Tonia Hobbs - All of their rooms are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I adore your sons desk. It is unlike anything I have ever seen!

Sarah - I love their rooms! My kids' rooms are my favorites in our home. They are so fun to decorate and fix up!

Megan - Cute post! I love the Eddy West furniture – beautiful! Kids rooms are so fun to decorate and they are always evolving! Have a great day!

Morning T - What a fun post. Their rooms are so precious and I love your furniture!!

Becolorful - You had me at Habershams. How I missed that store when they closed in St Louis.
These rooms are great a very comfortable clean look. Love them.

the cinnamon post - Adorable rooms. I've let my daughter do what she wants in her room but I have enjoyed having an input on my son's! You have done a great job. Thank you for sharing…

Woodard Gang - LOVE your kids rooms and I love that store Eddy West in Clarkesville too! It's so eclectic, unique and whimsical! I like how you stored the books in your sons room…very clever :)

Ginger@cottageonrosewood - Those rooms are ADORABLE. Love the armoire. Love the dresser. Love it all.

vanessa - These rooms are precious! You have a beautiful home!

JULZ - Just found your an update I thought you would like to know that Habersham Furniture and Eddy West Furniture are two different companies. They are both made in Toccoa, GA. My husband and I own Eddy West and my mother in law owns Habersham. The pieces in your pictures are not Eddy West they are Habersham. You can view Eddy West furniture at and Habersham is available on the web as well.

JULZ - P.S. You blog site is very lovely! And thank you for including our name!


A Day To Remember…

family fun day.
animal kingdom and hollywood studios.
perfect weather.
lots of laughter.
hardly any whining.
way too many frozen lemonade drinks consumed by one family.
life size mr. potatoe head.
a giraffe up close and personal.
safari ride that made my kids feel like they had been to africa.
rockin’ roller coaster with all of our favorite 80’s songs.
and maybe mom embarrassing kids just a little.
falling freestyle from an elevator in a haunted mansion on tower of terror.
mt. everest.
todiefor fireworks show.
kids falling asleep before we could even leave the park.
these are days to remember.

Sarah - Sounds so fun and sweet. I have to say it also makes me tired! Glad y’all had such a wonderful day!

Morning T - What a fun outing and your photo collage is too cute. Your family is precious!!
Happy Monday.

Playing Sublimely - oh I love this!

Cha Cha - Oh, i am a little sad. We were suppose to be there last week, but at the last min. had to cancel because of somethings going on here. We had a wonderful week anyway, and made beautiful memories but we love Disney. Disney is such a great place to let go of adulthood and act like a kid with your kids, and for that reason it will always be special to me. I am so glad you got to have a fun filled family day.


The Watts - 20 more days! Can’t wait for the frozen lemonade and making memories with your family! Love you friend!

our little family - how much FUN!!!! Love that you are so close to such a magical place. And the beach… now that would help me adjust to not being back at home for sure. Enjoy those adorable kiddos. Can’t believe how grown up and handsome sweet Luke is getting!!

These Are The Days - Thanks for stopping by. I love what you said about your ‘inner circle’. I totally agree w/ the 30’s thing…I finally live by my truths rather than bending and doing things (or keeping friends) out of guilt or whatever. Sounds like you guys had a blast. We are trying to take in this great weather before it hits triple digits.